Medora Callan
Zombie Hunter
Location Canberra, Australia
Interests Apples. Books. Cheese. Contentment. Cultures. Cute creatures. Deadly creatures. Defenestrations. Demonic apes. Down Under. Dreaming. Eccentricity. The end of the world. End?r?. Enthusiasm. Fooood. The former lives of the currently deceased. Fragrances. The future. Gadgetry. Games. Good listeners. HMAV Bounty. Human rights. Humour. Idleness. Imperialism. Jehanne la Pucelle. Languages. Literary elitism. The Mabinogion. The Napoleonic Wars. Observing strangers in public spaces. Optimism. Pedantry. Penguins. People related by blood or friendship. Phở. Pizza. Poking people. Politics. Pralines. Puns. Queen Elizabeth I. Satire. Shiny things. Ships. The smell of the earth after rain. Soft-bodied oddities. Space exploration. Stick insects. Strawberries. Style. Tea. Tigers. Tintin et Milou. Travel. Troodons. Unintentional chair-dancing. The universe. The use of rhetoric to obscure a lack of content. Warm weather. Whimsy. Zombies. (+)
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