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Bliss cafe

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28 Feb 2014, 11:07 #1

A new(ish) cafe opened up last August in the Gap and while i heard mixed reviews i thought i would try it for myself.

I went twice, the first time i had the full English breakfast and it was pretty good, they served turkey bacon rather than the other crispy type, the turkey bacon tasted a lot better than the latter. It cost 20 bds which included tea or coffee and toast - so price wise was good also.
The second visit three of us went along and ordered about 10 am BUT we didn't get served until at least an hour later !!
It wasn't as though it was full to the rafters with people - maybe about 3 or 4 other tables besides us and i think 1 of them was already eating. We ordered 2 coffee's and 1 tea but somehow my coffee went to another table !?!...i did get one eventually.

Now i know some people say it's Bajan time BUT the people running it where from London England (so i was told) and if true they really should know what it's like back in the UK running a business.
One of my friends said he wouldn't return due to the 'bad' service but i may give it another go on my next visit IF they have upped their game.

Some of you might think i am still grumpy posting this due to my reluctant return home .....well i still am grumpy :evil: :evil: :lol: :lol:

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04 Mar 2014, 17:35 #2

Not quite bliss then .


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04 Mar 2014, 19:00 #3

mgsteve56 wrote:Not quite bliss then .
Obviously not, must try harder :roll: :roll:
For a minute I thought my daughter and son in law owned it, their name is Bliss :lol: :lol: :lol:

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09 Jun 2014, 11:25 #4

I have been before & had no problems but had seen a few reviews stating slow service :(
I went a couple of times in April -
First time ate in & ordered within a few minutes - Omlette & toast & coffee followed about 10 mins later.
2nd time I was a bit rushed for time so ordered takeaway - was ready & waiting when I returned 10mins later :)