Al turned me into a Barefooter!

Barefoot Billy
Barefoot Billy

October 17th, 2004, 6:13 pm #1

First thing Al told me to do was to pull my shoes and socks off so he could get a good look at my bare feet. We were still in his car so he had me swing my legs over the seat so my feet were in his lap. It felt great for him to touch my bare feet and play with my toes. He then got out and took my shoes and socks with him, locking them in the car trunk. It felt strange to be seperated from my shoes, but he was real nice, telling me how much he liked my feet and that he wanted to keep me barefooted as long as he could. This was all new to me..I did'nt go around barefooted much so my feet were really soft and smooth. Such a strange feeling having my shoes and socks taken away from me so I had no choice but to go barefooted. We stopped at a shopping center and got out. I asked if I had to go without my shoes and he said yes I did. Man, was I apprehensive about walking around in public in my bare feet! It felt like everybody was looking at my feet, really like I was on display. Al loved it that I was self-concious about being barefooted, assuring me that this was just the beginning and that he was going to turn me into a 24/7 barefooter!