Very Sad "Be a Manager" Story

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24 Sep 2017, 04:47 #21

Hi Joyce. It's great to hear from Sy Marder's daughter! I'm sure your dad would be proud to know 
that his "baby" is one of the most sought after baseball games in the hobby. I know it's one of 
my most prized possessions.

I sent you an email through the forum regarding an email I received a few years ago from someone 
who says he knew you and your dad very well.

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26 Sep 2017, 01:15 #22

Joyce, I would like to thank you for the greatest game ever, I have played over 10,000 games of BAM.
I have been able to pickup many versions of the except (1968)"67 stats" . I started looking in 1990, after 
my original version was barely readable.  I have been trying to contact Sy many times and even Hank Bauer. 

I sent you a large envelope about 2 weeks ago, with some reprint designs. I think I could help you out, 
contact me at 
If you did not receive my last letter I could send you a follow up. Please look at my replies and reprints, any 
imput would be helpfull. I have considered a website and reprinting the game, with a more understandable format.  
I was hoping to acquire stats from others and incorporate into the remake cards.  Any info from you would be very helpful.....  

I think it was produced from 1967-1971, I went to the BAM night in Baltimore in 69 which came with the Oakland team. 
A friend of mine went and saw your dad in person to acquire the game. I will have much more info for you soon !!  
I wish I had met your dad !   
THANK YOU   BRIAN STARR  201 Hitching Post Drive   Bel Air, MD 21014 

ps..... someone did a youtube video of the game, he used my very old reprints
On the attachment, I realize the stats are wrong on Wine and Lock (doubles) 
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26 Sep 2017, 04:37 #23

Hi there, Joyce, thanks very much for your comments!  We're the moderators of this little Forum 
and we're usually a little quicker on the draw, so our apologies for not having more promptly 
acknowledged your post, but we'll certainly join Kent, Mike, John, and Brian in welcoming you 
on board and in looking forward to any further insights you can provide!  

Over the years this Forum has been on-line, we've featured interviews with several designers 
and inventors of classic tabletop baseball games (they're in our Files subforum).  Your dad was 
always right near the top of the list of guys whom we wanted to interview, but we could never find 
an address for him (postal, e-mail, or otherwise) or really much information at all about him.  So 
anything you could tell us about him, and any specifics you remember about his development of 
Be A Manager, would be of great interest to us and to many members of this Forum!  We hope 
to hear more from you in the near future.  

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13 Oct 2017, 01:41 #24

Hollyzmom wrote: My name is Joyce Olcott, formerly Joyce Marder. My dad, Sy Marder created this game. 
I too wish I could find a version of this game, as he has passed and I have nothing if his. 
It's so wonderful to see people still remember this game, as this was his "baby" ,and 
he put his heart into creating it. He ALWAYS loved baseball- the GREATEST game ever ❤❤ 
Joyce, I can help you out, I have been collecting Be a Manager since 1990. We played this game a kids, 
no other Baseball Game. I have an uncut sheet, Would look very cool framed, from the 69 Washington team 
"Hall of Fame" giveaway. Anything I can help you with................ let me know !!! Thanks 
PS.............. did anyone ever get the additional players............ my teams all have 20 cards
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11 Nov 2017, 22:43 #25

hello Joyce,  I just picked up a version of the 1967 National League.
With box and contents are you interested................
Thank You Brian

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11 Nov 2017, 22:51 #26

I am working on a best of Be A Manager. The original 20 teams
12 pitchers, 15 hitters and a PBC. Just completed the rosters
as soon as I can shorten this 1000 page document to two,
I will post. Sandy Koufax (hall of fame card) also one for Rod Carew.
Less than 10 cards have been altered or changed. (Rettenmund,
Lonborg,Nolan Ryan for California,Catfish Hunter,
Dennis Higgins & Steve Dunning

PS..... cards will change if I obtain 1968 (67stats) cards, cards are based on career or 10 relevant years.
If you think I made a wrong choice on a card..........let me know..........some I had to overvalue because others
are undervalued. (Dave Johnson,Etchebarren<undervalued......>Belanger... overvalued) 71Rettenmund was too good
could not use, Jim Lonborg,Jim Hunter could not use any of the cards I had. A 68(67version) card may change these guys.
Rod Carew card is based on Norm Siebern..... rookie year (ok)...... but Rod became a superstar quickly !!!
Orange means do not exist or have at this time. I will have to do alot of cutting and pasting to make up these teams
I just want to see if there is any interest in reprints (4x6 cards both Pitchers and Batters... 4 per sheet perforated
176 g/m textured white postcards with a plain white backing  (for now)
66-71 NL.JPG66-71 AL bam .JPG
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