BASEBALL GAMES Update, 2017 September

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BASEBALL GAMES Update, 2017 September

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03 Sep 2017, 18:40 #1

Hiya, fellers! Summer's racing past -- even the Labor Day holiday seems about a week early -- and 
it's time again for that eagerly-awaited fan favourite, the occasional State-of-the-Website-and-Forum 
Address.  Let's get up to speed with a review of recent events here...  

Ah, but first, as always, the traditional greeting and welcome for the newest members of the Forum -- 
let's extend a friendly hello and how-d'ya-do to these entities who had the good sense and good taste 
to sign on here in July and August:  rayvan, elbonian, rqueary, jummama, acwmichbrig, Tucknorris420, 
TJ94121, prolexus, cjhoffman34, Nathan765, pachajuanie, sturaphael, jollybolly, and Parksie555.  
We're glad to have all of you on board, and we hope you'll find your time here rewarding! If you haven't 
done so already, please make sure you're familiar with our Forum Policy 
[ ].  
Stick around, introduce yourselves, let us know how you found us (seriously, that's useful information 
for us), and feel free to chime in with any news, questions, or comments you might have! And make sure 
to "subscribe" at any of the forums or individual threads you find of interest, so you'll be notified by e-mail 
in case anything actually ever happens in here.  

The subscription/notification procedure is a little different now, thanks to more idiotic changes wreaked 
upon the Forum by the new hosting service, Tapatalk, which took over hosting duties from our previous 
and far superior hosts, FreeForums, at the start of August.  Heads up, veteran members, because this 
might maybe possibly affect you as well as the new guys -- we're not sure Tapatalk retained "subscribe" 
status when they built the new software platform, so you may need to "resubscribe."  To subscribe to 
any of the Forums and receive notification of the next post, scroll down to the bottom of the subforum 
page, look for the pale grey spanner-and-arrow at the lower left, click on that and check the relevant box.  
To subscribe to any particular topic, open that thread, and find that same pale grey wrench at the upper 
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notification of activity only after you've revisited the Forum, so don't worry about being inundated with 
e-mails every time someone posts anything anywhere.  

We'll take just another moment here for our routine advisory for the newcomers -- you might want to spend 
some time perusing our Baseball Games Archives subforum, in order to gauge the temperature of the room, 
as it were, or pay a visit to our main Baseball Games website [ ].  
The Archive forum has been updated to include every post -- almost 6,000 of 'em -- from the old forum's first 
nearly six years on-line, from March 2004 now through February 2010 (plus the final three months of 2013), 
and we'll be continuing to work on that until we're caught all the way up.  Those posts are organized, for 
the most part, in one-month packages, and the whole archive is searchable from the link in the "Search 
this forum" button at the upper left of any subforum directory (yes, Tapatalk pointlessly changed that 
as well).  We'll point out again that the search function is case-sensitive, so a search for [ baseball ] or 
[ world series ], for instance, will produce entirely different results than a search for [ Base Ball ] or 
[ World's Series ].  Lots of good info in there, as well as plenty of misinformation and guesswork that's 
been corrected or filled in in the seven years from where that leaves off, so take it with a boulder-sized 
grain of salt and post here in the main forum if you have any questions! 

The major story here in August, of course, was Tapatalk's takeover of hosting operations, and so far, 
and without the slightest hope of expecting any better from them, our Forum now looks every bit as ugly 
as we anticipated they'd make it.  For you new guys, there's more on this story in our previous Update 
post, here:  [ baseball-games-update-2017-july-t465.html ], 
and you can see there what this lovely ballpark looked like from autumn 2013 up until a month ago.  
Your front-office crew of nitwit moderators will do what we can to restore appearance and functionality 
(much of the latter also badly devolved by Tapatalk's ineptitude and carelessness), but there's only 
just so much we'll be able to fix, and we're still personally up to our ears in other projects on deadline.  
Right now, moving the Forum to another hosting service (as we did in the fall of 2013, when Yahoo's 
destruction of forum functionality forced us to relocate the whole thing to FreeForums) is not on the 
table, as the many other hosting options we looked at four years ago are just as weak and ugly as 
the Tapatalk platform, and, even if there was a significantly better option out there, transporting all 
the content here to another host is just too overwhelmingly labour-intensive a project.  Stick with us, 
though, and we'll try to make this Forum as user-friendly again as it was on FreeForums.  

If you're having problems with the Forum more dire and fundamental than that -- trouble signing in, 
posting, navigating, whatever -- we have a post pinned near the top of the Forum directory, here:  
[ problems-signing-in-reading-posting-read-this-t477.html ], 
so check that out, if you can, then check back with us with an e-mail to Butch7999(at) 
if the notes in that post don't solve the problem.   

