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To give you potiental members a chance to see just what kind of RPing we do around here, I have decided to display some samples of RPs that are going on right now on the site. These bits of RPs that are posted below as samples have been posted with permission from the respective members who are displayed within the posts. I tried to pick a variety to give you a bit of taste of some of the different members. Enjoy!

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/Quincy's Cross By Shugo & Auirs_Last_Hope
:Featured Characters - Nicol Trixon & Ryuunosuke Fujimoto
By Shugo
A nice brisk Saturday morning that was perfect and quiet except for one disturbance. “Oh come on!” The positive sounding voice rang out as another golden arrow was flung out from his bow. He had been awake since early in the morning for a nice jog, only wearing his casual clothing and his Quincy cross underneath a sweat band. Nix had hoped to complete his jog before things got busy when the hollow had crossed his path, or rather the hollow had followed him, it seemed he hadn’t been keeping as good a control of his Reiatsu and the hollow had smelt him out. And from there it had sort of escalated, not wanting to be devoured Nix had drawn his bow Driffon in defence although so far he had only managed to hit the hollow twice and nowhere vital. This Hollow, though big, was incredibly fast, faster than he had expected, it was much stronger than a regular hollow and Nix guessed it might not just be a normal hollow, it was on its way to becoming a Menos. Hollows had been appearing a lot more recently and it seemed natural that they would only be starting to get stronger and stronger until whatever the situation was with Shinigami was finally resolved.

But now none of that really mattered as much as getting this hollow away from public areas, though there was no-one around there was still a risk. By firing his arrows purposely to chase the Hollow away he had managed to get it to an empty spot next to the river that ran through Karakura. Still the Hollow was not willing to submit to an early grave which was starting to frustrate the happy-go-lucky Nix, he didn’t mind a bit of a fight but it was starting to get ridiculous. The Hollow finally moved to a position where Nix could get him “Thanks for the challenge mister Hollow, you did well” and with his Bows string stretched far back he fired the golden arrow with tremendous speed and strength. Only to miss the Hollows mask by mere centimetre’s and strike it in the torso instead, meaning it was still alive, the arrows force however had forced the Hollow backward and even though it was severely wounded it turned tail and ran. The Hollow evidently knew that Nix was stronger than it now and it began speeding away, toward the crossing bridge for traffic. Nix realised that if it kept going at the pace it was it would destroy the bridge by crashing into it and cause chaos and inconvenience. “Uh-oh didn’t mean to celebrate too early, come back Mister Hollow!” Nix said and started running after the hollow, still grasping his bow as he sped after the rampaging monster, the chase was back on now.
By Auirs_Last_Hope
Ryuunosuke covered his mouth as he released bored yawn, he was clothed in a white dress shirt, slacks and a suit jacket, his first button on the shirt undone and his tie nowhere to be found. He'd just escaped a meeting with some of his Father's business partners, hence his yawn.

Ryu found such meetings tedious, and had absolutely no patience for the way they squabbled over matters that really had no importance in the grand scheme of things. So he was more than happy when they had turned to matters that no longer required his input and expertise, and he had an excuse to to excuse himself. Now he strolled down the streets of Karakura town, taking in the morning air. Stretching languorously, the teenager yawned one more time, then abruptly stopped, mid stride and mid stretch, so that for a few moments he was stuck in an oddly comical position completely at odds with his serious demeanor. Is that... A malicious grin spread across the blue-haired young man's face, he sensed a Hollow, a relatively powerful too by the feel of it.

Realizing the ridiculous position he'd stopped in, Ryuunosuke quickly pulled himself together and ran into the nearest alley. Once safely out of sight he used Hirenkyaku and materialized on the roof of one of the adjacent buildings. His target was easily halfway across Karakura Town, but... Ryu paused just as he was about to take off after the Hollow. He hadn't noticed it before, but there was another energy signature nearby the first, though it was distinctly different. His curiousity piqued, the young Quincy moved quickly toward the two energy signatures.


A little while later Ryu stood atop yet another building, this one near the river, watching the strangest sight he thought he'd ever seen. Zooming in with his prosthetic left eye, Ryu watched as a boy, who looked roughly his own age, chased and attacked the Hollow he'd been tracking. While this in and of itself was quite interesting and unique, what had immediately drawn Ryuunosuke's attention was that his method of attack was some kind of energy propelling bow... a bow not unlike Ryu's own.

He was shaken from his surprise however, when he realized that the offending, and incredibly agile Hollow was racing toward the bridge. If the beast reached it Ryu realized, the results would be... unfortunate. Materializing his own bow, Wurger, Ryuunosuke released two shots at the Hollow, both of which missed, but both of which attracted it's attention as well. The Quincy then teleported down to the other side of the bridge and released a few other shots in it's general direction.

For now he just had to hope that the Hollow would turn in a different direction, with one pursuer close behind and another directly in front. He'd find out more about the other bow-wielding blonde afterword
By Shugo
Nix hadn’t realised that another energy source had appeared, in his haste to catch up with the rampaging hollow he hadn’t felt anything. Nix sprinted after it, his bow by his side as he attempted to get a clear shot for the things mask except it was turned away from him so it was going to be a hard achievement. As The Hollow came closer and closer to the bridge that was allowing early morning traffic across, Nix thought he wouldn’t make it in time unless he used a Hirenyaku to jump ahead. Suddenly two arrows fired down from somewhere above, missing the hollow but the Hollow suddenly stopped and turned in the direction for where the arrows were fired, and its eye’s looked hungry. Nix stopped as well, his eye’s staring at the two arrows that had missed the hollow, they weren’t normal arrows either, and they were the same type Nix shot from his own bow. Nix looked around quickly for their source and saw the hollow was charging in the direction the arrows were fired only that wasn’t where the archer was now. Nix watched as two more arrows flew out form under the other side of the bridge and struck the hollow twice; it then staggered to the ground, beaten.

