AAA Top 10 Oct 8 2017

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A top 10 went out this morning. I was a little surprised at it and so post my own Top 10 for discussion.

My Top 10 that came out today lol

I would rank as follows:
1. (3) New Westminister
they have beaten all
and no razor thin games.
2. (6) STM. Big win over
number 1 Fox. STM
demonstrated that their
defence is for real. Fox is
a big team that was
handled by the hard
hitting Knights.
3.(1) Terry Fox. Beaten in a
very close match. This
would be a slight drop
not a freefall.
4. (2) South Delta squeaked by
VC (8) and it should have
been an easy win.
Nothing clear about this
Victory over VC except
that SD may not be the
team we thought they
5. (4) Seaquam. A slight drop
for this talented North
Delta school and they
were leading NW going
into the 2nd half.
6 (4) Lord Tweedsmuir. The
blowout over Mission isn't
anything more than what
that game should have
been over an unranked
7 (9) Notre Dame. The jugglers
get to move up to 6th but
their decisive victory over
Carson Graham should
have been that.
8 (8) Vancouver College. With 2
close losses over NW and
SD this Irish team
probably should have
actually moved up..Tough
schedule keeping them
out of the picture.
9. (8) Mount Douglas The nice
win over Belmont really
doesn't help the. as
everyone above them is
playing so well.
10. (9) Belmont. This team
needs to figure out a way
to do well consistently.