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Katy Perry

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January 22nd, 2011, 8:42 pm #1

I decided to give Katy Perry her own thread.

Perry has previous mentions in our "Other Celebrities You Find Annoying" thread (actually it's called "Who Else Nauseates You?") thread.

Quote by Super Amanda from the Perry MBC thread:
  • She can't really sing but the sincerity is there whereas in naff stuff like Firework it sounds like banshees in a microwave
Speaking of the Fireworks video/song:

I was channel surfing in the wee hours of the morning, and I saw the last half of the "Fireworks" video.

From what little I heard of the song and saw of the video, I didn't like either one.

I'm not a Perry hater (though I have found some of her previous comments/ videos annoying, troubling, or hypocritical), so when I say I don't like her new song of video, it's not a knee-jerk reaction out of a strong anti-Perry bias.

(I did like one previous Perry song. I think the song was called 'Hot and Cold'? That had a catchy melody.)

If I understand the song ("Fireworks") right, it seems to be one of those anthems that tell people 'don't let other people get you down, you're fine the way you are,' etc.

That's a nice message, but the music was not catchy and the lyrics were dorky, IMO.

At one point in the song, Perry tries to rhyme the words "Boom boom boom" with the words "Moon moon moon." :rolleyes2:

In the video, there are a lot of shots of sparks flying out of people's chests. My reaction to that was 'What in the...?' :wth:

There's a shot in Perry's video of two homosexual guys about to kiss, but the camera breaks away just as they do, then pans back as they break it off.

Regardless of how a person feels about homosexuality, I think it's kind of... cheap to include that in a video.

It comes across like pandering & an ode to political correctness:

"Hmm, I'm a pop singer, so I'm expected to defend homosexuality or be pro homosexuality. So if I have a shot in my music video of two homosexuals kissing (but then don't actually show them kissing, as that might offend), I'll seem hip, trendy, and sympathetic to homosexuals."

I mean, if this were 1961, instead of having homosexuals kissing in her video, she'd likely have a black guy kissing a black girl, but since Martin Luther King Jr.- Civil Rights-ish type stuff isn't the latest, hippest social justice trend these days, pop stars (including Perry) don't go down that avenue.

I thought Perry looked pretty in the video, I liked her hair and lip stick.

The song itself was, IMO, awful.

Perry sort of 'screeched' some of the lyrics.

There were things she "sang" in the song that weren't really words, just vowels strung together, like,
"AaaaaaAAAAA, eeeee EEEEEeeee OooooOOOooo..."
Super Amanda wrote:@Flea and all: I think Katy Perry will go back to the fundamentalist community because at some point her secular career will end.

Her scary, Manson marriage will be a disaster and once she has a kid, hopefully her the good aspects of whatever values she was taught will convince her to get away from such a scummy life and such trashy antics.

I'm not fan but I did he[a]r some of her Christian stuff and it is the best stuff she's ever done.

She can't really sing but the sincerity is there whereas in naff stuff like Firework it sounds like banshees in a microwave
My gut feeling (and I could turn out to be totally wrong) is that Perry will at some point in the future feel ashamed for what she's doing now and may either stop secular pop (or tone down the trashy aspects of it). It might take a few years for her to get to this point.

Some people who are brought up in strong Christian families rebel at some stage, or they feel like they're "missing out," so they go out and violate the very principles they were raised to respect.

Once Perry realizes how hollow, trashy, and empty the secular pop star life is, she might turn back to her faith.

As for Perry's marriage to the stand-up comic guy (I think he's an atheist?), the Scriptures say in the New Testament that God forbids Christians from marrying non Christians (2 Corinthians 6:14, and there are other passages like that).

Assuming Perry is an actual (albeit an apparently 'back-slidden' Christian), she will regret having married a non-believer, because her non-believer husband will never accept, practice, understand or appreciate her Christianity and its values.

Unless her husband converts, I see a divorce as being highly likely. That, plus show biz marriages are notorious for failing.