Nix, not bothering to stop now delivered the final blow by sending an arrow into its mask causing the Hollows mask to crack, overall it had been hit five times, three times by Nix and two by some other individual. Nix wanted to know who had just helped him out, turning his back on the Hollow which was dissolving into nothingness, Nix peered toward the bridge looking for his helper “Ello!? Um, Thank for the help there” Nix called out to whoever had helped him, his European accent sounding out clearly from his British nationality. He was curious and was pretty sure the person was a Quincy judging from the arrows they had fired, but he hadn’t expected to see another Quincy here.
By Auirs_Last_Hope
Ryuunosuke watched with a sneer of satisfaction as the Hollow that he and the other as yet nameless blonde had been hunting breathed it's last, letting slack into his bow's string as he did so. He quickly replaced the weapon's tension however, once he heard the other young man's... oddly accented voice, carrying across the river toward him.

Taking a moment to look around him before doing anything, Ryu used Hirenyaku to appear a few paces from Nix. Wurger drawn and at the ready, the powerful energy radiating from the arrow crackling around his fingertips. Eyes narrowed suspiciously, though not without a hint of curiosity, the blue haired teen spoke. "While I should say thank you for occupying that creature, I must ask. Who... and what, are you?" He didn't really feel an acknowledgment of Nix's thanks was needed at this point.

As he asked his question, Ryu used his left eye to scan the unknown that stood before him, and now that he was this close, Ryu distantly realized, Nix would likely be able to see the telltale Reiatsu glow from his fake eye.

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/Catching Up by Leon & Lily
:Featured Characters - Lily Ancientos, Reina Vasques & Kanti Uueda
:Starts About Mid-Way Through Topic
Lily wrote:Lily flips and lands upon her feet in the air, skidding to a stop with her sword held before her ready for the cero that is coming her way. She's no fool. She felt Reina charge the cero and positioned herself in such a matter to defend herself against it. Before the cero hits her, though, Kanti appears, blocking it with his own sword before sending it back at Reina, who simply stands there as it sails past her. He then launches a kidou at her, which Lily already knows isn't going to hold her. Kanti's words causes Lily to frown, though. Get off her ass? What the hell does it look like she's doing? "Oh, I'm sorry Kanti. I was enjoying lazing around so much that I just didn't happen to notice the cero that was coming straight at my face. Good thing you came along so it didn't destory my margrita," Lily says with a sarcastic note. He suddenly shunpos to stand beside her, his back to Reina, which isn't the smartest thing, but his sword is there to protect it and she has a clear view of the woman, who seems to be bored, looking at the binding kidou with curiousity as if it is interesting in some way to fight her boredom. "That's because she's not an ordinary arrancar, Kanti, she's an espada and I don't need you to save my tush. And she's here-" Lily is suddenly cut off by Kanti seeming to change his mind about it all, something else obviously catching his attention. He takes off again, pausing for a moment to tell her not to die. She smirks at him. "You're talking nonsense again, Kanti. You should know better by now than to underestimate me," she says playfully.

Kanti disappears from sight, but Reina is far from gone. As soon as he is gone, she is there before Lily and she brings her sword up to block the oncoming attack from her. Reina's words cause a smile to move across Lily's face. "You need not worry about him, Queenie. He's not worth your time. He's barely worth mine," Lily says, obviously lying, but the way she sounds it makes it sound as if she's quite serious. Lily pushes against against Reina's sword with enough force to make some distance between the two of them. Lily lifts up her free hand. "Hadou #88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho!" Her spiritual pressure brusts forth, raising up again as she uses the high leveled kidou. A massive beam of spiritual energy fires from her hand and heads straight towards Reina, Lily aiming it in such a matter that should it miss, it won't destroy any of the town. Reina probably wouldn't let herself get hit with that attack, considering the power behind it, so Lily waits, knowing that she is going to come in and try to take Lily by surprise.
Lily wrote:Reina's cero is blocked by someone rather unexpected. She had a feeling Lily would have been able to block it in time, but this guy came out of no where and blocked it, sending it straight back at her. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly straight back at her and it sailed over her right shoulder harmlessly. The interaction between the two is rather amusing for Reina for a moment. Reina has seen Lily interact with very few others and it seems to Reina that this one is different. A kidou suddenly hits Reina, from the newcomer, that restricts her movement. Reina glances down at it for a moment, wondering just how much it would take to break it and testing it slightly, coming to the conclusion that it won't take much, which is a bit disappointing. She lets the exchange between the two happen before bursting free from the binding kidou with little restraint and heading towards Lily quickly, her sword coming down upon the shorter woman. "Where did your little friend run off to, Lily-san? He seems to care for you deeply. I wonder if you care for him just as much. Perhaps I should have a little talk with him. One on one," Reina says, obviously threatening to attack and possibly kill Kanti. Her words don't bring the sort of reaction that Reina had hoped, though, for Lily merely smirks at her and claims that he's not worth either of their time. Oh, how very disappointing. While Lily's words are pretty believeable, she feels the needs to test it, but it looks like she'll have to wait until the man returns.

