Batter Up - M.C.P.B. Co. - 1930s Baseball Board Game

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November 4th, 2017, 4:53 pm #1

Hello Everyone,
I've finally gotten the chance to explore more into this vintage baseball board game 
my family has had stored away for quite awhile.  
I was amazed to find out recently that this little piece was made back in the 1930s.  

My two main objectives were to find out more of the history of this game and a quote of 
how much it could be worth.  After figuring out the era that it was from, I thought to myself 
that the game would be worth a high price, but after searching online it doesn't seem like it would be.  

I'd more so like see if any collectors out there would be interested in this item because 
my family and I have no idea who it had belonged to and it really has been, as you 
could say, "collecting dust" over time.  

I'd appreciate some feedback and I'd be glad to pass this little game on to anyone 
who would love to add it to their collection.  

- Nick 
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November 5th, 2017, 4:36 pm #2

Welcome to our forum.

I checked my file and have little on the game other than I picked one up years ago 
in pretty good condition for around 40 bucks.

IMO, the one you have shown here that you're trying to sell on eBay with an opening bid 
of $150 is just too high IMO.  And almost 17 bucks shipping for a small game like that 
is a deal breaker for any prospective game hobbyist IMO.

The one you've posted here is in fair condition with paper loss.  I most likely tried to find 
more info on the game besides our "list" - as you've stated the 30s is all I have.

I don't sell on eBay, so I have no advice other than what I stated. 
Best of luck with your sale. 

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November 6th, 2017, 6:23 pm #3

Hi Nick, welcome to the Forum!  Thanks for your inquiry and for following up 
on your off-list e-mail.  

Mike got to you first, but his assessment is pretty much the same as ours -- 
we didn't know you had it up on eBay, but unless you find a naive sucker to 
take the bait, $150. is way too high an asking price.  Or maybe you already 
found one -- we're not seeing it on the 'Bay, although we're not seeing it in 
"completed listings" there either.  
Anyway, Batter Up (maybe it should be Batter Up / Play Ball -- who's to say 
which side is the front and which the back?) is indeed a scarce game -- yours 
is only the fourth example we've seen in our many years of collecting and 
researching -- but as with most antiques, scarcity doesn't presuppose collector 
demand.  Mike's price was in the middle of those paid for the other examples, 
and those, all in slightly better condition than yours, have averaged around $35. 
in on-line sales.  
Sorry to bring disappointing news, although we would expect better than 
$35. for it now, possibly even way better.  But we think the $150. start price 
is going to put off a lot of potential bidders.  

For what it's worth, we don't know anything about the manufacturer, and we 
can't specify a date of production, but we're fairly confident "M.C.P.B." stands 
for "Michigan City something something" -- "Play Ball," maybe?, in which case 
we should probably re-file it as Play Ball / Batter Up -- and we're not aware of 
any other thing the company ever made.  Our "circa 1930" guess as to its origin 
is based solely on the illustration and the typography.  Going only by that, it 
might have been made anytime between the early 1920s and the mid-1930s.  
We'll add that there is a subtle variation, proving that it had at least a second 
print run -- besides your edition, another edition, otherwise identical, has the 
patent / company credit line at the bottom in a smaller, sans serif font.  

Hope that helps!  Good luck with the sale!