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1. Don't use cheats! That includes all kinds of hacks (aim,wall, etc.), scripts (aim, no recoil, etc.) or any other method, that gives a player advantage - Results to ban for 3 hours for first violation or by admins own judgment.
2. Do not bug and exploit in any harmful way, or intentionaly crash the server! - Results to kick or slay!
3. Don't abuse your right of free speech! We may allow you to say thing like "noob" or "you suck", but don't use thas as an excuse for swearing all the time and being asshole to others! - Results to gag from all communication and if player continue with chat abuse then can be banned for 30 min by admin own judgment!
4. Don't abuse the voice chat - its intended for better communication, not screaming! - Results to gag from voice communication only!
5. Respect the admins if you want them to respect you!
6. Don't kill on purpose your teammates with cars (drivable vehicles) - Results to being slayed!
7. Don't beg for admin/VIP in the chat - there are forum topics with information, so read them!
8. Dont spam or advertise other servers - Results to gag or kick!
9. Offensive language containing ethnicity, nationality, physical appearance, religion or racial background is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED! - Results to gag or kick!
Note: You will not be punished if you say "What's up, my nigga" but if you say something like this"
"Gas all the jews; fuck muslims; Serbian people are cancer; All niggers must die" ( This is just an examples, don't quote me ffs! I'm serious! ), and most importantly if you mean it then you have serious problems...
10. Don't use offensive names or similar to those of current server admins or pretending to be one. Results to kick!
11. Have fun and be respectful to others! - Results to fun!

1. Follow all player rules - breaking any of them means removal of all your VIP rights forever
2. If any player or admin witness any breaking of the rules by VIPs they have to post a proof in the form of screenshot or console chat so action can be taken for removing their VIP rights.

1. By becoming admin you agree to follow strictly all admin rules, enforce them over the players when needed and always watch for players that are breaking any of them.
2. Bann command is ONLY, I REPEAT, ONLY used on people that are proved to be using hack or other cheat method that gives them advantage - maximum to 3 hour. If the same player use the cheat again after his ban, then he can be banned for time period by admins own judgment (not more than a week!).
3. Kick players that are copying admin names or if their names are offensive in HATE SPEACH way.
4. Slap is intended for players that are outside map, hiding from others or slowing the gameflow with similar way, and if they dont respond after 3 slaps, they need to be slayed.
5. Slay if for people that INTENTIONALY are killing teammates with vehicles! If people are apologizing in the chat or clearly they are not guilty for that teamkill, then slaying them is violation of the rules!
6. Gag players from all communication that are swearing, spaming or abusing in any similar way, if player continue with chat abuse then can be banned for 30 min by admin own judgment
7. Gag players from voice chat when they are using it in any other way than a regular voice communication.
8. Never change the map directly or by vote, ONLY EXSEPTION is if the server has crased ( OR IF THE SERVER IS EMPTY ) and the plugin has changed the map and then MORE than half of the players don't approve the map changed by the plugin, then admins can have 2 options:
Option №1: Admin start a vote with maximum amount of maps in it (that would be 4 maps) by his own choise.
Option №2: Admin start a vote for the map, that was before server crash, only in cases that players want it.
9. About swearing - admins must follow the same terms as normal player, but must act more professional also ADMINS NEVER SWEARS AT EACH OTHER IN CHAT!
10. Any concerns that you're having about the server or its players must be addressed and discussed
in rational way in the proper forum topics.
11. Revive plugin is only used for runing test of new maps, not for reviving other players.

Violating any of the listed rules will lead to removal of your position as server representative. (Server Admin)

Maverick as Server Owner reserves the right to amend these rules any time and without notice, and it is your responsibility to review these rules for any changes.
Maverick as Server Owner reserves the right to remove any admin or vip rights by his own judgment without previous notice or give the mentioned to anyone of his choise.
Maverick as Server Owner reserves the right to stay neutral and let the current online admins to deal with enforcing the rules, while he is playing on the server.
Maverick as Server Owner is taking full responsibility to keep the server in good technical conditions and fun place to play.

LAST UPDATE 23.02.2017