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I received a Cadaco Ellis All Star baseball game when I was young and growing up in Chicago. Every year I would go to the Cadaco Ellis factory and buy the new set of players for a dollar. I wore out several boards and finally stored them away. During my collection years, I probably had several hundred disks. Recently I found three games stored in my attic. There was a 1968 and 1971 game in decent condition. I also found a dual dated 1942-3 game. The cover showed some wear but the internal parts were intact and it appears that all of the original players for the year have never been used. I also found about 150 players from later years but mostly pre 1965. Some years ago I gave several hundred to a collector from Milwaukee. I am wondering if the 1942-3 game is collectible and if so, how to proceed.

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Hello Valve, welcome to the Forum and thanks for your comments and questions!  
All-Star Baseball is still played by thousands of avid gamers (many of whom have 
devised dozens of optional innovations to the game), and sought by hundreds of 
avid collectors as well.  

Prices paid for vintage editions vary widely, depending on condition, completeness, 
and which year's edition it is.  The wartime and late-1940s editions usually command 
good money, but several much later editions are also in high demand, and all editions 
are certainly collectible and will find a buyer.  Some disc sets alone, without the rest 
of the game, are in collector demand as well.  

We'd recommend you watch completed sales on eBay for a few weeks to get a general 
sense of what sort of prices your editions of ASB are fetching (again, bear in mind that 
a specific year's edition can hold more interest than another, often older, edition) -- 
and we'd definitely recommend that you sign up at the Cadaco ASB Forum, which 
you can find via our own Cadaco / Ethan Allen / ASB page here:  
or by going straight to their forum here: ... lGame/info  

Very nice guys over there, they'll have loads of information and advice for ya.  
Any additional questions, don't hesitate to come back here and ask!