My "Annie" prequel -- for Mary and anyone else interested!

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Hey everyone,
Mary asked me to post the "Annie" prequel that I wrote with a friend when I was about 14. It's 76 pages long, so I've just pasted the text here. I haven't re-read it or anything. If you have the patience, enjoy!



Scene 1: The bedroom of the orphanage. The orphans are all lying in bed except for Kate, who is standing by the window. Kate, the second-youngest, is almost 7; the youngest is Molly, age 6; Jenna is the most intelligent, age 8; Tessie, the crybaby, is 9; Annie, the sweet one is 10; Pepper is the meanest, 11; and Duffy is a defender, age 13.

Kate- Its my birthday today. I know it! It would be a great birthday present to get out of this place. It gives me the creeps. Especially when the rats come out at night and their cold little feet-

Pepper- (angrily interrupting) Kate, just get back in bed! Some of us are trying to sleep, you know! Anyway, how would you know when your birthday is?

Kate- I can feel it. It must be today! Today I am seven years old.

Pepper- Oh, just shut up. Youre an orphan like the rest of us. You dont know your birthday any more than the rest of us know when ours are!

Duffy- Kate, shes right. Even I dont know when I was born.

Pepper- (Sarcastically) And if the great Duffy doesnt know when she was born, nobody here does!

Annie- Pepper, thats not nice. Duffy doesnt think shes better than the rest of us!

Molly- And anyway, youre wrong, Pepper. Annie knows when hers is. Its in the note that her parents left with her.

Pepper- Molly, weve heard the note about a hundred times. She was born on October 28, 1922. Well, its 1932 now. Big deal, Molly!

Molly- It is a big deal! Otherwise you wouldnt be arguing!

Pepper- Oh yeah?

Jenna- Aw Pepper, leave her alone! Shes just a little kid! Go back to sleep.

Pepper- Jenna, Mollys not the only little kid here! Look at yourself!

Kate- So what if shes little?

Jenna- I dont care how young I am! So why should you?

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, theyre arguing, and I was almost asleep! Oh my goodness!

Pepper- Cut it out, Tessie! Quit whining all the time!

Tessie- (outraged) Im not! I never whine! (Breaking in to another whine) Oh my goodness!

Duffy- See, Pepper? Youre mean to everyone! You just cant be nice!

Molly- Wheres Annie? Annie? Annie! Where are you?

Annie- (Approaching Mollys bed) Im right here, Molly! Now go back to sleep. Its late! Kate, you too. You can think about your birthday tomorrow.

Duffy- (Groaning) Oh Annie, why did you tell her that? Now she will!

Kate- Annie, do you think it could actually be my birthday? Could it?

Annie- Well, Kate, you never know. (She lies down in her own bed)

Tessie- (Getting up, going to window) Dont worry, Kate. Something always turns up. Sometimes I wonder when my birthday is, too. But I dont know, and theres no way to find out. All we can do is wonder! Go to sleep, okay?

Kate- Okay Tessie. Gnight. (She walks away from the window and lies down on her bed)

Tessie- Poor Kate. I wonder if she feels the same way as I feel.


Will I ever see the world, will I ever?
Will I ever get outside, will I ever?
Will I ever go to school?
Or am I stuck, just my luck
stuck in here, much to fear
Will I ever?
Will I ever not be sad, will I ever?
Will I ever get a mom and dad, will I ever?
Will I ever have a friend?
or will I be, never free
free to go, not say no
Will I ever?
Now I know Ill never get away!
And I wish that I could verify my freedom
Will I ever have a life I enjoy?
Will I ever meet another girl, or boy?
I think that Ill live to accept
what Ill never have and I know
that the truth is
I will never
I will never
Will I ever?
Will I ever?

Scene 2: The office of the orphanage. A man and a woman are standing outside the door of the office.

Miss Pennet- Oh Mr. Tallenall, do you think well find a suitable child! I want one so much! Oh, I do hope there will be the perfect little girl, just waiting to be taken home with her brand new parents. . .us!

