BASEBALL GAMES Update, 2017 December

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December 31st, 2017, 3:40 pm #1

Hiya, fellers!  We extend our warm wishes for a Happy New Year to all of ya, and now present you 
with a fresh website-&-forum update, which we haven't provided since Days of Auld Lang Syne.  

We do have some actual news to report, but before we get to that, we'll open the meeting as always 
by welcoming the newest members of the group -- say hello to these sentient beings who exhibited 
their discerning good taste by signing on with us in September, October, and November:  kbgrmpa1, 
New York Gambinos, Hollyzmom, Stvans1957, McBogie, Stikman, Nrpyzik, ertmannj, timpat3, kris1919, 
and BLBlake66.  We recognize at least a couple of yas from the old forum and other boards!   We're 
glad to have all of you on board here, and we hope you'll find your time here rewarding.  If you haven't 
done so already, please make sure you're familiar with our Forum Policy 
[ ].  
Stick around, introduce yourselves, let us know how you found us (seriously, that's useful information 
for us), and feel free to chime in with any news, questions, or comments you might have!  And make sure 
to "subscribe" at any of the forums or individual threads you find of interest, so you'll be notified by e-mail 
in case anything actually ever happens in here.  

We'll take just another moment here for our routine advisory for the newcomers -- you might want to spend 
some time perusing our Baseball Games Archives subforum, in order to gauge the temperature of the room, 
as it were, or pay a visit to our main Baseball Games website [ ].  
The Archive forum has been updated to include every post -- over 6,000 of 'em -- from the old forum's first 
nearly six years on-line, from March 2004 now through June 2010 (plus the final three months of 2013), 
and we'll be continuing to work on that until we're caught all the way up.  Those posts are organized, for 
the most part, in one-month packages, and the whole archive is searchable from the link in the "Search 
this forum" button at the upper left of any subforum directory (yes, Tapatalk pointlessly changed that 
as well).  We'll point out again that the search function is case-sensitive, so a search for [ Big League ] 
or [ playball! ], for instance, will produce entirely different results than a search for [ Big-Leeg ] or 
[ Play Ball ].  Lots of good info in there, as well as plenty of misinformation and guesswork that's been 
corrected or filled in in the seven years from where that leaves off, so take it with a boulder-sized grain 
of salt and post here in the main forum if you have any questions! 

A reminder, too, for veteran members as well as newcomers -- the subscription/notification procedure 
is a little different than it used to be, thanks to the idiotic changes wrought upon the Forum by the new 
hosting service, Tapatalk, which took over hosting duties from our previous and far superior hosts, 
FreeForums, at the start of August.  Heads up, veteran members, because this might maybe possibly 
affect you as well as the new guys -- we're not sure Tapatalk retained "subscribe" status when they built 
the new software platform, so you may need to "resubscribe."  To subscribe to any of the Forums and 
receive notification of the next post, scroll down to the bottom of the subforum page, look for the pale grey 
spanner-and-arrow at the lower left, click on that and check the relevant box.  To subscribe to any particular 
topic, open that thread, and find that same pale grey wrench at the upper left, just below the hideous and 
inappropriately pink banner, and click and check there.  You'll get another notification of activity only after 
you've revisited the Forum, so don't worry about being inundated with e-mails every time someone posts 
anything anywhere.  

Pardon that interruption, but Tapatalk has been a vexing annoyance on an at-least-weekly basis for us 
in the front office -- bad enough they irrevocably destroyed the nice graphic interface FreeForums provided, 
but they can't even leave that alone, unilaterally changing our colour scheme every few days and making 
us waste our time resetting it all over again.  We'll be taking a harder, deeper look at restoring the whole 
look of the place in the weeks ahead, but it's been difficult to make big fixes to graphics and navigation 
in here when we're constantly beset by pointless and ugly little tweaks Tapatalk makes without warning...  
For you new arrivals, there's more on all that in our September Update, a little ways farther down in the 
Forum index...  

