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"A Valuable Book!
"The Green Building Certification Institute's LEED AP BD+C Exam have been developed to identify those professionals who have participated in the design and construction of energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings.         

This book consists of two complete practice examinations that mimic the actual tests used. Then the correct answers to the questions are given and finally there is a short discussion on each question as to why the correct answer is correct.       

This book should not be the first or the only book you use in preparation for the LEED AP BD+C Exam. First you should study the appropriate reference material, a list of which is given in the book. Then the sample exams can identify the areas in which you have trouble.     

I recommend this book to everybody that wants to pass the LEED exam with no worries."
"A Good Book!
"This is a very useful book. It provides general, entertaining, informative, educational and enlightening content about the LEED AP BD&C Exam and green Building LEED Certification. It not only has the LEED AP BD&C Mock Exam, but also has the answers and Explanations for the Mock Exam. Some of the answers have the detailed calculations to make the answers more understandable... "
--Tao Wang

Gang Chen, Author, Architect, LEED AP BD+C (http://GreenExamEducation.com/)
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