AxTrax for Magic Drawing Board 2

AxTrax for Magic Drawing Board 2

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Valentina asked

I just purchased the Drawing Board 2, along with the Birthday Magic AxTrax to perform for my daughter's 9th birthday party. I can't wait until the board arrives. The AxTrax is a great idea...only thing is that I just realized, the one I purchased does not include any script to use the stick out tongue feature :P. Would it be possible to send me another Birthday AxTrax that has a tongue gimmick or ideas, are greatly appreciated?

Valentina Sorry we don't have any AxTrax for the Magic 2 board with tongue at this point. You can always have it "stick out it's tongue" during any of the routines in the gaps where you are talking. It's REALLY funny when you have the character stick out it's tongue when you are not looking. You don't need a sound effect, just have him do it as a visual gag. The crowd goes wild, and by doing it in this fashion you can use any of the standard board AxTrax. Just work out the timing and plan for a big laugh.

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