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January 23rd, 2011, 11:18 pm #2

I agree with everything, Flea, especially that last part about Katy possibly going back to being a proper Christian. Even now she gets bothered when celebrities are blasphemous about Christianity (I read somewhere recently about how she was annoyed by something some other singer did, but I don't remember the details). Her criticism of Lady GaGa's "Alejandro" video is a good example.

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January 25th, 2011, 12:34 am #3

I think that freedom of speech and the freedom to judge and critique religion is way too sophisticated for Katy Perry to get-even from a pro-Christian level. I have devout Christian friends who could constructively criticize Lady Gaga without being reactionary or coming off jealous. They would not waste their time on madonna as there is no attempt at a critique just an attempt to get press. Still, that does not mean she won't go back to her roots and be a better person (and better singer hopefully) ultimately.
Madonna has not had ONE original moment in her entire career. She's stolen from over 70 different people blatantly.


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January 28th, 2011, 6:24 am #4

I just know that Super Amanda will be first in line to buy tickets and sit in the front row!

Katy Perry California Dreams World Tour To Rival Lady Gaga, Pink
  • Perry's tour includes an initial UK leg in the spring and will also return later in the year for a second stint.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry revealed that she had been inspired to put on an elaborate show after watching Pink's recent Circus tour.

    The singer, who has aligned herself with the same director as Pink, said: “Touring is no longer an ordinary thing where you play an instrument in jeans and a T-shirt.

    “It has some pizazz these days, and I'm definitely bringing the pizazz with a lot of bells and whistles. The show has a Broadway feel to it.

    “It's got a storyline that's going to be very interesting, kind of loosely based on my life, but a cartoon version."

    As well as an impressive visual spectacle, Perry said that show would also smell like cotton candy.

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February 7th, 2011, 5:41 am #5

Katy Perry's recent Rolling Stone cover was Photoshopped. I'll post links about that in the "Photoshopped" thread.
:wth: Why does she think we care or that we want to know?-
Katy Perry: I don't have sex just once a week

Is MTV pushing a Katy Perry and Robyn pre-tour feud?

Katy Perry is inadvertantly dissed by tour support act Robyn
  • By Anthony Lund on 06/02/2011

    The Swedish singer avoids answering the question of whether she is a fan of Perry's music.

    If you’re going to support a world famous singer on their world tour, then you would be expected to at least have a n opinion on their music. Well, unless you’re Robyn.

    The Swedish pop star is the support act for Katie Perry’s California Dreams tour in the summer, but when asked if she was a fan of Perry’s work, she decided to sidestep the question rather than give an answer. A bit of a fail there.

    Speaking in an interview with Time Out New York, Robyn replied to the question with “You know what? I have to go now.” Well done on bigging up the main act.

    Katy Perry’s 41 show tour begins in Atlanta on the 7th June, and as well as Robyn feature’s support from Marina and The Diamonds.

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February 14th, 2011, 8:31 pm #6

Grammys: The best, worst and most puzzling performances from last night's Grammys
  • By Allison Stewart

    ...Last night's Grammys were weird.

    Click Track has sorted through the best, worst and most head-scratching performances from last night. We can't get to them all, which means we won't be able to tackle crucial existential questions like: "Does Muse really need to exist?" so the yolk's on us. No? Too soon?

    Anyway, let's get to it:

    The head-scratchers

    Katy Perry

    How did a girl in a princess dress sitting forlornly on a swing become the latest awards show cliche? Did anyone else find the projection of her should-have-stayed-private wedding footage tacky? Still, the fact that she can't dance is oddly endearing. The fact that she can't sing, less so.
This is the caption they placed under the photo of Katy Perry on their page:
  • Katy Perry: She can't dance and she can't sing. (Mark Ralston/AFP Getty Images)

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February 21st, 2011, 9:22 pm #7

Katy Perry Slams Britney Spears' Video?
  • Posted on Feb 21st 2011 9:34AM
    by Tina Benitez-Eves

    Katy Perry is not a fan of artists' blatant product placements, which she expressed following the release of Britney Spears' most recent 'Hold It Against Me' video.

