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15 Oct 2017, 14:29 #21

Why is anyone surprised? Where have you been these past 3 years? Hoping for another kick 6? Listening to Gus and his "I like where we are" line? Different year, SOS. The season is over in my eyes. All you homers keep filling the stadium and mainly, keep those checks to Tigers Unlimited coming. Lots of lawyers and overpaid high school coaches on the payroll.

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15 Oct 2017, 15:08 #22

Very disappointing.  I quit watching pro football because of the Atlanta Falcons.  I'm getting close to that with the tigers.  But, on the other hand, it's nice to see my university getting back to serious academics like it was when I graduated instead of football, football. Buwahhaha!! 

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15 Oct 2017, 15:42 #23

We became very easy to defend in the second half.
Put 7 in the box to stop KJ because for some reason we don’t know there’s an edge to exploit.
Then drop the DBs to 25 yds off the ball and wait til our recurs get out there then jog with them for another 15 yds and wait for Stidham to throw into double and triple coverage.
Then on our sidelines Gus and Chip are to f’n stupid to pick up on that. Great second half adjustments.
On the defensive side of the ball just when you thoughts we had turned the corner we still can’t hold anybody under 3rd and 99 yds from converting on us.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a better result.
I think that is Gus’s mantra

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15 Oct 2017, 16:54 #24

This old saying is never more true: "Losing by a lot is a problem  with your team.  Losing close games is a problem with your coach." 

Charles has been saying it for years and we all saw it again yesterday.  We come out and look great and everything works in the beginning.  But REAL coaches, with talented players, see what we're doing and adjust.  Suddenly, the running lanes close.  For some reason, the receivers that were running free are now covered like the defense has fifteen men on the field. 

As for us we continue to do the same thing play after play hoping the clock runs out.

Oh. By the way.  Let's look at the defense for a minute.  LSU started three freshmen offensive linemen yesterday.  Their qb is pedestrian, at best.  They pushed our vaunted defense around for three quarters.

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15 Oct 2017, 21:46 #25

1983AUGrad wrote: Maybe we are NOT throwing across the middle and to the TE so the opponents DON'T get to prepare for that.

AND, Auburn has people breaking down film just like Alabama.  you can see it when they recognize a particular set with certain players.  We did it vs Ol miss this weekend.  the LB went crazy after seeing a set, motioned where he thought it was going.  It turned out it went the other way....

This is why I don't understand people getting onto Gus because he has only a few different sets. (he has more now).  If you can run multiple plays from the same lineup, that is then an advantage to the offense.
So You don't understand WHY!! PEOPLE ARE GETTING ON GUS!!!!    Let me clear it up for you...

Malzahn is 0 for 7 in Baton Rouge, Athens and Tuscaloosa. Malzahn is 2-3 against LSU, losing two of the last three. He's 1-3 against Georgia and 1-3 against Alabama, losing the last three to each. He's 0-2 against Clemson and 0-3 in bowl games against Power-5 opponents Florida State, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

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16 Oct 2017, 17:01 #26

Well said augolfnut.  The results speak for them self. Gus has got to go.  The only question is when. Gus was successful when he had two quarterbacks that could run and throw.  In my humble opinion, our present qb is not that talented as a runner.  Right now, it appears to me we put too much pressure on Johnson to win our games.  It's like the coaches don't know what to do-so they put him in the wildcat and let him make the decision. They used him so much in the first half, he should have been wore out in the latter part of the game.  Well anyway, that's the opinion of a football layman who is frustrated with the present situation.