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Just a simple guide to using this forum:

1. We talk about writing here. This can be fiction, non-fiction, biographical, poetry, lyrics, whatever. Of course, we also talk about other stuff too. But please keep things in their right areas - talk about music in the music section, showcase your work in the showcase section.
2. Please respect others. There will be no trolling or flame wars here, that's just rude. And we as writers are better than that!
3. Please respect other people's work. If you can't say something constructive that they can use to better their work, you might as well not reply.
4. Please participate where you can. You'll get maximum enjoyment if you contribute wherever you can, if you have something to contribute. Pointless response that contribute nothing but "um... I have nothing to contribute" are, well, pointless. Avoid that if you can. If you really want the post count, go to the fun and games section.
5. Age restriction: At the moment, we are having a poll to decide what the minimum age, and thus the content one can post here, will be. We have at least two members who would like to post mature material, and so far as I can tell, no objections. At the moment, it seems fine to make it a 15+ forum.


- Bug someone if they tell you to leave them alone.
- Post repeatedly in the wrong area. If you do, you are likely to be banned for a period depending on how severely you offend.

And above all, join in and have some fun!

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