Manifestation at the main entrance - 10:47 am

Located right at the center of the Dominion, the Governmental Halls house the President and its reigning party. The building was erected hundreds of years ago, before architects learned the practicality of stacking rather than spreading, and thus it covers an impressively large surface, yet is only 3 stories tall. While the exterior's antique look was preserved, the inside is a wonder of modern technology and boasts a top of the line security system.

Manifestation at the main entrance - 10:47 am

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Signs written in big, bold letters were brandished, slogans were shouted over and over like the greatest advertisement pitch this world had ever seen, it was your typical manifestation unfolding at the Governmental Halls. There was nothing special about this one, merely the usual 'Angry citizen vs People in charge', but until it was verified that La Résistance wasn't behind the initiative, a watchful gaze would remain on the men and women marching just outside the Hall's entrance.

Lewis stood there, his back leaning onto his car and arms folded on his chest. He was far enough from the group not to be disturbed, all the way across the street, yet close enough to interfere, should things get out of hand. The man wasn't wearing his police uniform, worn jeans and a black t-shirt taking its place, for today, he was just another civilian. It wasn't clever concealment of his true nature either, he simply wasn't in service and saw fit to spend his day off work keeping an eye on potential trouble-makers. Needless to say, the cop desperately needed to find himself a hobby.

A few curious stares had been thrown his way and fingers pointed in his direction, for he had been standing there for nearly an hour, casting a judgmental glare upon every soul present, but none had dared to approach him about it yet. It was clear by now that he wasn't around to join in with the protesting crowd and some had most likely recognized him as the head of the FSI division. Hopefully his presence alone would discourage stupid behavior, such as resorting to violence in order to get their point across. Said point was still unclear for now, besides the obvious opposition to the new Government's initiative. Offering rewards to turn in rogue Supers had apparently rubbed a few people the wrong way, as did just about anything else involving the enrollment law. Funny thing was, if you abolished said law, even more angry citizens would show up at the Government's doorstep, fearing for the safety of their children and chanting slogans of their own. Such was how society worked, you just couldn't make everyone happy, might as well stick with the majority.

Things had been fairly peaceful so far, the protesters keeping their hands to themselves, but a sudden deployment of security agents just outside the entrance doors promised a little more action than anyone had bargained for. People were angered by the Government's forceful display of authority, even though nothing had been said or done on their part yet, and a few daring souls parted from the group to give the official figures a piece of their mind. All seemed to lead towards a physical confrontation, precisely what Lewis had been hoping would be avoided, and now felt like a good time to interfere. Not as a law enforcer, mind you, but as a concerned civilian. A grouchy, stubborn and set in his ways resident of the Metropolis, no more and no less.