June 27th, 2006, 7:02 am #1

First of all, I'd like to tell Boyd, Metalsmith and those of you who are struggling to find jobs and direction in your life that you are all in my prayers. I can't imagine having a family and having that struggle of keeping up with necessities, let alone frills.

I told you all in a previous post that some things have happened in the past week that I wanted to share. I'm assured of this now, so it's time to share it. I received an email last week asking me if I would consider teaching a music theory course at the college. I really enjoy music theory and replied that I would like to do that. We agreed that I should not teach a class piano in the fall, but this still pushes me to full-time status. While I won't be making as much as if I had "won" the position I interviewed for in the spring semester, I will be making somewhere in the lower 20's, but without benefits. Along with the email came a congratulatory point that they were all pleased with my interview and are excited about working with me as I gain more experience and hopefully in the future be able to be part of the tenure-track faculty. This will change a few things in my private teaching and sectional schedule, but for the better. I'm excited about getting back into theory and I'm looking forward to preparing this summer.

The other thing that happened last week on Wednesday afternoon, was that I lost my summer job. Actually, I called her hand on it, and lost. The lady that I interviewed with had told me that I would start on June 5th. The fine arts academy classes were to start at 2 PM that day and she finally called me at 1:30 to tell me not to come because my paperwork wasn't in order yet. The following Monday (June 12) I called and emailed her several times to no avail. That Tuesday I went to the school and found her, only to be told that the start date was now the 19th, the paperwork was still not all in order, and there was a physcial requirement of lifting 20 lbs., and therefore required a physical. That was news to me. Last Monday, the 19th, and again on Tuesday I tried to contact her to no avail. On Wednesday I finally emailed her, and the campus liaison that works between the campus and the district office. The liaison called me at 4 PM, thanked me for contacting him and said he would make sure my paperwork got through and understood my frustration. At 6 PM, she (the "director") called and told my mother that she was "frantically trying to contact Nancy." I got on the phone and she ripped me a new one to use the vernacular. "How dare you copy the email to the campus liaison, etc."

I might have been able to squeeze my way into working there anyway, but I had been having second and third thoughts about working for this woman anyway. She was giving me the impression of being an idiot. That is certainly one frustration I do not need. Besides, those who know how the past few weeks have gone in trying to contact her to start can't believe that she would react that way and wonder what she expected me to do.

I've got students who want to start lessons again the first of August, band camps to teach at in August, and masterclasses to teach. While the money would have assured me of not depleting my savings, having the time off now will be good.

I am just excited about the teaching gig in the fall. The next time a full-time, tenure-track position opens up, I figure it might have my name on it. It's nice to be needed and wanted.