Lily pushes hard against their swords, putting distance between herself and Reina. She suddenly fires a pretty powerful kidou at Reina, taking Reina by surprise. Reina's pink orb widens slightly and she quickly activates her own power of time, speeding her body up. The end result causes the world around her to slow down, giving her the time that is needed to avoid the kidou and move into a new position. She adds a sonido to it, increasing her speed even more, making it seem as if she really does disappear, reappearing behind Lily. Reina places her hands upon the shorter woman's shoulders ever so lightly. "You know, you and I are a lot alike, Lily-san. Besides the whole good and evil thing, we really aren't that different," Reina says, Lily twisting around and away from her, quickly placing distance between them. Reina's a bit faster, though, and she reaches out and touches Lily's hand, causing the skin upon the hand to start to age, the skin wrinkling and starting to fall off. Lily's eyes widen and Reina can only laugh at the response. "Careful, Lily-san, or you will crumble away and die," Reina says.
Leon wrote:Kanti could feel lily fighting and bit his lip. I hope she's okay. Don't worry Kanti. She'll be alright. Just go get that hollow WATCH OUT!!! Kanti blinks in front of him, a small red orb seeming to fall in front of him and explode, a cero bursting from it and his eyes widen. Captain's hand was the quickest defense and all it did was send kanti skidding backwards, rolling across the air on his back before flipping over and bringing his blade up to block a giant tiger from biting into him. Kanti stared at the hollow for a moment, recognition flickering across his face, the hollow smirking and vanishing with a sonido. It was obviously an adjuchas and it spoke, the voice making Kanti's face tilt a bit in curiosity, it being obvious he knew the face, "Oh my. So quick to jump to the defense of a bitch who just said you weren't worth anything to her? Or did you not hear it? Oh that's right!! You don't have hearing like myself. I seem to forget you aren't worth my ti-" "Hadou 91. Senjyu Kouten Taihou." The light bullets seem to all shoot out towards the hollow, the hollow awping and leaping away in surprise, it being obvious that the power behind the spell wasn't expected. It's shoulder was smoking from one that had hit and the hollow growled, "You've been training, haven't you?" "Lily saw to it that your little espada buddies aren't much of an issue anymore. Your....oh what's his name...number four......the make-up moron, is no longer a challenge." "Oh really? Let's see." The ground suddenly starts glowing red in random places, about twelve different red lights, the hollow grinning and spitting another of the red balls behind kanti, Kanti grinning and vanishing in a shunpo, appearing in the sky, his shikai blade out and underneath him, the cero bombs exploding and sending him a bit higher.

"Gee, seems you know quite a bit about me but I know nothing of you. What's your name adjuchas?" "It's not relevant. You'll be dea-" "Oh stuff it in your rump. I could kill you any time i wanted. I'm seeing what you h-" Kanti didn't get to finish his sentence as he suddenly found one of the bombs being shoved into his kimono and then a paw hitting his head and slashing his face, sending Kanti into a building below where the cero exploded point blank on him and sent him crashing through buildings, kanti erupting through one and going through the battle scene of Reina and Lily, Kanti's body skidding across the ground into the building next to him. His reiatsu wasn't lowered at all and for anyone who knew him, knew that it was still his playing levels. He laid on the ground though, the ground beneath him suddenly glowing red all over. Kanti's body vanished as the cero bombs exploded and the hollow appeared, floating on air only have it's back explode as kanti's sealed katana slashes it's back. "Hey there, lookie at that. You leave your bombs all over on the ground. Guess if I stay u-" Kanti catches one of the cero bombs and smirks. The hollow watched it and grinned only to find the bomb in it's mouth and explode, sending the hollow flying backwards. "You're boring hollow. I thought you might make a challenge." Kanti chanted quickly and pointed his hand out, firing off the same kidou he'd used on Reina but obviously an extremely superior version, the hollow being hit with it and being completely immobilized in mid air. "Bakudo 61!! Rikujokoro!!" The hollow growls at Kanti who steps next to it and simply stabs the hollow's forehead. The mask shatters and suddenly the entire body glows red. Kanti's face falls and he mutters, "Fuck this'll hurt."

The resulting explosion sent Kanti flying well away from the battle between Reina and Lily, Kanti's reiatsu no longer playful. He lands, and the damage the kimono did to his clothing is evident although very little damage seems to have been done to him other than him being extremely upset. His reiatsu takes on a more hollowish feel and the tiger hollow reappears. "Had enough shinigami?" "No. I think I might want to actually kill you even more now. Didn't think it w-" "Oh shove it kanti. You always did talk to much. Drink from your gourd, go lay down and I won't kill you." Kanti's face turns to a bit of fear, and recognition, taking a step back. "What......you sound like someone I know." The hollow grins, "Maybe I am. Then again, that's for you to find out." The hollow fires off another one of it's cero bombs, kanti grinning and knocking it back as his zanpakuto releases, the hollow smirking and biting the ball, swallowing it. "Are you that dense Kanti? You really think I would create something that could hurt me??" The hollow grins and charges kanti again who slices upwards, clipping the hollow's mask who roars in pain and veers off. "Hideki!?!?!?! What the he-" "TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH! GODDAMMIT KANTI!! Ugh!! OW OW OW!! That hurt!!!" The hollow skids to a stop, the battle dying down between them and the hollow sighing. "Uhhh what....Umm ....hideki? Aren't you...how'd.....how did you become a hollow?? I thought Sakura....got rid of that thing??" The hollow blinks and frowns, "What are you talking about? Sakura's....wish failed......she......what the hell are you talking about?? It never worke...Kanti!? What the HELL are you talking about!?" The hollow looked at Kanti, eyes resembling that of Hideki Daineko, the captain of Squad five. However, they weren't the same. There was pain, loneliness, hurt, anguish but also another emotion that Kanti wasn't familiar with in Hideki's eyes. Apathy. "Hideki....are you okay?" The hollow growls at Kanti, it's eyes flashing and the reiatsu taking a dark turn, Kanti instantly drawing back and the hollow blasting Kanti across the sky above Reina and Lily with titanic swipes of it's paws, Kanti barely blocking the blows, shocked at the power. It's like he's a vizard but reversed! How.....how is this possible!? Kanti vanished in a shunpo, yelling out, "Chase me pussy cat!!" I need him out of the town. Gonna go bankai? I have to or else risk killing him. I'm gonna use Hyourinmaru.

