General Rules

These are the rules of the site. Please read them very carefully as in the breaking of these rules can result in cancellation of membership or banning.

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General Rules

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26 Oct 2008, 04:07 #1

1. RESPECT all people and their character. There is no need to be rude to anyone here and there is no need to make rude comments about their characters. If there is a problem, speak to one of the managers or elites privately and we will see if the problem can be resolved.

2. Swearing is allowed, both in character and out of character. If it is out of character, please do NOT cuss out another member. That is very rude.

3. Sexual RPs are allowed with any kind of pairings (ie homosexual). Please make sure that you rate the post with a R if you plan on it being mature or later post mature in your posts that can be seen before the text to warn younger members. Those who don't like it, please do not complain about it.

4. Do NOT control anyone elses character without their permission.

5. NO double characters. Same first names are allowed as long as there is a last name that can tell the difference between them and different pictures. Secret Word: Quincy. Same pictures are allowed, but it is only polite to have different.

6. Do NOT ask for Kat or Lily to make you a banner or ANYTHING grapical. We do NOT take requests. We only do such things for our friends or those we consider worthy of receiving one.

7. If you don't know anything about Bleach... then this might not be a good site. XD No, if you don't know anything about Bleach, we will help you as much as we can, but you better do some leg work as well. We can't hold your hand for there are many other members to deal with as well.

8. You are ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE your site or your favorites sites, but they must be either RPG sites, GFX sites or promoting sites and limited to the General Board. INSTEAD of advertising though, try to affiliate [link] with us.

9. We have no character limit and there is NO travelling rule. What is a traveling rule? A traveling rule is where your character has to physcially leave a RP before joining another one (either by posting a post where the charrie leaves or the post ends). We do not do that here, so you're free to have one charrie in mutlple posts. Despite this, try to be active with all of your characters and don't have them all over the place.

10. You must have a BIO before you RP! You can RP before I approve the bio, but if something needs fixed, you better fix it asap or I will delete all of your posts. Since there are no stats here, it is hard to determine what is too strong or what not. Just remember not to powergame. If you attempt to make your character too strong, I will ask you to tune it down with them.

11. Members may advertise this site on sites that allow it, but are not allowed to offer affiliation, awards or anything else from this site - that is the sole right of the managers. We appreciate the support, but it is our choice who we award and affiliate with.

12. NO STEALING. Seriously, it's just wrong. In case you don't know what stealing is, it's the taking of information from this site without permission. We probably won't give you permission (especially when information such as races and such can easily be found on wikipedia), but seriously. Do your own work, don't take ours.

13. ACTIVITY RULE. When you join, you have a month to put up a bio before your membership is cancelled. If you put up a bio, you have one month before your bio is deleted and your membership cancelled. If you are RPing and are active and suddenly disappear, it's one month before your bios get deleted (and they'll be posted on the Deleted Bios board just in case you come back) and two months from your time of disappear for your membership is cancelled. This is to keep the clutter down. So stay active!

14. ACTIVE E-MAIL REQUIRED! Members are required to have an active e-mail when they register in which I can use to contact them should the need arise. I contact members concerning a post, a problem, a character and activity. If I am unable to contact a member, then I am unable to help them to the fullest and thus will be forced to have to delete them should I hear nothing from them. So please, when you register, make sure you're using an active e-mail that you check regularly. Also make sure you check you junk mail box for messages from the site, as they are sometimes sent there. If you get a new e-mail, please make sure you update it here with your profile. E-mail addresses are kept private if you want. Even I cannot see them. I simply use the site to contact you.

SIDENOTE! This is not a rule, but something I have decided to add. If it gets too serious and people throw too much of a fit about it, I will make it into a rule. Please don't have your names as canon characters from the Bleach show. You may not be able to play that character or someone else may have it and that just makes it confusing for all of us, so try to stay away from canon characters as display names. Thank you! =D

1. No advertising.
2. Be friendly, no insultive comments.
3. If you sign up for the chatbox (as in you don't have an account with chantago yet and are already a member here), do so using your name on the group so we know who the hell you are. If you are already signed up with this particular site under a different name, let me know. I understand how hard it is to change names, so we'll just add a key so members won't get confused.
4. When you're joining the site, though, try joining with the name you have signed up with on the chatbox if it's not too weird.