Cher & Bowie Did it 1st

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(08/15/03 23:14:18)

The 1 not fooled mentioned in the "General Discussion" forum how some individuals give praise to performers such as Madonna for 'reinventing' themselves so often.

I've never understood why Madonna gets the lion's share of coverage and media buzz on this. Cher and David Bowie were changing their looks, hair style, hair color, clothing, etc., long before Madonna came along.

The 1 Not Fooled
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(08/19/03 17:41:21)

Exactly!!! And as far as Cher's concerned, she's the original one-named star. At least she's got genuine talent; she can act, and she obviously had a unique kind of personality because she used to host her show with Sonny Bono. Could you picture Madonna hosting something on weekly prime time television? Of course not!
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(08/21/03 13:37:17)

I'm agreed with you on Cher, and I think Madonna has also studied (and ripped off) David Bowie's act.

For anyone who is interested, one can view David Bowie pics, showing him in all his various changing styles here

Similar content on Cher: ... em=article
--pay special attention to their banner at "Cher world." That shows Cher's changing styles in a nutshell.

I hate to say it, but I do think that some of the major networks *would* allow a show with Madonna as a hostess...

...since she's trying to rework her image into a 'kinder, gentler, June Cleaver-ish' type persona

(but she sometimes contradicts this image, since she has been seen recently in her concert tour wearing t-shirts that say "Mother F*cker" and so on. I think she wants to appear 'innocent' for the advertisers, but at the same time, do a 'rebel' image so her fans will be like 'ooh, ahh, Madonna is still so daring and cool and not a sell out').

I mean, you have companies like the GAP and Estee Lauder actually using her (or her music) for promos!

Assuming she got such a show on NBC, ABC, or CBS, though, the first time she did something R- rated to X- rated (and you know she would), that would probably get her in hot water and her show yanked.

Well, maybe not... hate to sound like a stick in the mud or prude-ish, but since morals have flown out the window in American culture, she might get away with trash on t.v. these days after all.

I'd also say it would be hypocritical of her to accept such a role, since she has made it clear that she does not do t.v. (though that did not stop her from doing Wil and Grace). Maybe she should reword it to say, "I do not appear on t.v. unless my career is in trouble or I need the publicity." :laugh:
The 1 Not Fooled
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(08/25/03 17:39:15)

Especially this photo... It says not to link directly to the photo, so just go to the page and click on db77k1.jpg.
The following takes you right to her copycat picture: - My creative corner, featuring my original works, fan fiction, digital art & music.