It didn't take long for the pair to reach the outskirts of town, Kanti suddenly accelerating and the hollow blinking in shock as Kanti's reiatsu nearly vanished, only to explode behind him, "BANKAI!! Eizou Kisaki Niseru! Eizou Kisaki Hyourinmaru!! Sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyourinmaru!" An icy flow launches at the hollow who dodges it barely, glaring at Kanti when around it's middle, a chain suddenly wraps around it, Kanti having gotten the crescent moon gama attachment around the Hollow's middle, ice spreading over the creature. Another ice dragon erupted from the sword and encased the hollow, causing the creature to plummet to the ground. Kanti sighed sadly and watched it fall. "Guess that's it for...that...but how..............." Kanti sighed and shook his head, heading back to help Lily.
Lily wrote:Lily hadn't expected Reina to move so fast. She's most sure that the woman used her power over time to help speed her up to catch Lily so off guard. Lily really doesn't like Reina being so close to her, the woman's touch causing Lily to shudder slightly. Lily doesn't fear the woman or her power, but she is weary of it. Lily knows what the other woman can do just by touching her. She could make her age quickly and then whilter away and die. Reina's words cause her to frown slightly. Alike? Them? Lily sees no similiarities at all. Lily twists and moves to get out of the espada's reach, not liking to be too close to the woman. Reina again moves faster than Lily had guessed and the woman touches her hand, which suddenly starts to wrinkle and age beneath her touch. Lily's eyes widen in shock and she grabs her wrist, as if grabbing it there would prevent the aging from going up even further. Lily turns her gaze to Reina, the expression hard to read for a moment. Whatever fear may have been there before is gone. Determination burns there, earning a curious expression from Reina. "We are nothing alike, Queenie. Are differences are far greater than just being good and evil," Lily states firmly, her silver orbs fixed sternly upon the woman before her, set in her words and obviously firm with what she had said.

Kanti's body suddenly flies right between herself and Reina, giving Lily the distraction she needs, for Reina's single orb turns to watch Kanti as he moves across her field of vision. Lily instantly vanishes, shunpoing from sight and to a building not far away where she get hopefully get a moment of peace from Reina. Lily regrets the shunpo for a moment, for the added use of power seems to cause more pain to her aging hand. Lily's zanpakuto is unable to heal her, one of the downfalls of it and her will to protect others. It doesn't really matter, though. After running into Reina in Hueco Mundo, Lily made a syrium that would stop the aging process that Reina began. Of course, if Reina touches her again, Lily will have to inject herself again. She pushes this through from her for a moment as she takes out the pen with the needle and stabs it into her disolving hand. The pain is still there, but the aging has ceased. Now Lily can use kidou to heal it back or simply let it heal itself. To prevent worry from Kanti, Lily quickly wraps up her hand before Reina discovers that she is gone and comes looking from her. Right when Lily finishes up the wrapping is when Reina suddenly appears before her. She says something, throwing in the word 'cowardly'. Lily smirks at Reina, holding up the no long aging hand which is thankfully her left, though she could manage with it being her right if she had to. "Come now, Queenie. You shouldn't throw such insulting things around. Your little trick is far from fair, but now I'm ready. Care to go toe to toe?" Lily asks and then lunges towards Reina with her sword, weilding with just her right hand considering the state of her left.
Lily wrote:The look of determination that moves over Lily's features in response to Reina's words about them being so similiar really strikes Reina's curiousity. The determination upon the shorter woman's features and the fortification in the woman's words shows Reina that she seems to have struck some sort of cord with the woman, but Reina can't be exactly sure for the reason why. Before Reina gets to say anything more and trample more upon this rather senstive cord that she has struck, Lily's friend from earlier suddenly flies by right between them and Reina watches him curiously for a moment, not even noticing when Lily disappears from sight. She doesn't really care at the moment, in fact. Instead, her gaze shifts to where Kanti had come from to who he is fighting. It is a hollow, an adjuches, someone that could really interest her. He hasn't been tainted yet by Aizen's stupidity and she has so many female servants already. Adding a male to the mix would really spice things up and Reina does so enjoy being entertained. She would hate for Lily's friend to kill this possibly new entertaining servant before Reina, but Reina really wants to kill Lily once and for all. Torn between the two for a moment, Reina can't help but surrender to the urge to kill Lily. If anything, Reina will simply use her power over time to hopefully bring him back. She has never really tried it before, has never had a need to, but if it is too much hassle, she won't bother. She'll find another, after all.

