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"It’s the peak of the winter season and vendors at the Dover Beach Facilities are crying out.

When Barbados TODAY visited Dover, Christ Church yesterday, they complained that their businesses were not making any money and this was being compounded because the dismantled boardwalk had become an unsightly feature of the area.

Richard Greaves, a cloth and handicraft vendor at the facility for the past six years, said that business, especially from late 2011 had been “very bad”.

“Things dead because of how they got out here look. That boardwalk dig up for over three months; a lot of problems out here that is the truth and it got the business slack — got we suffering. It ain’t only that but that is one of the factors.

“There were boards there and they repair it every year because the flooring does cake up and the nails come out, but you doing that all the time so you could as well put down concrete.

“In the meantime, at the height of the tourist season that shouldn’t be so, that should have been done a long time before. Look at it there, that does deter people,” he said in a frustrated tone.

Greaves also complained that the open area that previously housed the boardwalk was now being used as a garbage receptacle.

Another vendor, who said she preferred to remain anonymous, explained she was upset with the lack of interest the National Conservation Commission was paying to the state of the structure.

“They dig it up and never once come back to look at it; a [worker] came the other day and cleaned it — and look at it now. NCC supposed to come and clean but they don’t, all they do is tell the visitors they can’t go in the changing room with sand on their feet, but most times they aren’t doing anything; just look at that one there,” she said while pointing to an officer sitting on a chair eating.

General Manager of the NCC, Keith Neblett, acknowledged that there was some work done to the area and said it was done with the public’s safety in mind. He said nails were jutting out from the boards, making the structure “very dangerous” to the public, so the area had to be barricaded.

“We are taking corrective measures for it to be safe for public use and the improvement of the area.¬†Work will be done shortly in the area and it would be paved, hopefully, within the next two to three months. We have to work within the context of resources available; it was not one of our planned projects for the year but because it is a prime tourist attraction we have made an exception,” he said.

In response to concerns about the misuse of the cordoned off area, Neblett promised to investigate the situation. He told Barbados TODAY there were garbage bins available to the public and encouraged visitors to the facility to use them.

And while a number of vendors complained that the former boardwalk area was a discouragement to potential customers, causing them to lose sales, Neblett would only say that the public still had access to the vendors."
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I'm double posting...I think my previous comment also applied here too.

"When we were there in July/August I was a bit taken aback how rundown that decking was. Lots of loose/missing planks and there were three flags..a Barbados, UK and Canadian flag, on flag poles. The Canadian flag was in tatters and that really bothered me. I figured they would get around to cleaning things up before high season started. I guess they haven't...I hope someone has at least replace or taken down the flags. If anyone there thinks to look let me know....because I will gladly mail the Barbados Tourism Authority a new flag."