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Hi all,

I've loved these 3 chapter in the Bible. Have read and thought about them a whole lot over the years. Naturally in my reading I've come across many others writtings and their idea's on this chapter. It appears that many views of life can be supported from these 3 chapters. Cause I've read 100 or 200 or 300 doctrines that find their support there! Oh, many of those views contradict each other. In the last 2 years I've had to downgrade the importance of teaching that is based on these 3 chapters just because so many views can find support there.

The general idea that we all put out is that if this is the way that God created the 1st two members of our race than that is the purpose of all their decendents. This naturally makes a lot of sense and most people are drawn to it as a way to understand the world around us.

Lets contrast some ideas.

God created the world and has a purpose for the world and us. But often people define that purpose very narrowly. Yet God cerated great variety.

God told Adam and Eve they could eat of every fruit in the garden except one. But Eve said they couldn't eat or touch it that one fruit.

God created the man and woman naked without shame. But Adam and Eve were the first to want to cover their bodies.

God gave Adam and Eve a choice in many aspects of their life with just a few guidlines and one specific command. many think that God wants to tell them every little thing they are to do or it will be a sin.

God judged the disobedience to that one command. It has implications on all the human race. But many people want to take those judgements and make all kinds of rules to that everyone suffers the judgements of God.

God created us free. We have a choice. People want to write more and more laws to take away the freedom God gives.

I know these sentences can be made to look stupid and un scrupture with a good agruement. But the longer I fellowship with Jesus the more I beleive this is closer to the heart of God than all the legalists out there. The Pharisees were doing the same thing Eve did in saying we aren't to touch the tree. To say never be nude is to take the fact that some have used nudity wrongly and say therfore all nudity is wrong. Its the American way. I know one of the joys of my youth was to ride in the back of a pickup truck. Today its wrong. Thousands of things that one could enjoy have been taken from us by the law. Its not just the church that likes rules. It all of our society.

I personally find that sad. It appears most people find joy in taking away good things from other people.

I had to get that off my chest today, thanks

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"God created us free. We have a choice."

You're right. He did. He also has given us a huge number of blessings, both material and immaterial, and any and all of those we can choose to use properly, or improperly. Like you said- it's our choice.

A post a little further down mentioned alcohol, and I thought that was pretty interesting, because an ex-coworker and I talked about alcohol today at lunch. We discussed how Jesus turned water into wine. Alot of people don't want to admit that, saying it was just grape-juice or something, but if you read the whole incident, you see where the guests were coming back and commenting on that wine- it was the GOOD stuff.

Now, the question is this- was it right or wrong of Jesus to make that strong wine, knowing that at least a few of the wedding guests would "over-indulge", and become drunk, and thereby sin? Does their misuse of the good gift that Jesus gave- the wine- discount the gift itself? No, apparently not, or Jesus would never have done it.

Like wise, the extremely prevelant misuse of the body by society today does nothing to take away the inherent goodness of that body. It remains as God made it- very good. It's how we use it that becomes good or bad. It's our choice.

As Christians and nudists we have a responsibility to uphold the holy and good nature of our bodies- to represent God justly with our selves. We are the walking, talking incarnation of the Creator. We are the only way that the unsaved get to see God, at least at first. They see Him through a poor reflection- us. We're the ones who give the first impression, and it needs to be the proper one.

I know I've screwed up in this regard, and believe me, it's something I learned very well the FIRST time. I'll try very hard to not make that mistake again. People are watching us, and we need to be aware of that.

Being naked is not wrong. It's not a sin. Our bodies are not indecent. They are however, a gift that we must choose how we are going to use. Right or wrong... which is it?

God Bless