Reina turns her gaze to where Lily was a moment ago. She takes a moment to glance around before disappearing in a sondio and appearing in front of Lily, who is wrapping up the hand that Reina had infected with her little aging process. Reina looks at it curiously for a moment before shifting her gaze to Lily. "What's the matter, Lily-san? Does the idea of death scare you? Are you running away like the coward you really are?" Reina taunts, smirking devlishly. Lily's words cause that smirk to diminish ever so slightly. What does that wicked woman mean when she says that her little trick is no longer a problem? Reina glances at Lily's wrapped hand. She can sense it, well, perhaps the right way to say it would be she cannot sense it. The aging, it has stopped. Reina frowns, displeased with this turn of events. Lily then suddenly comes at her with her sword, using only her right hand to hold it. Reina brings her sword up to block and the two suddenly lock in a flash of attacks, their swords retracting and flying forward at each other again and again and again. Despite only using one arm, Lily's attacks are still just as strong as before and Reina ponders on what she can do to trip the woman up. She suddenly shoots her hand forward, sending a cero at Lily. As antcipated, the woman shunpos and right when she does that, Reina speeds herself up, moving to where she can see Lily going. Right when Lily reappears, she is there and her hand clutches the shorter woman around her neck. Lily's injuried hand presses against the Reina's chest as if to push her away and she moves her zanpakuto to hit Reina, but Reina catches her at the wrist.

"Oh, Lily-san. We are very very similiar. I have seen you and your ways. You, like me, find those that entertain you. You, like me, find those that spark your interest and you keep them around for your own enjoyment. You get them stronger, help theme xpand their power and then use and manipluate them for your own desires. I may feel no compassion, but you are right, you do. That is the whole bit about being good, you know. That compassion doesn't seem to show, though, with the way you move your precious people around like pawns," Reina says wickedly. Lily glares at Reina, who squeezes the shorter woman's neck tighter. "Now you will die, Lily-san. I don't know how you stopped my little trick, as you called it, before, but I would like to see you stop it from making her head disolve off of your shoulders." Lily's reiatsu suddenly rises and heat builds at Reina's chest. Reina's eyes widen slightly as Lily fires the high level kidou point blank at her chest, sending the woman flying back and letting go of Lily before she even has a chance to rip her head off.
Leon wrote:"BanKAI!! Daiguren Hyourinmaru!!" Kanti used the bankai of the 10th squad captain and shunpo'd as quickly as he could back to Lily, The reiatsu of the hollow he'd been fighting was still around, and he glanced back, "I'll ....i don't believe it. I'll....I'll come back later Hideki-kun. Just wait." He knew the hollow couldn't hear him but he still hoped his hollowfied friend would. Upon reaching the scene, Kanti watched the arrancar get blasted away and released hyourinmaru and said, "Eizou Kisaki Wabisuke. Show your head, Wabisuke!!!" Kanti shunpo'd near the building nearest Reina and slashed wildly at it with Wabisuke, hitting it at numerous times. He kicked off the building, the building creaking and groaning loudly, Kanti smirking, and leapt down onto the ground. He kept quiet and started chanting, reiatsu building around him, his chanting extremely fast, as well as the building of reiatsu. "Hadou 31, Shakkahou!!!" The kidou that erupted from his hand was far superior to the binding spell he'd attempted on Reina, it evident by the reiatsu. The kidou slammed into the building, sending chunks of rock flying all around, it hitting other buildings, the buildings all around being severely damaged by it, the building itself collapsing behind Reina, some chunks of rock falling towards her. Kanti downgraded his bankai to shikai and rushed forward, slinging the shikai at Reina, missing with the first swipe, "I'm going to crush you where you stand arrancar. Hope a beauty such as yourself doesn't mind being under such large weight of the building. Of course, if you'd rather find a more private setting instead of fighting, I'm sure we can entertain one another in a far more pleasing way than this." Kanti didn't want to say something like that in front of Lily but he also didn't want Lily to be in such danger. He'd spotted her nearly getting choked out and for that to happen meant Lily was struggling. At least for once in your life, you're flirting for a noble reason. Be quiet. Kanti winked at Reina and took a second swipe, speaking again, "Tell me fast before we get too deep into the fight to go find out how fast we can lose clothes!!" To anyone who knew Kanti though, it was way too forward of him to have even said something like that, Kanti preferring innuendo and wordplay over directly saying something like that.

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/The Path Less Travelled by Jugger, Katreya & Lily
:Featured Characters - Sorou Hayashi, Xunera Matsumoto, Zenritsu Veidala, Yoshitoru Furukawa
Jugger wrote:Today was the day. Sorou had put it off for long enough. It was time for his friends to become aware of the choice he made, aware of the fact that after today they were no longer his friends. Today was actually the perfect day to do this, as it happened all the people he wished to inform would be working this shift.

At the beggining of every shift the shinigami on duty showed up for roll-call and duties were assigned. Sorou was usually one of the first to arrive, but today Zen, Yoshi and Xunera were already there. Sorou had come later than usual, hoping to avoid any conversation beforehand. Vice-captain Abarai Renji began going down the line with a clip-board, checking off names and giving out tasks. Sorou had trouble remaining composed as Renji got closer. It was finally time.

"Nice to see you again, Sorou-kun. Today you'll be on patrol duty." Renji was just about to move on to the next shinigami when Sorou put his hand on Renji's shoulder.

"Excuse me, Abarai-fukataichou. Please refer to me as Hayashi-san from now on. That goes for everyone." Sorou said coldly. Renji almost laughed, thinking this was some kind of joke. But by looking into Sorou's eyes he could see that it wasn't.

