Nice barefoot aquantance, while massaging a client,........! ! !

Howard( 39) barefoot Massage-therapist
Howard( 39) barefoot Massage-therapist

August 15th, 2005, 9:48 am #1

Birmingham, Edgbaston UK Monday, 15. August 2005

Hello guys !

This is the first time I've look into the "Bare Foot and shirtless" website and I've seen the answers that barefootbob2003 and Ken gave.

I'm living still in Birmingham and have my massage-therapy business at home, doing it barefoot and sometimes naked, if the customer wishes to. Yesterday I had such a 44 year old male (44) who is an Irishman, a tall, slim, sunny burnt guy, who travels often in his car between Cumbria, (on the border to Scotland) and England and Birmingham, ( a 4 hour car drive, each way.) He was very well endound (7 inch) and his feet were big and marvelous. I stayed cool, caml and collective, as I aways have been as a profesonal. He, a gay man, was soon tunred on by my ways of his physical ailments, his muscles had to been treated, because of his very stressfull job. After the 90 minutes he felt and was very releaved to be feeling much better after laying there infront of me on my table.

He handed me the £ 50.-- (ca. $$ 90.--) after the massage and said to my estonishement to me: "I like your barefeet very much, I'll come again. " And off he went. This short but extremly sweet comment make me smile inside. I confirmed everything in me with my lifestyle; living barefoot. He said not more during except of the regular sighing and moaning of his relaxation; but those few words; "I like your barefeet very much" were so piercingly carressing to my soul. Just to have had a stranger, a massage- therapy customer, complimenting my feet, naked as they were without having exchanged a word during the treatment, made my week,.!!

I hope I get to massage him again.

Howard (39) barefoot massage-therapist

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Always barefoot ,..........

Howard (39)

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December 12th, 2005, 3:26 am #2

great story. I support businesses whenever I can. Nothing sexier than a guy in barefeet -especially if he's been walking around all day & his soles are a bit dirty - natural & sexy. Live in south florida & plenty of barefoot opportunities here.