    In the video, Spears holds her own perfume, Radiance, and also plugs cosmetics company Make Up Forevet, the online dating site, Plenty of Fish and Sony.

    Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds, first tweeted "What is consensus on product placement in videos? As a fan, do you prefer product placement if it means bigger buget vid?"

    Perry responded to Diamandis, saying "Do it w/style & grace...Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don't care tho, & u can tell."

    Product placement is nothing new in videos, but most of the time, the artists rarely see a dime. Advertising in music grew eight percent in 2009 over the previous year, according to research from PQ Media, while paid product placement declined by 2.8 percent.

    Most recently, Lady Gaga had multiple product placements in her 'Telephone' video (featuring Beyonce), plugging multiple products, including Wonder Bread, Diet Coke, Virgin Mobile, Miracle Whip, Polaroid and Spears fave, Gaga manager Troy Carter said that some spots were paid but most were not, in an interview with Advertising Age last year.

    Artists plugging products may never go away, but chances are we won't see Perry plugging her Purr fragrance in a video any time soon.

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April 1st, 2011, 5:49 pm #8

Based upon one or two screen caps I've seen of Perry's "ET" music video, she appears to me to be hopping on the Lady Gaga band wagon, what with the weird hair style/ make up/ strange things glued to her head/face.

Gaga is certainly not the first pop singer to dress weird, but since she's had the lion's share of the media's attention the last couple of years, maybe Perry thinks if she dressed weird for a video she'll get some attention too?

I just found this headline, coincidentally:
Katy Perry Accused Of Copying Lady Gaga
  • The 25-year-old singer appears in her latest hit 'ET' as an extraterrestrial, drawing comparisons to Gaga's 'Born This Way' video on twitter.

    In her latest offering, the 'Firework' singer is depicted floating in space and is wearing heavy makeup to make her skin look blue and her features alien-like.

    Fans of the 'Poker Face' star have taken to the micro-blogging website to complain that Katy's new look is too similar to Gaga's own recent sci-fi style, which includes prosthetics to make her face look robotic.

    JessShuu wrote: "Katy Perry's music video for ET is too Lady Gaga for my taste. Only Lady Gaga can pull off Lady Gaga."

    Meanwhile, LilohNOStitch said: "Katy perry is turning into lady gaga . i HATE the ET video. [sic]'

    Even one of Katy's fans danielisbored agreed, posting: "I love Katy Perry more than Gaga but her ET video is very Gaga-ish. Unlike."
Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Video Look Inspired By Jellyfish, Stylist Says -'I just wanted [Katy] to look really odd ... but still fashionable," Carol Beadle tells MTV News.
  • Katy Perry leaves Candyfornia for outer space in her latest video, "E.T." The otherworldly clip follows an alien woman played by the Teenage Dream singer as she falls to a planet to find her lost extraterrestrial lover. While fans are used to seeing Perry in dresses made from cupcakes and cotton candy, this time around she sports flowing gowns, metal body armor and lots of intricate makeup.

    Stylist Carol Beadle, who worked with director Floria Sigismondi on the style for the video, explained to MTV News that she wanted to take things to a more "avant-garde" level in the clip. "I just wanted [Katy] to look really odd, unreal if we could, but still fashionable," she said.

    "I was looking at jellyfishes and amoebas; those words were constantly used and we wanted it to look like a flash of an amoeba and then it coming to life," Beadle explained about the video's fashion inspiration. "It's like falling to the sky and the amoeba brought in the color palette and I wanted to hit it with a bit of color, so that it would pop. But to make it look 2011, it has to have a context and a reference point."
Katy Perry's 'ET' - A Space Oddity

Katy Perry Fans Tell Calvin Harris To 'Kill Himself'
  • The producer/DJ got a backlash from Katy Perry fans after earlier this week (March 29) he cancelled his support slot on her UK tour.