All righty, then, on to the news!  We've just completed a major overhaul of every page at the main site, 
adding titbits of new information to most of them, adding and correcting links and whatnot, so if you're 
new here or just haven't looked around in a while, take a fresh gander (perhaps from among the six 
geese a-laying you got for Christmas).  The biggest item is an entirely new article on reproductions, 
fakes, and fantasy pieces occasionally infesting our hobby, which was the subject of rather extensive 
conversation here in the Forum this past fall.  We've also updated the "Big List o' Games" to include 
almost three dozen new entries, added some incisive information and photos, thanks to Kris Sweckard, 
to our McLoughlin essay, added a coda to our Warren Paper Products piece, sharpened some factoids 
in our Jim Prentice / Electric Games Co article, added some further vintage adverts to our section on 
game advertising, and this that and the other thing.  Given the unusually large amount of new material 
uploaded, it's almost inevitable we've botched something somewhere and a photo won't appear or a 
link won't work.  Let us know if you see such a thing and we'll hustle to correct it!  

Right here in the Forum, too, we've added another several months' worth of material from our old 
Yahoo location to the Archive subforum, so that's now complete through June 2010.  Only about 
2,000 posts left to transcribe!  Fun!  

Again, more important, by far, than any of that is an instance of Real Life intruding on our little playpen, 
and that's addressed here:  [ awful-news-about-a-valued-member-t482.html ].  
"1961Yankees" Dave, one of the longest-tenured, most-respected, and most valuable contributors 
to this Forum, continues to battle a serious medical issue.  We've been corresponding with his missus 
while he works through recovery -- she relays her and Dave's thanks for the well-wishes from the 
membership that we've passed along to her, and sends all of us her and Dave's own good wishes for 
the holiday season and the year ahead -- and we'd like to present her and Dave with a raft of good 
wishes from the rest of the membership, especially as this New Year dawns.  So far, and this is 
shamefully embarrassing, about four of you guys (full marks and sincere thanks to that quartet) 
have bothered to post a good thought.  We know this is a slow, quiet board and few of you guys 
post often or at all, but really, all of four good wishes from over 300 members?  Really?  C'mon.  
Doesn't have to be an epic piece of poetry, just a "hang tough" note, eh?  
Speaking of the light, slow traffic in here, your front-office perverts are still toying with their vile idea 
to increase the number of eyes in here:  a Page 3 Girl.  Monthly, maybe weekly, we post a shot of 
some delicious cheesecake.  Nothing hardcore, obviously, but something easy on the eyes.  Anyone 
think they'd like that?  Anyone offended by the notion?  Maybe the photos in our "Fakes and Fantasy 
Pieces" article will generate some reaction and suggest to us how that'd go over.  Let us know, 
because we're just at our wits' end trying to boost the activity level in here...  

We say again, we always welcome your posts and questions here in the Forum, and your comments 
here on anything at the main site.  And remember, we're always here to try to walk you through any 
difficulties you may be having with the Forum -- any questions or problems you have regarding 
anything at all with Forum functioning (or malfunctioning), please post those in the Test Area subforum.  
And if your problem is that you're completely unable to register, or sign in, or post anything at all, 
just e-mail us at Butch7999(at) . 

That's about it for this update, so let's get some more conversation going on the old games (and 
over in the Baseball Sims subforum, the newer ones too, as well as non-baseball sports games) 
and sharing some information and bonhomie!  Whether it's news of your latest acquisition, or a 
discovery or question about game rules or game components or game designers/inventors, or 
just to say hello, or just to report a technical problem with the Forum, give a shout!  
Keep up the chatter, boys!

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January 2nd, 2018, 6:20 pm #2

Thanx for the update guys.
Happy New Year!

I haven't looked at any of our links in some time - will be spending some time - I remember spending some time at the Jim Prentice page a long time back.

On posting something "interesting?"
Here's Rachael the "Rip Girl" - a smart biz guy with a shop puts "live rips" streaming on youtube to bring attention to his shop - and he used Rachael for some time to "draw" attention.

Not sure how that would work here?
I'm a glass half full type guy and would like to try anything to get people to drop by and talk about games.

Thanx again for the update.  

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April 12th, 2018, 12:33 pm #3

Hello to the gentlemen in the "front office:"

Time for an update?  👍

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April 16th, 2018, 3:05 pm #4

Unquestionably, Mike, even though we don't much coming in the way of news.  
But probably the end of the month we should have a new update here.  
Featuring our first Page 3 Girl!  (Butch has dragged things out in selecting 
our inaugural Miss Baseball Games with what he says is "extended judging.")