Christians, Nudity and "Gays"

Christians, Nudity and "Gays"

Jonathan Palmiter
Jonathan Palmiter

September 1st, 2002, 9:54 pm #1

I've been a born again Christian since May 1963. I've enjoyed being nude whenever and wherever possible for as long as I can remember. I got into social nudity for the first time last year when I joined a nudist club in MI.

I'm divorced from an adulterous woman. I have two grown daughters and four grandkids. None of them, unfortunately, are nudists. My older daughter, aged 31, was particularly shocked when I told her I had joined a nudist club.

I've been to Bible college and have a degree in Christian education so I know there is nothing in God's Word that says social nudity is sinful--the sin comes from lustful thoughts. In fact, I believe it is the only way to really and truly worship God as He intended. Everything about us is open and naked before the eyes of God.

I'm a member of another forum that has all kinds of people in it including "gays", some of which even believe that a Christian can be "gay". This is a wicked lifestyle that God condemns in Hiw Word, and I tried to show that fact to no avail. There are some Christians in that forum who have tried to open the eues of these people, but, like me, have gotten no where.

I had a "gay" man who was interested in me a long time ago tell me that he believed that God accepted him the way he is. God loves all sinners and sent His Son to die for them, but He doesn't accept anyone the way they are. He expects change and provides a way through the righteousness of His Son for that change.

I dislike clothes and love being nude. I'm not ashamed of being a Christian or a nudist, although I'm careful who I tell that I'm a nudist because it's not accepted as normal by all Christians, unfortunately. I would love to live in a nudist resort and be able to worship God with other believers without uncomfortable clothing.

God clothed Adam and Eve only because He was sending them out into a cruel, harsh world where they would need protection. However, after He created everything and looked down on it, He said, "It is good." He didn't say anything against Adam and Eve sitting in the garden nude. He declared EVERYTHING to be good. He didn't clothe them because He was offended by their nudity, but He did it for their protection alone.