Mr. Tallenall- Of course well find one, dear. I just hope the lady of the orphanage wont deprive us of a child just because we arent married . . . yet. And please, call me George! I stopped calling you Miss Pennet and began calling you Daisy when you asked me to, so its only right for you to return the kind gesture and call me George.

Miss Pennet- Okay, George. I have always wanted a little girl. . . or two. To love and cherish. Like my grandmothers silver jewelry. (She sniffs)

Mr. Tallenall- Your grandmothers silver jewelry?

Miss Pennet- Oh, yes! It sounds so- romantic, doesnt it, dear?

Mr. Tallenall- Of course it does. (Thinking) Silver jewelry. . .


(Miss Pennet timidly knocks on the orphanage office door and walks in. Miss Hannigan is sitting in a hideous green rocking chair by her desk.)

Miss Hannigan- Whaddaya want? No solicitors, please. Im not buying anything, and not selling anything either. Go away. Thank you.

Miss Pennet- Wait, wait. Dont tell me. Let me guess. Youre Miss Hannigan? (She pats Miss Hannigan on the nose with her finger, and Miss Hannigan nods dryly) Im here to adopt a child. That is, an orphan. Were here to adopt an orphan. You see, my husband and I were both born and raised in Minnesota, and we came to love each other as teenagers. We decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our life together, but with a child, so-

Miss Hannigan- All right, all right. I dont need a life story. Ill be glad youre taking one of them bratty things off my hands. Thats one less to bother with. Thank God.

Mr. Tallenall- Uh, two.

Miss Hannigan- Two? Two what?

Miss Pennet- Two? Now dear, really. . . Weve talked about this before, and we agreed that-

Mr. Tallenall- (Interrupting) Yes, two would be just jolly. Two lovely orphan girls to love as children of our own. We love children! You see, we cant have any ourselves, so we came to you, to adopt one. (He attempts a fake sniffle)

Miss Hannigan- Oh, I get it. You want to adopt two kids! Why didnt you just say that from the start? Nevermind. Here, wait, Ill send them kids down. (She blows on a whistle hanging around her neck, then covers her ears and groans.)
(One by one, the orphans trudge into the office in age order: Molly, Kate, Jenna, Tessie, Annie, Pepper, Duffy.)

Miss Hannigan- Children, line up. Now! Get in a straight line, and smile! This is. . . Uh, who did you say you were?

Mr. Tallenall- We didnt, but its Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall. . . of Pennet Villa. You know, the house on the hill? Bout four blocks down?

Miss Hannigan- Youre from that house! Jeez! And there I was, thinking you were either really rich, or really poor to be wanting an orphan! No one else would!

Mr. Tallenall- Well, I guess you could say were in between. . .at the moment.

Miss Hannigan- At the moment?

Mr. Tallenall- Yes, at the moment. We have some wonderful plans for the future!

Miss Hannagin- Yeah. Sure. Dont we all? Children, this is Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall of Pennet Villa. Say good morning!

Orphans- (All but Molly) Good morning Miss Pennet, Mr. Tallenall.

Miss Hannigan- (grabbing Mollys arm) Molly! Say good morning! Or Ill feed your supper to the rats!

Molly- (Startled) Oh! I dont want my supper to be fed to the rats! Good morning!

Miss Hannigan- All right, people. Go ahead, make your selection and make it snappy! Which ones do you want to take? The brats, or the other brats?

(Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall walk slowly around the orphans, then come back to where they were standing and talk quietly for a few seconds.)

Miss Pennet- (Signaling to Tessie and Kate) Well take these two little cutie-pies. Kids, youre going to live with us now, sweeties, in the house on that little hill a few blocks south of here. Its lovely there! Now, what are your names, dears?

Tessie- Oh my goodness! You really want us! Oh my goodness! Were gonna be adopted? Oh my goodness! Wow!

Kate- (Solemnly) Im Kate, Im seven- nearly, and this is Tessie. Shes nine, I think. But are you sure you dont want one of the other orphans? Annie? Or Molly? Im sure youd find them much nicer than me and Tessie.

