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Xan: I was angry at Shamu a few years ago. Cussed it out in front of little children and old people.
Clanc43: Shamu the ****ing killer whale?
Xan: Hey guys. Just letting you know my main computer (the one I do everything from) has a virus so I may not be on today unless I can fix the damn thing. It keeps restarting without warning and I'm sure it's that fraggin virus.
Alcatraz: If you can't you can't Xan, that's no problem.
Sentar: Don't listen to him, Xan. I hold you personally responsible for not being on. Even an act of God would not get you off the hook.
LilJoeMeatHead: Gawd Xan! A nonstop whirlwind of disappointments.
Clanc43: Seriously Xan, I'm at Fort Bragg on my craptop and I'm on. You know what they say about excuses Sentar?
Sentar: They're like assholes.
clanc43: Yes they are. I already have one, they all stink, and I don?t need yours.
SaulKD: In that case, you're the best damn NCO we've ever had. Truly your leadership skills are inspiring and I one day see you in the HC. And if you believe all that I've got some real estate I'd like to sell you too.
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