Bible Study Update

Bible Study Update

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January 12th, 2015, 2:01 pm #1

We had our bible study Sunday, Jan, 11, and it was great! One of our members who have been absent for several months, came and brought a friend. It was good to have a larger number again. One was not able to make it due to sickness. Our new friend (name withheld for now) suggested he knew many more who may be Christians and nudists and I asked him to let them know of our existence here as a group and our intentions to create a strong Christian Nudist presence here. I also invited him to come to our CNC event since he does have his own business and able to create his own hours. He was interested. This is what in-home studies can do. Each person in the group know people we don't know and bring them in, only to find they know people who can come. Each one bring one, and as a result, Christian Naturism will spread if not simply gain stronger ties and support. Soon, in home groups will become nationally recognized among the nudist community and even our local churches. We can soon say "If you kick me out of your church, then you will have to kick out every nudist in this church, including those who support you most"

You do not have to be rich, be powerful, ordained as a pastor or clergy of any kind. In home study groups are as private as you want them to be. Should be safe places. In home study groups only need one person to attend to start. It can be any ones home. Simple, to the point, and brings Christian Nudists together who otherwise feel alone and separated in their beliefs.

Start one today. Call someone and invite them. Then they will bring one. And so forth.

If God called us to this, then it will be done by just starting.
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