My Asian Wife

My Asian Wife


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Let me introduce to you my wife, Kathy. She is a very attractive Asian woman who is 35 years old. She is 5'4" tall and weights 104 pounds. She works out four or five times a week and is great shape. Her facial complexion is clear and has a slim waist. Like many
Asian people, she achieved top grades through college and is very bright and warm. We have had a very active, although, conservative sex life. I love her dearly.

I don't know why I do it but I really enjoy reading these sex stories. On nights when we do not make love you can find me on the internet reading these stories or buying those magazines with stories in them. My particular favorite is the ones about the wife
who has sex with men other than her husband. Of course I would never have told my wife about these fantasies. It is a given that this is a taboo subject and maybe that is why they are so appealing.

Anyway, about six months ago I could not find any good new stories on the net so I did some general web surfing. I came across a site about how to seduce women. I was not looking to have an affair with anyone, but, I did find myself reading the material intently. That night I fell asleep thinking about how much fun it would be to
seduce my wife.

The next day when Kathy and I were drinking our coffee before leaving for work, I told her about the article and about how much fun it might be if I used the techniques to seduce her. She told me that it might be fun but that I do not need to do that because she
is already in love with me. Well, I told her it would be no fun if she already acted as she was in love with me. Then I asked her if she would meet me after work somewhere and I can pretend to ask her for a date or pick her up. She was sort of surprised but she said
that she would do it. Later in the day she called me at work and said that the more she thought about it the more excited she was getting. Since we were both dressed in our work clothes, I suggested that we meet after work at a nearby upscale bar. All I
could think of the rest of the day was my wife sitting on a bar stool and taking advances by other men.

As it turned out, I arrived at the bar at about a half hour early. The bar was not crowded so I ordered a drink. I noticed an extremely attractive brunette who was probably only 21 years old sitting at one of the tables alone. I guess I was staring at her too obviously when a couple of guys standing next to me made the comment that she is quite some tail. I replied saying that she will not be sitting there alone for too long. Sure enough within five minutes a handsomely dressed guy introduced himself to her and they quickly seemed to be in an intimate conversation. I told the two guys that the next time I see a beautiful woman sitting alone I was going to pick her up myself. The two guys looked at me as I was just bull-shitting.

One of the guys said that the guy who met the woman could have been her boyfriend or husband and anyway I do not look like the type that can pick up a cheap whore. I was insulted and angry.

My immediate comeback was that I bet them $50 that I will pick up the next beautiful woman that comes through that door. Unfortunately they did not take the bet because the next woman that walked through that door was my wife. Although she was in a conservative dress, she looked exotic, sexy and nervous. I did not let her sit very long before I walked over to her and asked her why such a beautiful woman was all alone. She laughed at my idiocy and played along. My name is Tom but I told her my name was Mark. I noticed that the two guys I was talking to earlier as well as several other guys were staring at us, but mostly Kathy. Finally, I asked Kathy if she would like go to my place to see my turtle collection. She said what kind of woman do you take me for. I said a woman who needs sex, bad. She said your right, follow me to my place. Our fake seduction was a success. When we got home and entered the house I attacked her on the living room floor. I remember her moaning louder than normal and actually saying out loud "yes Mark, yes, yes, harder Mark, deeper."

The next morning we just looked at each other and laughed. My wife was in a playful mood and said "Mark, you better make sure we clean up, my husband will be home in a few days and I don't want any evidence that you were here." So I asked her if we would meet again tonight, same time, same place. She whispered in my ear "if you want to get lucky, you better think of some better lines." I whispered back "you better wear something inspiring." Later that day my wife called and said that she went shopping during lunch-time and bought a special outfit. She said that she needed to pick out one more item and that she might be a little late arriving at the bar. I told her that with my new seduction skills she should not be very late. Her reply was that the more comments like that the more difficult she was going to make it for me.

When I entered the bar, whom did I see but those two smart ass guys from the night before. I could not help but walking to them and asking them if they learned anything from the night before. One of the guys said sure, that chick you were with last night was a cheap whore. The other guy said if you can pick up that chick, she has to be extremely desperate. I just smiled and said some guys have it and some guys just have to pull their own dick. I turned and walked away. Well, the rest of the night was uneventful until Kathy showed up. She wore heels, stockings, and a modern dress that began at mid-thigh. The outfit she was wearing made her look as if she was available. This time I barely let her sit down in one of the booths before I walked over and introduced myself as Robert. But she said that she is waiting for Mark. I said sorry, my name is Mark. She
said no, you said your name is Robert. I said come on, my name is Mark or Robert.whatever you like. She said you are bothering me, leave me alone, I am waiting for Mark. I looked to the ceiling and walked back to the bar. She was enjoying this too much. When I got to the bar one of the two annoying guys commented that she must have found out about my two inch dick. The two guys walked over to the booth my wife was in and started to talk to her. I could not hear what they were saying but to my amazement one of them sat next to her and the other across. The place was sort of dark so I could not see everything that was going on but the two guys talked with her for over 45 minutes. During this time I was getting real upset. I was thinking that I should not be worried because my wife will probably just tell them she wants to go home and leave. On the other hand I was thinking that these two guys were not all that bad looking. One was about six feet tall and the other slightly shorter. They appeared to be in good shape and have handsome faces. On the other hand, they were not well dressed and had a lower class vocabulary. I concluded that these guys were so different from me that they were not Kathy's taste, even if she actually had any interest in these guys. Nevertheless, I still started to envision these guys making love to Kathy, no fucking her, squeezing her tits,
and biting her thighs.

