Mural beautifies South Coast Boardwalk

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Mural beautifies South Coast Boardwalk

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The walk along the South Coast boardwalk has become even more picturesque after partners with the Future Centre Trust (FCT) unveiled a beautiful mosaic mural erected to educate the public, raise sea turtle awareness and beautify the environs.

Partners, supporters and young students representing the future of Barbados, came out on Wednesday to admire the mural, which was designed by Board member of the Future Centre Trust, David Spieler, who also oversaw the management of the day-to-day installation of the mural.

According to Chairman of the Future Centre Trust, Vivian-Anne Gittens, Spieler made the various plaques of turtles in the design as well as contributed “a large amount of reused material to the design itself”. She also lauded the tiler, Ansil ‘Rusty’ Williams, for his superb work on the project.

Working in conjunction with the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) and the National Conservation Commission, the mural is also expected to enhance the tourism product.

Director of the Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit, Dr Leo Brewster, said that when approached by the Future Centre Trust to utilise the blank wall along the boardwalk, they readily accepted. Since the creation of the boardwalk, the CZMU had feared the wall being emblazoned with graffiti and Brewster admitted that they could not be more pleased to have the wall beautified with a purpose.

Gittens extended the gratitude of the Future Centre Trust to funding sponsor, Tourism Development Corporation; gold partners, KPMG and Barbados Fertility Centre; and silver partners, Blakey’s Bar and Restaurant, Art Splash Cafe and Tapas Restaurant; for making the mural project not merely a possibility, but a reality.
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:D ooh this looks good - whereabouts on the Boardwalk is it? I dont remember any walls ? :?

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The only walls I can think of are as you pass Blakely's and head towards the derelict buildings. I wonder if they could paint some murals on those, it would certainly upgrade the view.

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I am in agreement there bgifan.

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Looks pretty nice, look forward to seeing it in Jan!!
I can see exactly where it is......Blakey's is just above it..there is an entrance to their restaurant close to where the mural is.

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Looks good! I can see some remnants of pottery from Earthworks on there?

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Cannot see really anything at that angle, will have to wait too see when we get there :)