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Windows 10 is much worse then Windows 7.
The Edge Browser is unremovable in this version of Windows.  
Windows 10 has many other problems including being cripple of features such as user control.
The program runs slow, and there is a login problem in the front password with some user
named ASPNET.   

Windows 10 has disabled too many other features such as safe mode, registry recovery, and 
acts as spyware collecting information about it's users and what they do, which it sends to a "cloud" network.
Windows 10 users are forced to watch new media data streamed in on their start menu wasted
bandwidth with background downloads without the users consent.  Roll back is impossible
when the user system says that the main Administrator account should be deleted when
"net user" command does not work to delete it.  Plus users only get one month
to roll back their software if they are not pleased with it.  Which means there is no
back up if something goes wrong.  

The settings button is easily damaged by problems with the registry and disappears
and stops working if anything goes wrong in the software.  I'm reading snapfiles won't
load here and there.

Having the edge browser and the assistent feature plus the software leaking wifi passwords.
Means Windows 10 has virtually no privacy and will scan computers for pirated software
and other material such as RIAA and MPAA recordings.  

Next time it's computer repair time.  It's good advice to have backed up the hard drive first, 
before making an upgrade.  As it's impossible to produce rescue USB or DVD's
after the computer goes down, nobody has any download links to live USB flash drive
rescue software for Windows. The windows tool for media will not work to produce rescue
flash drives.

Nearly impossible to repair, too many needed features are crippled in the software.  
It seems Microsoft is getting worse and worse at producing software.  Figure
wasted 40 man hours trying to fix my computer.  Nothing seems to work
so forced to just do a clean install.  There is no real way to quickly repair
Microsoft software, and one should never be tempted to believe things
improve with just time.  

It is urged that all avoid this product and not download Windows 10.
The software at this point is nothing but trouble, and does not work well.  
As usual proof that things are not what they seem, it was too good to be true.


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Edge is a security and privacy nightmare, I switched to Chrome pretty quickly.

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Yeah my new computer came with windows 10 and all new computers will require you to run on windows 10... So unix?