Finally, the guy next to Kathy got up to let her slip out from the table. Kathy walked toward the restroom and then walked quickly for the front door and left. When I walked out the front door Kathy was already in her car and leaving the parking lot. When I arrived home she looked quite disturbed. She asked if I saw what those guys did. I asked what they did and she said that they were sort of flirting at first when all of a sudden the guy put his hand on her leg. She said that she stopped him with her hand but that he would not take no for an answer and started to massage her thigh. She said the guys offered to take her to their house and show her what two men can do. She said that all she could think about was that she is a married woman and that she needs to get out of there. I apologized for talking her into such a dumb game. Surprisingly, she said that
it was not my fault and that she wanted the same thing. She said the main trouble is that she was actually attracted to the guys in a sexual way. I said that I should have known better than to think that there wouldn't be trouble letting my attractive exotic Asian
wife go into a bar alone. When we made love that night, I think both of our minds were on those guys at the bar.

It wasn't until the following weekend before Kathy and I talked about anything sexual. I brought up the subject by saying that since we had so much fun with our previous game, that is, until those two guys showed up, why don't we just talk about our fantasies. We can talk about the fantasies that we would never act out in real life but secretly think about. Kathy appeared to be thinking it over but then she started to unconsciously lick her lips slightly. I grabbed her hand and led her to the couch. I said don't worry, this will be fun. I said that she should go first and tell me her secret fantasies. She said no way, you go first. I said remember don't be mad at me it's only a fantasy. My fantasy is
to see you dress up real sexy and we go out to a real fancy place where about ten bodybuilder types follow us to our hotel room and ravage your body. She looked at me like you dirty rascal. I said all right its your turn. She didn't say anything for about a minute and then slowly said that she has two really dirty fantasies. The first fantasy is that she is tied up and blindfolded and that someone starts to rub all kinds of objects on her body like ice and fruit. The second fantasy is that she is a hooker and is invited to
a party at a rich man's mansion. At the mansion she is led to a room where the rich man's son and his ten friends are already naked. In the room, the young men all force themselves on her. Then the other guests, one-by-one are let in the room for more sex.

I asked her if that was all of her fantasies and she said that is all she is telling me today. So, in a joking way I asked her which one of those fantasies would she like to pretend to have today. Her look was as if she was imagining a scene she might be able to handle. So to cut the ice I just said why don't you dress up in your most revealing and sexy outfit and I'll dress up in my expensive suit. We don't have to do anything for real, of course, we'll just pretend. She seemed to like this idea and said that it will take her about an hour to get ready. While we were dressing Kathy said it was too bad that those guys had to be such jerks last time and ruin all of our fun. Again I said that I couldn't blame them but maybe we could try it somewhere else sometime. We both looked at each other she said that if we go to one of the high class hotels downtown, we probably would not meet up with guys like that. I winked at her and said downtown it is. I put on my good suit and Kathy wore her black shoes, black stockings, short black mini- dress with the low back and we were getting excited. I asked her what the scenario will be tonight. She said how about it if I'm a high priced call girl and you're my date. I smiled and said lets go.

When we got to the hotel we decided to take off our rings and walk in separately. I was to meet her at the bar and go from there. I walked into the bar and it was relatively small. There were only about six men with expensive suits sitting around drinking a cocktail. A few were talking and a few were reading something. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Soon, in walked Kathy. As she walked she was teasing me and anyone looking by slowly swaggering her hips in a very provocative way. She sat two seats over from me at the bar. She set her small purse down on the bar, turned toward me, smiled and then winked. My heart was going at about 200 beats a minute.

Although I was getting excited, I was surprised at the reaction of the bartender. It appears that one of the staff people from the front desk followed Kathy and was standing at the doorway to the bar looking at her. The bartender went over to her and I could see him facing away from the guests and whispering something to her. Kathy straightened up and shook her head. The bartender gave her a look of disbelief and went to serve another customer. Kathy looked at me and in one long motion took a deep breath, smiled and motioned for me to come over. I could tell that the bartender was keeping one eye on Kathy and one eye on the guests. I could not quite figure out what was going on so I said to myself what the hell lets get started. I got out of my chair and walked over to her.

I said in a rather frank and slightly loud tone, you must be Monique, the agency said you would be beautiful and you are. The bartender heard that because I could sense that he turned around and was looking at us. Kathy shock her head slightly and leaned into
me and said to stop and that we need to talk. She told me that the bartender thinks that she really is a call girl and that if she wants to work this hotel that she needs to make some arrangements with Casey, the hotel security man. She said that she told the bartender that she was not a call girl but the bartender didn't believe her.

