Sacul Astoria
Location Belgium
Species Dimorphic Dwarf-Human
Family Astoria
NS Relationship status Married!
Profile Music mrjStSqu_w4
birthday 13 Jan 1994
Joined April 11th, 2016, 5:49 am
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Arda en' Estel
Senator - 5th term
Vicarius of the Interior - 1st term
Estelian Cardinal of the Hreater Good
United Kingdom]
Secretary of Culture - 3rd term
First Secretary of State - 1st term
Caer Sidi
Member of the Interior Council
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Arda en' Estel
Consul of Culture - 1 term
Consul of the Interior - 2 terms
The Kingdom of Great Britain
Secretary of Culture, Media, and Sport - 11 terms
Deputy Prime Minister - 2 terms
Lord of Parliament - 2 terms
Grand Duke of Italy
Duke of Normandy
Duke of Suffolk
Earl of Pembroke
Marquess of Exeter
Knight Grand Cross of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Privy Councilor
Kingdom of Lerignon
Crown Prince of Mazeria
Earl of Saculium
World Assembly Delegate
Prime Minister
Foreign Secretary
Culture Secretary
Imperial Secretary
Royal Councillor
Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly
Associate Justice
Attorney General
Deputy Chancellor of the University of Mazeria
Doge of Mediterrania
Secretary of Interior & Cultural Affairs
Kingdom of Bulgaria
Prince of Preslav
Minister of Culture
Member of Parliament
Neo Mazeria
Minister of Creativity
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Husband of Jazzy Riket
Father of Thomas, Carrot, Gabriel, and Narcissus Astoria
Son of Edward Windsor
Brother of George Windsor
Grandfather of Willow, Isidora, Qonon, and Iyerusalim Astoria
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