    Calvin Harris wrote the message over Twitter: ''WTF are Katy Perry fans telling me to kill myself on Twitter for? Seriously. I'm a producer making music. Leave me alone please thanks... The internet is a really depressing place sometimes."

    On Tuesday (March 29) Harris tried to apologies for his last minute decision:"I am really sorry Katy Perry I'm just upset because I really wanted to play but ur (sic) team made it impossible. We tried really hard to sort it out, but playing side of stage for 30 mins, it seemed pointless me even being there. Didn't intend to cause offence or upset anybody."

    Meanwhile, Russell Brand has revealed that wife Katy Perry helped him swap sex for gardening.
Harris Apologises For Perry Rant
  • Scottish Dj Calvin Harris has apologised to Katy Perry for publicly criticising the pop star over his cancelled support slot on her U.K. tour, insisting he was "upset" and "didn't intend to cause offence".

    The Girls hitmaker was due to open for the singer at her concerts in Ireland and Britain, but Harris dropped out just hours before the first show kicked off in Dublin on Monday night (28Mar11).

    The cancellation sparked a bitter war of words between the pair which played out on, with Harris claiming he pulled out of his slot because he was unhappy with the "s**t" production and Perry hitting back by responding, "It's fine, I'm used to you cancelling on me, it's become ur (sic) staple!"

    The DJ has now apologised to Perry for his harsh words and for airing his opinions in such a public forum, writing in a series of posts, "I am really sorry Katy Perry I'm just upset because I really wanted to play but ur (sic) team made it impossible. We tried really hard to sort it out, but playing side of stage for 30 mins, it seemed pointless me even being there. Didn't intend to cause offence or upset anybody."

    And Harris revealed he wasn't impressed by the reaction of Perry's fans, who lambasted the DJ for falling out with the pop star.

    He adds, "Wtf (what the f**k) are Katy Perry fans telling me to kill myself on Twitter for? Seriously. I'm a producer making music. Leave me alone please thanks... The internet is a really depressing place sometimes.

    "The whole KP (Katy Perry) stuff shd (should) never have been on Twitter, I was trying 2 (sic) handle it pro (professionally) behind the scenes but I won't let myself get ripped (criticised) like that."
Katy Perry scores fifth US number one
  • Katy Perry has scored her fifth number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with 'E.T.'.

    The track, which sold 254,000 downloads last week, also becomes her fourth consecutive number one hit - a feat last seen from Usher's 2004 Confessions album.

    "I am so thrilled that 'E.T.' has landed at No. 1," Perry told Billboard. "I want to thank all the fans who contributed to this amazing feat and radio, which has been an essential part of my continued existence. I truly appreciate all the support of my creative twists and turns."
Why Katy Perry's E.T. is Bad for Girls [VIDEO]
  • Anyone who’s seen me on stage in the last few months knows that I am amassing a half-hour special’s worth of stand-up material on everything that’s wrong with Katy Perry. Before I get a rash of criticism from her fans, let me say this: Katy Perry is beautiful and she has a great voice. She does. It’s just too bad she’s using it to sing such terrible lyrics.

    Song after song, Perry dispenses poor advice to her young listeners – and like any pop star, many of her listeners are tweens and teens. As I noted in my Joke of the Week for Time Out New York, “I hate the way Katy Perry oversimplifies things. In Firework she says, ‘After a hurricane comes a rainbow.’ Actually, Katy, sometimes after a hurricane comes an oil spill.” The optimistic message that life can turn on a dime in your favor, though inaccurate, isn’t harmful. It’s just humorous.

    But the lyrics to her latest release, “E.T.,” should make any mother’s antennae perk up. First of all, your described lover is not an alien, Katy. It sounds like you’re in love with a sociopath. (Take it from one who knows.) Secondly, the last thing impressionable girls need to be listening to is a song that advocates being abducted and probed in lyrics by Kanye West, whose “Monster” video is filled with female corpses hanging from nooses.