Tessie- Hey! Im nice! And you are too, Kate!

Kate- Well? How bout it?

Miss Hannigan- Kate, stop it! You are chosen, and thats final! These nice people dont want any of the other lousy orphans. They want you.

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodn-

Pepper- (Interrupting) Oh, shut up, Tessie! Just shut your trap!

Molly- She didnt do anything!

Pepper- She started whining again!

Duffy- She cant help it! Just like you cant help being mean!

Pepper- Im not-

Miss Pennet- (Hastily interrupting) Well, wed better go now. Well pick them up later this evening, and- (She notices Mr. Tallenall gazing at Miss Hannigan adoringly.)

Mr. Tallenall- (Rapturously in love with Miss Hannigan) Oh, Miss Hannigan! Well certainly be back. As soon as possible! We couldnt bear being away a second more than we have to! (To the orphans) Tata, duckies!

(The orphans look disgusted as they walk back to their bedroom)

Duffy- (As they leave the room) Quack quack!

Scene 3: The bedroom of the orphanage. The orphans are sitting on their beds.

Jenna- (To Tessie and Kate) Gosh. You lucky ducks!

Pepper- (Nastily) You mean duckies!

Jenna- Why couldnt we have gotten chosen to get out of this prison! We hate it as much as you do!

Duffy- I know why they were picked. Its because they arent so young that theyd be bothersome like Molly, but theyre still young enough to be absolutely adorable. Just too cute for words.

Molly- Hey! Dont you call me bothersome!

Pepper- Molly, you dont even know what it means! Youre too young. Well, I dont even care that I wasnt picked! I dont want to be adopted at all!

Molly- Whod want to adopt you? Most people dont adopt ducks!

Pepper- Ducks? Shut up, Molly! Just shut your mouth! Its not even funny. Ducks!

Annie- (In a warning voice) Pepper, stop. Mollys younger than you! Pick on someone your own size! Mollys the youngest here! She doesnt understand everything!

Molly- I do too! I understand!

Tessie- Oh my goodness! Annie, why are you saying that about poor Molly? Oh my goodness!

Kate- Well, I dont know about you, Tessie, but I dont want to be adopted! Id much rather stay here where Im used to and let the rest of you be adopted!

Jenna- Okay, you guys, settle down! It isnt worth arguing about! We cant change their minds! Theyll be adopted, and thats it. Maybe we can go see them once in a while.

Tessie- Oh my goodness! Were gonna be taken to somebody we dont know and be forced to live with them?

Pepper- What didja think, dumbell! Thats what adopting is!

Jenna- Yeah. Remember Amy? She was here in the orphanage with us for the longest time. Then, all of a sudden, that lady took her away to her home, and weve never seen her since! She was adopted, too. And now itll happen to you guys!

Kate- We cant let them do this to us! Well find a way to get out of here! Ducks can be smart!

Duffy- Kate, Im warning you for the last time- were not ducks!

Kate- But remember what that nice man said when he left? He said, Tata, duckies! And he meant us! Which means were ducks!

Molly- Its just an expression, guys! You dont need to make a big deal about it!

Pepper- Oh yes we do!

Annie- Calm down. Dont change the subject! We were talking about getting Kate and Tessie out of here. If they dont want to be adopted, they wont be! What we gotta think about is how to get them out.

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Do you mean for us to escape? But how could we?

(All the orphans survey the bare room. Their gazes stop at the huge window, and they turn and grin at each other.)

Molly- (Doubtfully) Are you sure itll work?

Jenna- Sure! Why have any doubts? They can go down on the bed sheets!

Molly- The bed sheets?

Pepper- Great, then what will we sleep with! I dont want to be even more miserable tonight for those two brats! Im not giving away my sheet!

Duffy- Oh Pepper! Dont be so selfish! You only think about yourself, never anyone else. Do you think we get pleasure from this dump? We feel the same way you feel!

Tessie- (quietly aside, to Kate) Only not as mean!

