Study and pass LEED Green Associate Exam in 10 hours?

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Yes, it is possible. One of my readers study ONLY my book, “LEED Green Associate Exam Guide” for one day IN TOTAL and pass the exam.

See below:

Study and pass the LEED Green Associate Exam in 10 hours! (Very effective study guide!)

I purchased both this study guide (LEED Green Associate Exam Guide) and Mr.Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams book and found them to be excellent tools for preparing for the LEED Green Associate exam. While Mr. Chen's LEED Green Associate Exam Guide is not perfect (in that it's not the most user-friendly presentation of the material), it was very effective in at least presenting most, if not all, of the topics that the exam touched upon. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend my abbreviated strategy for preparing for the exam, the following worked for me: I read through the exam guide a couple of times (but not word for word), took the mock exam and referenced the guide for explanations for any wrong answers, did the same for the two mock exams in Mr.Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams book, flipped through the documents at the bottom of this page that Mr. Chen recommends, and took two other web-based mock exams that I purchased on eBay. Literally after ten hours of preparation time, I took the actual exam and passed with a 189, thanks in large part to Mr. Chen's books. If I decide to take one of the LEED AP exams in the future, I will definitely be picking up more of Mr. Chen's study materials.

— shwee "shwee" (CT, USA)

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