    Here’s a look at the video with the lyrics below. Am I overreacting? Tell me what you think. One of the reasons Katy Perry strikes such a chord with me is because her bubble gum pop is so easy to swallow, the horrible messages in these lyrics are taken like candy – something kids eat without even thinking. West’s last verse is particularly troublesome, (Imma disrobe you/Then Imma probe you/See I abducted you/So I tell you what to do) especially in the wake of all the sexual assault cases against children that we’ve covered in the last few weeks.

    [snip video]

    [Katy Perry ET song lyrics]:

    Kanye West:

    I got a dirty mind I got filthy ways
    I’m tryna bathe my eyes in your milky way
    I’m a legend I’m irreverent I’ll be reverend
    I’ll be so far up
    We don’t give a f***
    Welcome to the danger zone
    Step into the fantasy
    You are not invited to the other side of sanity
    They callin’ me an alien a big headed astronaut
    Maybe it’s because yo boy Yeezy get a** a lot

    Katy Perry:

    You’re so hypnotizing
    Could you be the devil
    Could you be an angel
    Your touch magnetizing
    Feels like I am floating
    Leaves my body glowing

    They say be afraid
    You’re not like the others
    Futuristic lover
    Different DNA
    They don’t understand you

    You’re from a whole other world
    A different dimension
    You open my eyes
    And I’m ready to go
    Lead me into the light

    Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
    Infect me with your love and
    Fill me with your poison

    Take me, ta-ta-take me
    Wanna be a victim
    Ready for abduction

    Boy, you’re an alien
    Your touch are foreign
    It’s supernatural

    You’re so supersonic
    Wanna feel your powers
    Stun me with your lasers
    Your kiss is cosmic
    Every move is magic


    Kanye West:

    I know a bar out in mars
    Where they driving spaceships instead of cars
    Cop a Prada space suit about the stars
    Getting stupid ha straight up out the jars
    Pockets on Shrek, rockets on deck
    Tell me whats next? Alien sex.
    Imma disrobe you
    Then Imma probe you
    See I abducted you
    So I tell you what to do


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April 1st, 2011, 10:05 pm #9

You know the lyrics are kind of Lady Gaga-ish too. They remind me of that silly song Gaga did called Future Love. What wth the outer space references and all. I think Katy's just another cog in the machine. I got bored with her after Hot 'N Cold came out.
James 1:13_"When under trial let no one say: "I am being tried by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does He himself try anyone."

Proverbs 13:20_"He that is walking with the wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly."

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April 3rd, 2011, 3:52 am #10

Male Model [Eric Zentner, age 30] That Was in Perry Video Killed in Hit and Run

Male Model Eric Zentner Killed in Hit-and-Run N

Fashion model Eric Zentner killed in CA hit-and-run
  • A man killed in a weekend hit-and-run accident was a successful fashion model.

    Eric Zentner, 30, has modeled for Versace and Louis Vuitton. He also appeared in Katy Perry's music video for "Hot N Cold."

    Early Saturday, Zentner was on his way to visit his mother in the Sacramento area when he ran out of gas near Buellton.

    The California Highway Patrol said he got out, started walking and was hit.

    Authorities found pieces of plastic and light blue paint at the scene believed to belong to a light blue Dodge Caravan.

    Zentner's family is asking the driver to come forward.
More stories about her video allegedly being a Gaga knock off have been published.

Katy Perry's New Video Draws Comparisons To Lady Gaga

Katy Perry accused of copying Lady Gaga

Katy Perry Accused of Copying Lady Gaga
  • Contact Music reports that fans and critics alike have been saying the video bares too close of a resemblance to Lady Gaga’s video for “Born This Way.” Fans are saying that the alien theme has already been done recently and that Perry is simply impersonating Gaga’s style.

    No comments have been released from either singer on the similarities between the two videos.