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I just started playing Rocksmith customs, and was hooked from my very first song (in my case, Day Tripper by The Beatles). What was already one of the biggest time sinks I know of just became infinite, and I'm gonna have to be very careful from here on out not to fall into that hole.All that said, one of my favorite things to do is discovering new music. There's so much music out there that your favorite song could be just right around the corner. As far as Rocksmith customs go, everyone knows about Stairway to Heaven, or Smells Like Teen Spirit, or any number of other enormously popular songs. What I'm curious about, however, are the songs that don't get thousands of downloads. What songs have you played that you think might be under appreciated? Whether it's because it's such a fun song to play, or it simply has a beautifully composed guitar track. Could be a song from a band that doesn't get as much attention as others, or could be a less popular song from a huge artist. If you had to name just a few Rocksmith customs that more people should check out- or perhaps a few bands that you wish more people would check out- what would they be?

Please help.

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