RP Rules

These are the rules of the site. Please read them very carefully as in the breaking of these rules can result in cancellation of membership or banning.

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RP Rules

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1. NO ONELINING!!! BS's definition of onelining: Onelining is not only when a person replies or posts a RP post that is one to three lines long, but also when that post is littered with spelling errors, poor sentence structure and pretty much is it unreadable and hurts those who know how to properly write. A post less than 200 words is often considered onelining. So please, RP in paragraphs. I mean seriously, how hard is it to write in paragraphs? What are you guys, usually 13? Secret Word: Wars. Teenagers should know how to write in complete sentences and paragraphs so please exercise that ability here. Oneliners will receive one warning and the next time they oneline again, they are gone from the site.

2. The onelining rule above also pertains to bios. Bios must be done in detail. Power Description, Excels at and Weakness must all be done in sentences. Personality and History should be a lot longer that the previously mentioned three. All attacks need description and attacks pertaining to zanpakutos need names. There is never too much detail, unless the bio is filled with senseless crap that is repeated over and over.

3. All characters must abide by the RP Guidelines, meaning all characters must be properly made in accordance to these guidelines or they will not be approved.

4. For time limits in dealing with techniques, keep in mind that all posts here are considered to be 20 seconds long. When you do times for the time limits, keep that in mind and don't have horribly long time limits unless it makes sense for the technique. If I feel it is too long, I will tell you, but when you are making your bio, just keep the 20 second post length in mind.

5. For information concerning how to play one of the characters from the show and other such rules pertaining to that can be found in the Claimable Character section upon the site and then under the Canon Characters. Be sure to read it carefully and keep in mind, if a charrie isn't up on the claimable section, they cannot be claimed. What is up is what there is to claim. Any questions, ask on Lily's Board.

6. There is a set number of characters that a person can claim. Members are only allowed to claim two characters. If they are regularly active and have two other characters (that they made themselves) that are also active, consideration for a third will be taken. Elites are allowed up to four claimable characters and managers have unlimited.

7. Do NOT powergame or godmod. It is NOT tolerated here at ALL. Powergaming is when you RP acting as if your character can't he hurt by anything or anyone. Powergaming also includes your character knowing more than what they really should know. This usually results in the death of your character, a warning and if it is not the first or second offense, the banning of membership. Managers are entitled to strong characters to keep members in line.

8. All training must be placed upon the Training Report board where it will either be approved or disapproved by a manager or elite. All training MUST have word counts and the purpose of the training (ie what the training is for). If it has only one or neither, it will not be read.

9. Members are NOT allowed to kill the characters of others without their permission. People worked hard to make these characters and it would be a shame for them to suddenly get killed just because of some dick on a killing spree. Only MANAGERS have the right to kill a person's character without permission, but only with reason (ie powergaming or them being an ass) and only elites with permission from the managers can also exercise that ability.