"....sure....Whatever you prefer, Hayashi-san." Renji said, slightly puzzled. As he continued with the roll-call, Sorou left out the back door. He waited in the hall, knowing that as soon as they were done with the roll call his friends would want to confront him.
Katreya wrote:Bristling women made way as Xunera carved a path through the busy intersections and streets, red hair striking against her newly whitened uniform, curvacious figure somewhat shown off yet not in a manner that wasn't classy. The alluring smile was present, directed at no one, simply smug in her own world and thoughts, one hand trailing on the hand of her zanpakuto, body emanating contentment in waves that were more than likely arrogant at face value. When she arrived at the Sixth division quarters, she was surprised to find she was actually the first one there. Checking her watch, Xunera sighed and rolled her eyes, contemplating leaving so she could arrive late again. What was the use of an extravagant arrival if no one was there to witness it? But her lazy and laid back side got the best of her. Instead, she pulled up a chair, threw her feet on the table and lounged back, fingers intertwined in thick locks of crimson hair that languidly flowed through the air like water.

It was only twenty minutes later that everyone was seated. Having hardly moved an inch except to wave and smirk at her closer friends, Xunera turned her attention to Renji with brows raised, quietly mocking and teasing, as usual. They got on well. Two flaming red heads that clashed at most times, yet it was an unusual display of friendship as they understood it, nothing negative. At Sorou's arrival, however, Xunera's head finally shifted more than a few inches. She hadn't really seen him in a while, and had been beginning to think he actually detested her company. Well, that would have to change, considering they were meant to be friends and she had shown him a tad more than she would to even Zenritsu. Seated next to Yoshitoru, Xunera swung her legs off the table and made a mock salute as Renji called her name, then gave a flap of her hand to show she was meaning it in jest. As he passed her, she leaned over to Yoshitoru.

"Where has Sorou been lately, anyway?"

she asked him, only to hear the man himself speak up. Hayashi? Xunera frowned. Since when did he only want to be called by his last name? That wouldn't hold up for his friends, she hoped he understood that. With the group now dispersing to its duties, Xunera hopped up almost last, but somehow made it to Sorou first. From behind, she smacked him sharply on the head with a rolled up newspaper.

"Sooo, Sorou-san, what's your explanation for leaving us in the dark, oyo? You didn't really think you'd be able to avoid us forever, did you?"

she wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a squeeze before circling around so they were face to face, sighing as she cocked one leg and a brow to match, arms semi-folded save for the hand that still waved the newspaper half-heartedly. Xunera was waiting for Yoshi and Zen now.
Lily wrote:Yoshi heads with Zen to get their duties for the day. He holds his hand lightly, a gesture he has enjoyed doing since the day they said their vows, which wasn't too long ago. They agreed that they wouldn't show much affection when on duty, the most they planned on doing would be holding hands and hugging. The reason for this is they didn't want to make their friends and fellow division members to feel uncomfortable, plus they are suppose to be profressional when on duty. They enter the room to get their duties from Renji and Yoshi is rather surprised to find that Xunera is already there and Sorou is not. He takes his seat, sitting down beside Xunera for some odd reason with Zen on his other side. Usually it is Zen who sits down beside Xunear, but Yoshi supposes that now that he is higher seated than Xunera, he's not as uncomfortable to sit by her. He's not sure if uncomfortable is the right word, but he surely isn't frightened by her. Perhaps imtidated? Anyway, as Renji starts giving out duties, Xunera leads towards him and asks him where Sorou has been lately. Truth be told, Yoshi hasn't seen much of Sorou lately, which is rather said. He was rather surprised to see Sorou at his and Zen's wedding and was greatly honored that the man took the time to show up. Yoshi shrugs his shoulders in response to Xunera's question. "I think he's been busy lately. I think he's been taking up extra duties and doing a lot of training, but I can't be sure. I really haven't gotten much of a chance to talk to him. It's like he's been avoiding me or something. I was surprised he showed up at the wedding. Perhaps e should see if we can drag him from his duties some time soon. It would be great for the four of us to have dinner again," Yoshi notes quietly to Xunera.

Sorou's voice suddenly reaches Yoshi's ears and he glances down the line when he requests to be called by his last name. How strange. Yoshi looks at Zen curiously for a moment, as if asking her what that is all about before looking over at Xunera. What is wrong with Sorou? He use to be so friendly and now suddenly he seems so snobbish. Yoshi doesn't really like this side of Sorou. It was so much better when it was the four of them, hanging out and having fun. Yoshi can't picture being the only guy in the group, though it seems to Yoshi that that is where this is heading, and fast. They are dismissed and Xunera heads out quickly, probably to go after Sorou and ask him what's up. Yoshi looks over at Zen. "What do you think that is all about?" he asks her curiously before taking her hand and guiding her out of the room and to the hall where Sorou and Xunera is. Figuring he should at least compile with Sorou's wishes as not to anger him and hope that he is informed that he can still call him by his first name, Yoshi calls him by his last. "Hey, Hayashi-kun. How are things going with you? We don't get to see you a lot anymore. Would you like to catch some dinner with the three of us one night? You know, like old times? You can join Zen-san and I on the no drinking side. We won't let Xunera-san bully you into drinking," Yoshi says, the last bit meant to be teasing and a friendly smile on his face.
Katreya wrote:Fingers slipped neatly between Yoshi's, Zen's surveying of the world around her remained poised and imperial, as if the crown of the Soul Society rested on her own shining silver head. With the ends of her lengthy locks given a slight curl and bounce that morning, and a pristine blush gracing her cheekbones, it was evident that the woman was glowing with some kind of internal joy that couldn't be hidden. Even her eyes sparkled in a more dazzling fashion. Every time people would pass them, it was an excuse to brush up closer to her husband, where she would squeeze his arm before parting back a little, fingers still tied. Of course, when they arrived at the division, she toned that all down, much to her own dismay. It was inappropriate, and she still recalled her duties. Winking once at Yoshi, she let his hand go and sat down beside another woman she had befriended, while Yoshi sat between her and Xunera. Only a few moments later did she realize Xunera was actually there - usually, she was late.