I asked her if she was afraid and wanted to leave, but she said that this is actually exciting. I asked her if she could imagine how much money she would make if she were truly a call girl in a place like this. Then to get her even more excited I began to talk about how this is her big party and all of these guys are the rich men. The hotel staff are the kids. While I was talking, I grabbed each of her two thighs and spread them apart as far as the dress would allow and said that there will be one guy on each side of you holding each one of your legs. Another man will hold your arms and the rest will take turns pushing their big cocks straight up into your pussy. She was starting to actually pant slightly when I was tapped on my right shoulder by a huge guy about 6'5" tall and well over 220 pounds. He said excuse me sir, my name is Casey and I am head of the security of this hotel. I need to talk with your companion for a minute, would you please excuse us. Without waiting for an answer he grabbed Kathy's arm and pulled her toward the doors leading into what appeared to be the kitchen. I was sort of worried and was getting out of my chair when two men with hotel uniforms stepped in front of me. They said excuse me sir but Mr. Casey needs to talk with the woman for a few minutes, we would appreciate it if you sit down until they are finished.

In about ten minutes Kathy came back and the two guys who were blocking me left. Kathy said that no matter what she told Casey, he would not believe that she was not a call girl. He said that the bartender told him about the part about the agency and that is all he needs to know. She said Casey told her that she owes him $150 and for that price he will let her use one of the hotel rooms for a couple of hours. I looked at her and said that for $150 she can enjoy at least a part of her fantasy as a call girl. We will just pretend that I'm one of the Johns and she can pass him the money. I said wait here, I'm going to the cash machine at the bank around the corner and will be back in about ten minutes. While I was gone Casey again approached Kathy and asked what's going on with her John? He said, remember, if she wants to work at the hotel she owes him $150 per visit plus a fuck every week. Kathy looking him straight in the eye just nodded her head slowly. Casey looked around and not seeing me grabbed Kathy's arm and said I can't wait any longer, were going to have our little initiation right now andif your John does come back he can just wait his turn. Kathy looked toward the front door to the bar but with the yank of her arm she just went along with Casey.

Kathy and Casey walked quickly through the back doors and through a hallway to a service elevator. Casey, with a wicked smile, said ok you little whore we are going to take you to the penthouse suite where we will make you feel right at home. Kathy, in a submissive tone, said we have to be quick because Mark, I mean Tom, I mean my John is coming. Casey said yeah, yeah your John is coming as soon as I'm done. You really are a whacked out whore. With that Casey reached for his back pocket, pulled out his transmitter and said to someone, we'll be in Penthouse A, come one and come all.

When I got back to the bar I looked around but could not find Kathy. The bartender motioned for me to come over. He said that my companion was busy taking care of business arrangements with Casey and that it may take some time. He said that I should sit tight and that drinks are on the house.

When Casey and Kathy got to the top floor, there were already two hotel staff members waiting. One was a black man and the other was a hispanic. The black guy whistled and said don't worry sweety were going to give you a night to remember. Kathy was led into the room and straight to the living room. Casey stopped her in the middle of the floor and tried to find the zipper at the back of the dress. Not finding it quick enough he ripped the top part of her dress wide enough for it to fall down along the sides of her body until it
reached her waist. Not satisfied with this he grabbed the two sides of the dress and ripped it apart all of the way. The black man unbuttoned her bra and Casey pulled down her panties. She was now naked with the exception of her black thigh-high hosiery. The men laid her down and Casey with his big face and tongue started to lap up her vagina like a huge dog. The black guy was eager for her to suck his large cock and the hispanic guy was pinching her tits. While Casey was busy tasting my wife, five more hotel staff members arrived. They were getting excited and telling each other how they were going to feed this whore their tools. With my little wife laying on the floor Casey unbuttoned his pants and out sprang his 10 inch dick which he gently positioned in front of Kathy's cunt. When he was sure he found her hole he slammed his dick in. It didn't go in as smoothly as he thought it would and Kathy let out a scream that surprised everyone. Casey said "damn, you are tight for a whore, don't you like dear old Casey?" Kathy didn't say much after that as Casey rapidly slammed his dick into her. Casey was proud of the ability of his hips to move fast and furious for an extended amount of time. Anyways, it was about forty-five minutes before Casey ejaculated on her stomach and allowed the other staff members, which now number about twelve, to have their share of Kathy.

I was waiting about two hours in the bar while the bartender continued to tell me that everything was all right and that they should be back in just a few minutes. Finally the phone at the bar rang. The bartender talked softly with someone and then looked up to
me and said that if I was still interested in the call girl that I should leave $150 with the bartender and go to the top floor of the building, room 1200A. When I reached the room Kathy was sitting against the wall with a blanket around her. With pleading and crying eyes she kept saying I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. By looking at her and her torn clothes on the floor I thought she must have been raped and molested. I asked her if she was all right and told her that I was going to call the police. She grabbed my arm and said,softly, no. She said that she was to blame for this and that she just wants to go home. Kathy appeared to be weak and she could not walk well. I wrapped her in a hotel blanket. As we left the building, no one stopped us. On our way home Kathy said she was sorry again. I asked her what she could you possibly be sorry about. She said she was sorry she had her fantasy without me.

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is this a real story about your wife or just a fantast story, just curious