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- Super Villain - Vegas Crew -

Lexis is a Super Villain known as Ace, blessed (or rather cursed, in his opinion) with psychic powers. He draws his strength from the shadows which does takes its toll on his body if abused, bur rarely does he stick around long enough in a fight to test his limits. Proud personal side-kick of Vegas, leader of the Vegas Crew, Lexis is a known figure amongst the Super Hero community, one that has been associated to several heists and other kind of mischief. By day, he works at the First Union Bank, an establishment known to be under villainous control, where he acts as a manager, and quite the lazy one at that. He is also a Résistance sympathizer, something he keeps quiet about. He's not so subtle when it comes to his womanizing habits, though. If you're looking to make some long-term plans with this sexy little devil, or just hoping for a chance encounter with everybody's favorite super jerk, leave a message here!

For more information, have a look at his application.

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