SherCo Baseball news from Steve LeShay

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Hiya fellers -- Dr Steven LeShay, inventor of SherCo Baseball (and one of our first game-designer interview guests
[ sherco-baseball-interview-with-dr-steven-leshay-t267.html ], back in 2004)
recently rejoined us here at the new Forum, and also dropped us a line off-list asking us to relay the following...
what's up, Doc?

"Here's some new 'News' that I'd appreciate you sharing with all of your baseball fans and forum followers:

"Sherco Grand Slam Baseball Game is coming back in a pdf and hard copy format. We've licensed
with Brien Martin (aka Hotstove Games) with ASG as our distributor.

"Here are three links already up and running that should interest your membership and tell you what's planned
as we bring back 'vintage' Sherco and many new and exciting stadia, player ratings, rules variants, as well as
more dice combinations for the statistical purists:

"Thanks for your interest.
Best wishes,
Steve LeShay
Sherco GrandSlam Baseball Game inventor"