The previous Update also covered the PhotoBucket fiasco, and if that's news to you, again we 
recommend you check out that Update.  The easiest, if still uncomfortable, decision for us here 
was to go with Flickr, and we've tried to go through every thread in which we've posted in here 
and replace every pic we posted linked from PhotoBucket with the same pic now linked from Flickr 
-- as irritating a task as it was exhausting.  And it's still not only possible but even likely that we 
missed a few, so if you're browsing older threads and see a post by us with that infuriating little 
grey Greed is Good sticker from PhotoBucket instead of the appropriate photo, let us know and 
we'll fix that.  For any of you members who were using PhotoBucket to post pics and presumably 
don't plan to pay them exorbitant money for the privilege, you'll have to help us to fix your pics -- 
first, by uploading your photos to another hosting service, and then sending us the link to each 
photo so we can edit your post(s).  That July Update thread includes a short list of alternatives 
to PhotoBucket and Flickr, and there's more background on the PhotoBucket debacle in this 
thread:  [ photobucket-t460.html ], which also 
contains a link somewhere in the discussion to a comprehensive list of photo-hosting services. 

More important, by far, than any of that is an instance of Real Life intruding on our little playpen, 
and that's addressed here:  
[ awful-news-about-a-valued-member-t482.html ]. 
"1961Yankees" Dave, one of the longest-tenured, most-respected, and most valuable contributors 
to this Forum, is facing a serious medical issue.  We'll check in again in the week ahead with his 
missus, and we'd like to alert her to a raft of well-wishes from the rest of the membership.  So far, 
and this is shamefully embarrassing, three of you guys (full marks and sincere thanks to that trio) 
have bothered to post a good thought.  We know this a slow, quiet board and few of you guys 
post often or at all, but really, all of three good wishes from over 300 members?  Really?  C'mon.  
Speaking of the light, slow traffic in here, your front-office perverts had a vile idea to increase 
the number of eyes in here:  a Page 3 Girl.  Monthly, maybe weekly, we post a shot of some 
delicious cheesecake.  Nothing hardcore, obviously, but something easy on the eyes.  Anyone 
think they'd like that?  Anyone offended by the notion?  Let us know, because we're just at our 
wits' end trying to boost the activity level in here...  

We say again, we always welcome your posts and questions here in the Forum, and your comments 
here on anything at the main site.  And remember, we're always here to try to walk you through any 
difficulties you may be having with the Forum -- any questions or problems you have regarding 
anything at all with Forum functioning (or malfunctioning), please post those in the Test Area subforum.  
And if your problem is that you're completely unable to register, or sign in, or post anything at all, 
just e-mail us at Butch7999(at) . 

That's about it for this update, so let's get some more conversation going on the old games (and 
over in the Baseball Sims subforum, the newer ones too) and sharing some information and bonhomie!  
Whether it's news of your latest acquisition, or a discovery or question about game rules or game 
components or game designers/inventors, or just to say hello, or just to report a technical problem 
with the Forum, give a shout!  
Keep up the chatter, boys!

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Registered users
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04 Sep 2017, 02:02 #2

Hi everyone

Wish you had some positive news on Dave - my prayers maintain.
I also feel bad that you were forced into such an admonishment - tho - IMO - understood.

Would be nice if there were a "core" of collectors who enjoyed talking about their games, pickups, 
disappointments, triumphs etc.

I will be doing some repairs this winter and it'll start with one of my star games - more to come on it.

I looked at my pics from the National, but to be honest, not much to's all cards 
- there just weren't many games to report on this year.

I'm posting on the "front" room right now - we bought this house 20 yrs ago for 155K - not a mansion 
but we've kept it up and the recent updates really make the house look so much better.  It's amazing 
the cheap stuff that the Pulte corporation puts in one of these "track" homes.
My wife is supervising the pics since she says I put way too much up - she wants 2 more on the wall 
with the computer.  More on that later.

So here we are - no games out yet - but a few coin ops - you've seen before - some in Mark's book.
I'm never gonna get a "star" for interior decorating but nothing fit until I put the big stuff in the corners 
instead of flush against the nearby walls.  Genius?  Hardly.  Smart?  Fer sure.

I'm still happy with my pickup from the national - but I do have some serious buyer's regrets 
on the price I paid.  

edit:  Happy Labor Day to everyone!  Since I'm now fully retired - shameless plug - a holiday doesn't pack the punch it used to.

Rick Tucker
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Rick Tucker
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28 Sep 2017, 19:06 #3

What's the direct URL for the Baseball Games Flickr site?


