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So we've been chatting it up on the C-Box already but we never really introduced ourselves, so I figured an introduction thread might help us get to know each other better! Given that I started it, allow me to go first...

Hello! My name is Tania, or Lexis in the C-Box. I am the creator and administrator of this little RP board here. I am a 30 years old French Canadian, which means English isn't my first language (but I try hard, yes?). As some of you may have already noticed from the play-by choices and conversations, I'm into wrestling quite a bit, not only as a fan but also part of the business on the Indy scene, being the owner of a small wrestling Federation here in Montreal.

I have a bit of an odd work schedule, working mostly evenings and nights, but I log onto these boards several times a day and tend to lurk at all hours of the day. Perhaps I should have mentioned this by now, but I play Lexis Belmont (Ace) and Lewis Johnson (Cerberus). I plan on making a third character eventually but, for now, these two will suffice.

If you want to know more, well I guess you'll just have to stick around and get to know me better ;)


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