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"My friend had told me about this book a week before my 2nd exam (yes I failed it the first time by one point could you believe it?) and it was a great learning tool! It really asked thorough questions and gave detailed explanations to the answers. If you can do good on these mock exams, you will do great on the real test! This guide really makes you utilize your knowledge and skill, other materials I had purchased prior to this were quite vague and uninformative, but this did the trick! Thanks Gang!"
"Good book...
"I just pass the test with 183. The questions are more difficult that the ones that I saw in the test...That is good if you want to be sure that you will pass..."
--Omar Reyes
"Nailed that LEED GA on the first try!
"With this book, plus the 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide' (also by Gang Chen) combined with all the free .PDF downloads printed from the USGBC website, I passed my LEED GA exam on the first attempt! This little book has 2 full mock-exams you can test yourself on throughout your studying to gauge when you are primed & ready to take the exam...Highly recommended."
--Sarah Bartz

"Excellent Guide, Tougher than the Actual Exam!
"I found this and the supplemental 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide' to be extraordinarily helpful. I read both books and glanced at a couple online documents, but otherwise I relied purely on this books and passed with flying colors. I scored about a 65% on both of these mock exams the day before I took the exam and scored about a 91% on the actual thing. I was more than prepared for the LEED Green Associate Exam and couldn't be happier. I'll take a pass any day! Also, I think that these exams, while not flawless, help you on your way to become a LEED AP with Specialty, helping make sure you know MORE than is needed on this first, easier part of the exam. I would definitely recommend this and the accompanying guide, especially if you're on a tight schedule (I budgeted two weeks over the Thanksgiving holiday and found it to be a pretty good time table). Good luck and think Green!"
--Austin Curtiss Rice
"Such a great tool"I passed the exam at the first attempt. These mock exams helped me to learn how to tackle the problems and which areas I should focus on! I worked with another book of the author also. It took 2-3 weeks for my preparation."
"Great news, I passed!!!
"LEED GA Mock Exams' is a great book for assessing progress in your efforts to study and pass the LEED Green Associate Exam. Not only is it a method of testing and self assessment, but it is also an educational tool. Personally I found that using 'LEED GA Mock Exams' helped in my passing the LEED Green Associate Exam on the first attempt because it tested me on the portions of the exam that seemed more obscure and slightly harder than others. The book doubles as an educational medium because of the answer explanations. There isn't simply a list of correct answers in the back of the book. However, there are deep rooted explanations accompanying the correct answer choice. As an educator and business professional I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking to take and pass the LEED GA exam on the first attempt. I found using this book in conjunction with other study materials was what afforded me the ability of passing the LEED GA exam. Good luck in passing your LEED GA exam and buy this book!"
--Luke Ferland        

"Preparing for LEED GA Exam    "This book provides several key points that I think will be crucial in my preparation for taking the LEED Green Associate Exam in the next month. Like many similar test prep guides, Mr. Chen cites the resources that will be useful to study. But he goes beyond this and differentiates which ones must memorize and those you must be at least familiar with. In this way, he is trying to give you the tools to streamline your study efforts for the best results. He is very aware that most individuals looking to take this exam are already working a 40 hour week and he wants you to invest your time wisely and efficiently.

Throughout this book Mr. Chen stresses that the primary keys to success are 1) to study in such a way that builds your confidence and 2) to time the taking of the exam so that this knowledge is still present in your consciousness. I am looking forward to also reading his 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide.'"

"Review of Gang Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams
"Studying for any LEED exam is an arduous task. Chen's 'LEED GA Mock Exams' is a good study aid in helping you prepare for the LEED GA exam. The questions are designed to test your understanding of the principles; and the answers found at the end of the section provide further explanation so you can better grasp the principle. This is a great way to reinforce your memory. Read 'LEED GA Mock Exams' before you start studying other resource materials. It will serve to bring your attention to the information that you are most likely to be asked on the exam as you come across it in your studying.

I also found the information and links to other resources very helpful. It is a comprehensive list of "must read" information for anyone studying for the LEED exams. Chen has done the research and review to provide the ones that will be most useful.

I found his 'LEED GA Mock Exams' easy to read and use and recommend it to anyone preparing for the LEED GA exam."     
--Mike Kwon           

"Helpful Practice Exams     
"I am in the process of studying for the LEED GA exam and have been finding overall that there is a confusing array of study guides and suggestions from USGBC. This brought me to look for other study outlets and I was glad to find this book. It is very clear and easy to use. The book is written in a succinct and easy to digest form and has clarified some confusing points. The book contains two full practice exams. The answer key has detailed explanations for each correct point. The book also includes frequently asked questions, and appendixes with useful additional resources. There is also an index which makes it very easy to look up particular issues. I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for practice exams for the LEED GA test."
--Green Danny        

"LEED as a language          
"LEED is a language, a new way of 'speaking' (and thinking) about our relationship to our world in general and our buildings in particular. This new language, as with all things new, presents challenges to the established order - in my case the order of my professional practice.    

Gang Chen's new book, 'LEED GA Mock Exams' is proving itself to be an excellent training tool for me as I learn to master the language of LEED.

A recent NY Times article (Personal Best - the Secrets of Elite Athletes - 18 Oct 2010 made the following observations,  

"Elite runners will examine a course, running it before they race it..."

'LEED GA Mock Exams' is designed to concentrate on increasing the intensity of your study efforts, examine the course, run it before you race it - providing the format and substance for the practice that leads to the experience needed to get this new language right."        
--Howard Patrick (Pat) Barry, AIA NCARB, Barry Associates Architects     

"On the tougher side
"I found these exams to be quite tougher compared to the others I took a look at, which is good as it made me prepare for the worst I would definitely recommend using these mock exams. Also in-depth explanations at the end make your basics quite clear. I ultimately passed with 181 with 3 weeks of study. Best wishes to all."     

"Great Resource!!!!!!           
"This book is a great resource for anyone studying for the LEED GA exam!!!       
Almost as important as learning the material is learning to 'test well.'  Learning to read a test question and think clearly in the testing environment is critically important for passing the LEED GA exam as well as the LEED AP with specialty exams."           

Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (GreenExamEducation.com)