Leaning forwards, she tried to catch Xunera's eye and smile, which she managed quite easily before focusing on Renji. Expression polite and attentive, she settled back in her chair and listened, trying not to day dream about the wedding or what happened after, or what would happen in the future. All her stress and worry had melted. Even Turaqia seemed a little more lax these days, able to smile a bit more. Maybe that had something to do with the captain he had invited along to the wedding - technically speaking, Zenritsu had done that but Turaqia had encouraged it quite obviously. Wonder what's going on there. She was startled back to reality when Sorou's demands met her ears. Twisting, she looked at him oddly, stared at Yoshi with the same confused expression, then shrugged her brows and turned back to see Renji's reaction. Quite similar.

With all that said and done, Zenritsu rose in a flurry of activity as everyone else did, loosely taking Yoshi's hand again and raising her free one to get Xunera's attention before she ran out. Too late. Zen huffed a little - Xunera wasn't the best at handling a situation with sensitivity, and right now, she suspected that was what their friend needed. Looking at Yoshi hopelessly, she let him guide her to the halls where she spotted the pair of friends already. Once there, she let Yoshitoru speak first, nodding her head in agreement. She grinned broadly.

"Indeed, or spike you into being drunk,"

she added pointedly.
Jugger wrote:Xunera was the first to come out. Sorou felt the soft blow to the back of his head as she smacked him with the rolled-up newspaper. Other than a small involuntary twitch of surprise, Sorou did not react. Even when Xunera squeezed him, he did not move. It was as if he was completely ignoring the fact that anyone was touching him at all. When Xunera swung around so that they were face to face, she was met with cold eyes.

Zen and Yoshi came out then. Sorou freed himself from Xunera with a firm hand. While Zen and Yoshi correctly addressed Sorou by his last name, they also invited him to hang out. Once they had finished talking Sorou waited a few moments before replying, to make sure he had everyones full attention.

"I have something to say to you all, please allow me to finish before you say anything more. When I said that I would like everyone to call me Hayashi-san, I meant everyone. Including you three. Also, I must decline your invitation. For my own reasons, which I don't intend to discuss, I have decided that from this point on we will only be colleagues. I would ask you all to forget about the Sorou who was your friend. I am a different person than he was. I hope we can work together without any animosity. You should all know it was nothing you did to cause this change. I hold no negative feelings for any of you." Finally, Sorou had said it. As well as he could anyway. Now he waited for their reactions, which felt like the calm before a storm.
Katreya wrote:For the first few seconds, Xunera simply dusted her hands and investigated the dirt under her nails, allowing her friends' words to roll over her. A quick nod. Of course, no spiking. When her eyes paused, it was the only visible factor that said Sorou's words had sunk in. Her gaze shifted, eying him for a while as if he were mad, but while her outward appearance looked scornful, something he had said, perhaps the way he had said it, had resonated within her. Sorou meant it. Lifting her chin, Xunera's eyes narrowed. Just wait till I have you alone then. She thought levelly, trying to decide upon the most appropriate course of action at that time, instead of wresting him to the ground and pinning him until he giggled. With no forthcoming evidence of what could or should be said or done, Xunera did what she knew best for these situations where the end result was that their friendship remained intact (otherwise, deftly stated, a quick knee to the gut would suffice) - she laughed.

"Ooh no, tough guy's here, what do we do?"

she said, feigning fear and batting her eyelashes with a flap of the hand. With that spat over, she stood beside him and let a deceivingly delicate hand drop on his shoulder. With her grin still visible, she said,

"Walk with us!"

however, while Zen & Yoshitoru may have believed that Xunera in turn believed Sorou was joking, she herself let it be known to he alone that she knew damn well what was going on - said hand applied far more pressure than was necessary, though not enough to cause undesirable pain. Maybe he's possessed. she debated. Inwardly, Xunera felt something deeper than she usually would have. While most things rolled off her shoulders, this thing was wedged enough that it was irking her. Friends had always come and gone, but she found herself especially fond of these three. And now one didn't want to know her?

Her expression remained humorous, but inside, a new confusion had arisen. What about when she and Sorou had gone off on their own adventures together? When they had been stationed together and fought together? All the laughs, all the danger. They had become quite a team, or so she thought - she knew how he fought better than most and was able to choreograph her own attacks in time and line with his. While there was a strong brotherhood amongst the Sixth division anyway, their quad-group had a unique bond. Hell, bloody Yoshi and Zenny are married. She was guiding them all further down the hall, outside, where they could talk more freely without prying ears or eyes.

What's happened to him? Xunera's eyes flicked to look at him as she let go of his shoulder, letting her hair slide over his neck and arm as she moved past him and squinted against the sunshine. The truth of the matter was, she actually cared too much to let him distance himself from them. She assured herself that if Yoshi or Zen said the same thing, she would react the same way. Arms folded, she smiled coyly and tilted her head.