(The younger orphans giggle. Pepper looks disgusted.)

Annie- (Slowly, still thinking about escaping) You guys, I think it will work! (The others look confused.) Them escaping, I mean. But weve gotta work fast! Duffy and me will tie the sheets together. You guys watch for Miss Hannigan. Pepper, you dont have to worry about anything because we will bring the sheets back up after we let Kate and Tessie down. Your precious sheets wont be harmed.

Pepper- Great. Theyll still be dirty.

Molly- Shut up! It doesnt matter!

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, Molly said shut up and everyones mad! Oh my goodness. I want to be peaceful, and everyones yelling. Oh my goodness!

Kate- You guys, if anythings going to happen, it needs to happen now. Okay? Now lets get started. We have to get this done, and fast!

(They all rush over to the window except Pepper. Pepper sits on her bed watching everything, looking disgusted. Molly sits on the window sill while Jenna stands by the door, peering out. Tessie and Kate talk worriedly to each other about whether the plan will work or not. Duffy and Annie start tying three bed sheets together. They toss one end of the sheets out of the window. The other end they give to Molly)

Annie- Here Molly, you sit on the end of this!

Molly- Sit on it? What if I let it go?

Duffy- Oh Molly! Dont worry so much! Well be here to make sure you dont! All you have to do is stay in one place.

Jenna- (To Kate and Tessie) Whos going first of you two?

Kate- (Sweetly) Oh my dear, dearest Tessie, you can have the great honor of going down first!

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I couldnt take that honor. Its all right, you can go first, Kate! Oh my goodness!

Kate- Oh, all right! Im goin. See you at the bottom, Tessie!

Pepper- (Aside) If she ever gets there.

Duffy- Kate, be sure to duck your head down in the ivy if you see anyone pass! We dont want you to be seen coming down.

Kate- Quack quack!

Molly- (She clears her throat and speaks very loudly like a radio announcer) And now, the wonderful windowsill act of the great Kate. . .and Messy Tessie!

Tessie- Messy? Molly, Im warning you. . . Oh my goodness! Im not messy, and you know it, Molly.

Molly- It had to rhyme! I didnt mean to make you mad.

Kate- Im goin. Goodbye, all! Dont wait up for me!

(She climbs out the window, holding on to the sheets, and lets herself down.)

Duffy- Okay Tessie, your turn!

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Maybe I should just be adopted after all! I dont like this at all!

Pepper- Oh, Tessie! Are you a scaredy-cat?

Tessie- No, Im not. Anyway, Im going down! Bye guys! Oh my goodness!

(Her voice fades softer as Tessie climbs out the window and down the sheets)

Annie- Well, thats all taken care of now! Everythings just ducky! Lets just hope they get away before Miss Hannigan finds out.

Jenna- How could she? Whos gonna tell? We arent going to let Miss Hannigan know theyre gone, are we?

Molly- Its easy to tell that there are two of us gone, Jenna. Miss Hannigans gonna find out soon, and when she does, boy, is she gonna be mad!


Scene 4: The street outside the orphanage. Kate and Tessie are standing on the sidewalk.

Kate- Well, we both made it in one piece! Thats a relief! I was actually really scared something would happen to us, or that wed get caught!

Tessie- So was I. Oh my goodness! Now that were out, what do we do if Miss Hannigan wants us back?

Kate- Wants us back? Why would she want us? She doesnt like us anymore than we like her!

Tessie- Well yes, but doesnt she get paid for each orphan she is taking care of? The more orphans, the more money! Isnt that true?

Kate- I dont think so, Tessie.

Tessie- But what if she finds us and makes us go back to that terrible place?

Kate- Well see if she does!


Tessie- Goodbye my dear Miss Hannigan!

Kate- We will be gone forever!

Both- And if we ever see you again. . .I shall scream!
We got out!

Tessie- Were out on our own now!

Both- We Got out!

Kate- Ya wont hear us moan now!

Kate- Isnt it nice to be on our own!

