Nudity in San Fransisco

Nudity in San Fransisco

Boyd Allen
Boyd Allen

December 6th, 2011, 1:36 pm #1

Hey, I've been hearing and reading some news about San Fransisco being a lot more nude friendly, or maybe better said, tolerant.

The biggest issue is making sure you use a sit towel in public.

But one thing I am cautious about, and the same issue is in Vermont, is that just because it is "not illegal" does not make it iron clad legal.

I know the Federal law states that if something is not illegal, then it is legal, but state laws tend to forget that. If something is not written down as legal, then it can still be just as easy to make it illegal.

Even San Fransisco along with Denver Co, has made medicinal marijuana "legal", but it is still illegal as far as the Federal is concerned, but nudity is not illegal to the Federal. So if a Federal agent walks up to a medicinal marijuana using nudist, they do not have to cover up their nudity, even in states where nudity is illegal and marijuana use is. They need to hide the marijuana.

But again, my concern and hope for SF is to make sure they make nudity respectable and not do anything to cause people to regret their lax laws on nudity.

Maybe some of our nudist contacts can check out SF and see how it's going out there that is not on the News?