"Is the gig up yet?"

she inquired, knowing full well it wasn't. Why did he have to go and ruin it? For once, she had actually let herself get properly attached, and of course the moment that happened; this did. There was a flicker of hurt visible, only a flash of pain and sadness, wiped clean and replaced by a calmer look as she surveyed their surrounds, avoiding his eye, waiting for Yoshi or Zen to speak for her, because truth be told, right then she couldn't. Friends weren't meant to do this to each other. Why do I even have to care? her mind hovered over the switch. But could the emotions be overridden that easily? She hoped the others could convince him otherwise, eyes narrowing against the heightened sunshine. The setting wasn't fit for the moment. I'm doing way too much thinking.
Lily wrote:Will only be colleagues? Forget the Sorou that was their friend? What kind of talk is this? Is Sorou dumping them as friends? Is he turning their back to them and just brushing them off like a few flakes of dust? Yoshi just stares at him for a moment. He is unsure of what to feel. Hurt. Understanding.... Betrayed. Much like Xunera, Yoshi has few close friends. He considerd Sorou to be one of them. Him and the girls didn't have to invite Sorou into their circle. Even when Yoshi was fifth seat, he was still three seats higher than Sorou. He didn't have to be as nice to him as he was or help him out, but he did. Hell, he even made the man his groomsman at his wedding! He trusted him with his life, trusted him with the life of his wife and he just brushes them off as if they and their friendship meant nothing! What about all the things they've been through? What about all the conversations and good times? Was it all just a ploy? And for what? Did he use them in some matter? Typically, Yoshi is lazy when it comes to these things. If he didn't consider what he had with Sorou as grand as he did, he would simply shake his head, laugh at Sorou and tell him he's weird before wishing him luck and leaving. This is different though. There is a difference between friend and best friend. Sorou was a best friend and to just break it off like that without even giving a reason is cold in Yoshi's opinion. And he knows cold. He has Hoshi for a sister.

They must have been nothing but chopped liver to him. They obviously don't warrant enough for a decent reason, an apology and a friendly smile. They are nothing but scum beneath his so high shoes. Yoshi's face remains straight, not giving away his inner feelings. A smile spreads over his lips, forced upon request to try and keep this civil, though the urge to strangle him due to the feelings of betrayal and being used are strong. The only sign that he isn't happy about this is the tightening of his grip on Zen's hand that only she would know. He's just going to politely walk away, because obviously, unlike Sorou, he can be polite about it, and then reveal his true feelings to Zen in private where he hopes to be comforted and recieve wise words from his wise wife that will chase these feelings of betrayal away and truly leave him at peace with Sorou's rather stupid decision. Can't fix stupid, after all, Kyoko rumbles in his mind, angry as well about this, but she's far more emotional about it than Yoshi. During his musings within his own mind, he has followed Xunera and Sorou out a bit, coming upon the two now with Xunera standing before Sorou, seeming to try and get him to reveal this as a joke. His smile is in place and pretty convincing, if he might add. "Well, if that is your dicussion, I guess friends such as us can do nothing but respect your dicussion. Shame, really. We had such fun together. Hope this path you choose pleases you," Yoshi says, trying not to seem to gruff, but the hurt is in his voice. He looks over at Zen, his smile a bit more true for her and kissing her lightly on the cheek. "I'm going to go start my duties. No point in hanging around when I'm not wanted, ya know?" he says and then releases her hand before walking away, giving her a chance to do what she wishes with the knuckle head and his dumb dicussion. Personally, Yoshi thinks they should just leave him there with Xunera. She could kick his ass any day and probably, and hopefully, knock some sense into him too.
Katreya wrote:'I hold no negative feelings towards any of you.' Well. That was the one line that stuck in Zenritsu's mind. Delicate fingers twined with her husband's, her entire body was stilled as they stood in the hallway, only a slight shift around her lips symbolizing the loss of a smile. Instinctively, she pulled a fraction closer to Yoshitoru, pressing her chest to his arm, a frown now blossoming. Before she could mouth any silent instruction to her own best friend though, Xunera was handling the situation in a way that most would find perhaps appropriate - any passers by wouldn't notice, but Zen could feel the tension from her aura. Maybe it's my own I'm feeling. For once in her life, she wasn't sure on the course of action to take. She didn't want to let this happen whatsoever, but like the others, they knew it was not in jest. Hayashi-san meant what he said. Hayashi-san... More like Hayashi-kun! she thought in a child-like voice. Veidin stirred to offer little more than a shake of his great serpentine head, obviously saving his choice words for later so he did not rile her up enough for her to say something right then and there, to Hayashi-kun.

Like Yoshi, she followed a few steps behind. Maybe for once, she decided, Xunera's lack of tact might actually do some good. Her feelings had shifted from hurt and regretful to almost prideful and snobby. A noble shining through. In her mind, she already knew it was just a way of shielding herself. I'm surprised Xunera hasn't given him a back kick to the gut and blown him off already. She mused, training her eyes on Yoshi, adjusting quickly to the sunshine outside. When her husband spoke, she understood what he was feeling already, and rode currents of emotion very similar herself.

There was still no place to talk to Xunera alone either. 'Maybe a kick in the nethers will bring the boy around,' Veidin suggested finally. 'Either way, the decision is his, and like Yoshitoru, I suggest we accept it for now and find out more later. A choice like this does not arise from nothing, there will be a story behind it, reasons and explanations. Perchance, even, a solution.' It was all it took. Nodding slightly to no one but herself, she watched Yoshi walk away and blew him a kiss.

"We will always remember, though. You may have forgotten, but we haven't. I'm needed elsewhere... and there's nothing more for me to say right now. You said your feelings weren't negative, but they don't seem too positive either, but I will let you know that we do have to work together... and I look forward to it,"

she dipped her head, raised her chin. Nodded to Xunera. Spun on her heel with a noble-esque pout and swept past them, heading after her assigned tasks, which would later allow her to meet up with Yoshi, luckily. She had so much to vent right then, and she knew he did too. I'll just wait for Division 4 to sprint past... then I'll know the fight's over. Would it come to that?