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merci Jonathan !

Joined: June 6th, 2018, 8:37 pm

June 7th, 2018, 9:07 pm #1

Dear Jonathan,
(I hope this good old forum is not dead and burried)

I'm writing from France(1), so please read this aloud with my orrible french accent !

Thank you so much for Bartimeus. And for your very very kind answers on this forum. In fact, I am realy found of the characters(anti manicheens), the story,(realy different from what i'm used to) the humour... BUT I needed the rules and laws of magic in that world to appear logical and clear.

Many questions have been answered(2) to my great happiness. Il love the trilogy much more now ! It refers to good memories from all my life(3).

I still have two questions :

1) When Ptolemy let Bartimaeus freely discover the world, Bart explains that he doesn't feel exhausted and painful by being on Earth because he can go home when he wants to. i.e. in the Other Place (?). So how is it possible for him to come back ?

2) Faquarl doesn't suffer from knives. (inox = mostly iron) Ceramic ones ?

Merci encore, cher Jonathan, d'etre un genie (4)


(1) The country where they DARE to translate Queezle into Couizole. I can hear the translator lauthing alone. Poor Queezle. You loose the power of your name !

(2)The magiciens who seems to do magic by themselves even if they are not suppose to ; how do djinns look like in seventh plane, origin of djinns, questions about essense, Other Place and Kitty's travel...

(3) Aladdin letting the genie free (I was 6), discovering the magic world of HP (I was 12), summoning creatures to kill my brother while playing "Magic the gathering" game (16), english humour with Oscar Wild and Terry Pratchett (20) ... Asimov's Robots triing to misunderstand the orders like deamons do... me, trying to imagine Heavens like a place without time ...

(4) Thank you so much for beeing a genius. But the compliement is better in french.
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