Scolded and banned for helping with a game

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July 26th, 2017, 4:42 pm #1

Hiya fellers! This one goes under the "non-baseball tabletop sports games" heading for this subforum.
First off, if anyone here knows the title and/or publisher of the horse-racing boardgame shown below,
chime in! That's what we were actually trying to help with, and thereby hangs a tale...

Your front-office moderators get a shade frustrated from time to time with the lack of traffic in here
(our thanks, though, as always, to everyone who posts anywhere in the Forum for the unfailingly worthy
and interesting comments, questions, and contributions of news and information you provide) -- so once
in a while we go looking for other on-line Forums where folks might be discussing antique boardgames,
sports-themed or otherwise (there's practically nothing out there).

The other day, though, we found a website offering questions and possible answers for every subject
under the sun, including a small section on boardgames. Maybe we could help out with something!
The photo above was posted by someone over two years ago, but their simple question -- "Does anyone
know the name of the board game in the picture below please?" -- still hadn't gotten much of anything
approaching a correct answer. Perhaps we should have added that the game mechanic, as someone else
had already ventured, is indeed very similar to that of the long-running Minoru, which in fact dates
back to at least 1910 (Minoru himself began his racing career in 1908), but we wanted to keep things short
and get to the point in our initial post as guests there.

Things went like this:

Not sure you can read that even if you click on it for a blow-up, but the upshot was that some moderator
schmuck named "Ken Herbert" decided we weren't worthy to provide anything less than a complete and
definitive answer and chided us for posting what we still think was some helpful little bit of information.
Two more friendly moderator entities there likewise agreed to delete the info we'd provided. Knowing
exactly how this would turn out, we nonetheless added another comment: "Gosh Ken, thanks for that
warm welcome and making us ashamed of trying to help."

Sure enough, the whole exchange was deleted by this morning. Because, y'know, the whole idea there
is to provide information, and we were clearly guilty of providing... er... some information.

Oddly enough, we just found the whole exchange visible on-line again at ... ace-horses
-- although we see it highlighted in pink, with lots of links to "why your post was deleted" (none of them
applied), so maybe only we can see it at all, because although we can't post there anymore, we're still
signed in.

Anyway, in our opinion, a very curious and discouraging way to run an inquiry forum. We hope this Forum
comes across as a little bit more welcoming!