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Registered users
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30 Sep 2017, 23:31 #4

Time for the fellas in the "front office" to give us an update?

Haven't seen much of them?

Hope everything is OK.

Site Admin
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02 Oct 2017, 18:53 #5

Hi Rick, nice to hear from ya -- been quite a while!  
Pardon our delay in responding -- we somehow thought it was Mike you were asking 
for his FlickR address.  
We hadn't planned on giving out the URLs for our FlickR albums -- we've got 
personal photos on there as well for family to access -- but if you need any 
particular photo, just let us know and we'll be happy to post it here for you.  

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Registered users
Joined: 01 Jan 2014, 20:04

02 Oct 2017, 19:04 #6

I had a feeling you guys might've thought it was for me.  But, I don't use FlickR.

Rick Tucker
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Rick Tucker
Registered users
Joined: 01 Jan 2014, 22:45

03 Oct 2017, 00:31 #7

Hey, B, K, and W! I hope all's well with y'all.

Yes, I do go in and out of style. I get very focused and engaged on the game cataloguing front, 
and then move on to my other hobbies and interests (photography, running, and a new pup 
will be arriving in my household in two weeks' time!).

As you may know, I am a member of the Association for Games & Puzzles International (AGPI, 
now at, please update your links page), which was previously known as 
the Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors (AGPC) and was originally founded in 1985 by 
Bruce Whitehill ( as the American Game Collectors Association 
(AGCA). Whew!

I lead AGPI's efforts to maintain a comprehensive database of games online. It is available online 
at It predates most other game database sites as it originated in 1985 
or so. I think in general that the AGPI's Game Catalog is more comprehensive than BoardGameGeek 
for American games before 1940, but hey, we're not into a competition here, we are into recording 
and preserving and disseminating information to the widest possible audience.

The reason I asked for your Flickr URL was not to see personal, family photographs, but to see 
the images of baseball games to assist me in validating and updating game information in the 
AGPI Archives Game Catalog database online.

In the past few years I have been revalidating and updating the AGPI's Game Catalog database 
based on personal observations of games or game images online. Many thousands of games 
have been revalidated or added in doing so.

All the best, and cheers!
 - Rick

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03 Oct 2017, 21:05 #8

Hi Rick, thanks for your comments!  
      We'll update our Links page [ ] 
as soon as we have revisions and additions ready for several other pages on our main site 
as well -- the important thing for now is that a click on our AGPC link still takes one to the 
retitled AGPI site!  
      Hey, we knew, of course, that you weren't trying to get a look at family-&-friends pictures 
(how could you? -- you didn't know they were there).  The thing is, there isn't all that much 
that would be of help to you in our FlickR album -- the only baseball game photos it holds 
are those that appear in our posts here in our Forum or on Net54, a couple dozen at most.  
There's a much more extensive selection of relevant pics at our main Baseball Games site 
[ ], and you're free to copy any of those that might 
be of use (hopefully we'd get some little credit line somewhere in the small print).  The 
repository of images from which our main site draws is, however, password-protected.  
      Again, though, if you're looking for a photo of any particular game or games, just 
name 'em and we'll post those pics here or e-mail 'em to ya.  Bear in mind that about 
99% of those pics weren't shot by us, but were just cribbed from here-there-and-anywhere 
on the interwebs, and they're mostly .jpgs, which might be too low-res for your purposes.  
      We'll say again that your work on the Game Catalogue has been a tremendous help 
to us over the years in our own baseball-games-specific research -- so we'd be delighted 
to provide anything pictorial that we can as a way of saying thanks!   

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Registered users
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04 Nov 2017, 19:44 #9

Just wanting to say Hi.

We haven't had an update?

I'm sensing a strike?  

Site Admin
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06 Nov 2017, 23:40 #10

Haa!  Hiya Mike -- no, a stroke is more likely than a strike among the 
wobbly front-office geezers!  We were hoping to have a big Update post 
ready for the start of the month, but we wanted to have a couple of 
additions to the main site and the Forum Archives on-line first, and, 
sorry, it's just been an extra-super-crazy-hectic week or two that have 
held things up -- that, and some frustrating behind-the-scenes problems 
with the Forum software that we've been trying to get past (hopefully 
that hasn't affected viewing or access for anyone).   

Update, a big new article, some more Archive material, and other 
website updates are on their way in the next week or so, so hang 
in there!  And by the way, your room looks fantastic!  Apologies for 
not having acknowledged and complimented you on it sooner!  

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Registered users
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26 Nov 2017, 05:43 #11

Didn't get a chance to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is well.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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11 Dec 2017, 18:21 #12