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Forum rules
Bumping Reminders Bumping refers to when someone wishing to keep a thread on this first page (or bring an old thread back to it) will post a reply to it.

You may bump your topic [b]every 24 hours [/b] only with a valid update - however, if a reply is made by another member (including other staff and administrators on your forum), this waiting period is waived and you may respond again.

[b]Acceptable updates include: [/b] substantial landmarks, new themes, staff promotions, structural changes to the board, host movements, board-wide contests and other updates that will affect the entire memberbase. Replies such as 'bump', 'join please', stats updates (members/posts) and other minor changes are [b]not acceptable [/b].

We will regularly monitor directory submissions, and any topics found to be abusing this rule (including encouraging staff and members of the forum in question to post useless replies to bump the topic) will receive a public warning regarding the rule. If the warning is ignored, the submission will be [b]flagged [/b] and closed for [b]7 days [/b]. If once it has been re-opened, the topic is still bumped repeatedly without valid information, the topic will be trashed, and a new submission cannot be made for [b]14 days [/b]. Repeat offences may lead to lengthier exclusion periods.

[small] [b]Note: [/b] Elite Members are permitted to bump every 12 hours. [/small]
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