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Madonna Product Mistaken for Sex Toy

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Madonna’s face roller mistaken for sex toy as singer sells $200 contouring product

by Mel Evans
Wednesday 10 Oct 2018

Queen Madonna has blessed us all with her so-called secret to flawless skin – however, it’s come off looking more like a sex toy.

The punters have spoken and they’re rather perplexed by 60-year-old Madge’s facial roller, heavily advertised on her Instagram this week.

We can see where they’re coming from though – with a black handle and two ridged balls at the end, one can see the phallic comparison everyone is having a giggle about. And it doesn’t help her eyes roll back in her head when she uses it…just saying.

The product isn’t the cheapest, coming in at $200 (£152) as part of her luxury MDNA SKIN beauty brand, so while we’re sure it works a dream it’s one expensive pseudo sex toy.

That hasn’t stopped the comments from rolling in, though, after she released a tongue-in-cheek (well, at least we think it is) video of her showing us how it’s done.

One said: ‘I love Madonna, but are we all just going to not talk about how this thing looks like a vibrater?’

Another added: ‘Yep my mind went straight to the gutter w that picture. [sic]’

One simply said: ‘Jesus that thing looks like a sex toy.’

She’s not simply rubbing balls on her face though, as the website describes the product – created by dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank – as harnessing Ultra-Infrared Energy and pure, high-density carbon. Which sounds scary, tbh.

But anything with wizzbang terms like ‘infrared’ and ‘carbon’ has to be useful.

The balls, sorry, spheres, are designed in such a manner to ‘hug every curve’ of your face as you go to town with all their carbon-y goodness to deliver contouring and ‘tension relief’. (This thing writes itself, seriously…)

Speaking about how she uses it in her personal routine, Madonna said:
‘I take the beauty roller and is start my rolling it along my jawline, starting at the chin and moving up towards the ear, upward and outwards.