Tessie- Yes, but I still wish I could find my real parents! (She glances behind Kate and sees a tall street lady approaching them) Oh my goodness!

Lady- Hey kids! Whatre you doin here?

Kate- We came from the orphanage. That is, out the window! We aint goin back! It was awful there, and were here to stay!

Lady- Dont be too sure about that, kids! Life doesnt always turn out how you plan it. But for the time being, you can stay with us! Who are you?

Tessie- Im Tessie, this is Kate. (She does a spin, then makes a graceful bow) Were the orphan ducks, at your service! Were the two second youngest in the orphanage. Well, we were, before. (Softly) Oh my goodness!

Lady- Ducks, eh? Well, Tessie and Kate. I guess its time to welcome you to life on the streets!


Scene 5: The bedroom of the orphanage. The orphans are rearranging the sheets on their beds and untying the knotted ones.

Annie- Whew! Am I glad they got out! Boy, theyd be in trouble if they got caught somewhere on the way down, or after they got to the street!

Pepper- I wouldnt mind! I dont like them anyway. The less orphans, the more food and blankets for each of us.

Jenna- Come on, Pepper! Were in this together!

Molly- Yeah, you guys, cheer up! Theres always tomorrow.

Annie- Hey, thats what I always say! Molly, what are you doing acting like me?

Molly- I just wanted to see what would happen!

Duffy- Well, it sounds okay when you say it, Annie, but thats pretty funny, coming from the mouth of a five year old!

Molly- Im six!

Pepper- Oh no youre not!

Molly- I am too! I guessed when my birthday was. I already turned six a while ago, and-

Duffy- (interrupting in a teasing voice) The little ducks need an argument, dont they?

Pepper- Dont you call me little! Im eleven years old! Thats not little!

Duffy- Yeah, and I suppose you think you can boss me around! Well, you cant! Im two years older than you, silly duck.

Molly- Im not little either! Six isnt little!

Pepper- Youre five! Dont deny the truth!

Jenna- Stop arguing! Pepper, if Molly wants to decide when her birthday is, let her! Anyhow, Ill bet you guys that three years from now, well be outa here and other orphans will be here taking our place!

Pepper- (Sarcastically) Oh, thatd be just ducky! Dont be too sure, Jenna!

Jenna- No? Wait. Just wait.


(Song starts with Jenna posing, then she hears chord, begins character singing)

JENNA: All I ever wanted was a life of my own
All I ever needed was a home
But no, Im stuck now in this here ruin
so I guess Ill sit and rot
while I take a shot at this pome.

JENNA + DUFFY: One by one well be outa here, YEAH! I tell you
one by one well move on!

PEPPER + ANNIE: So cut out all them worries
With those flutters and such flurries

MOLLY: cuz one by one well be gone!

(Miss Hannigan walks into room and sees orphans having fun, dancing around the room. She looks disgusted, blows whistle, and groans.)

Miss Hannigan- Its feeding time for the wild animals! Hurry up, before the mush gets cold!

Annie- It problys cold already. It always is!

Miss Hannigan- Shut up. And- whats all this dancing? Are you- happy?

Pepper- (In a faked happy mood) Oh Miss Hannigan! You see, we were just so happy that two of us orphans were going to be adopted. We just couldnt restrain ourselves from dancing and singing! Its such wonderful news!

Molly- (Solemnly) Yes, shes right, but now were sorry. Did we bother you?

Miss Hannigan- Dont you always? Now shut up! Line up for your clean hands inspection. That couple is coming by soon to adopt some of you. I want you to have eaten before they come. And, this place will be clean if I have to glue each and every skinny little orphan in this dump to the walls to get them immaculate! Otherwise, Ill turn you all into duck soup!

Orphans- (Groaning) Yes, Miss Hannigan. (They line up in size order)

Miss Hannigan- Hold out your hands as I walk by you. Dont move. Now whaddaya say?

Duffy- I love you Miss Hannigan

Pepper- I. . .uh. . .love. . . you Miss Hannigan

Annie- (Matter-of-factly) Miss Hannigan, did anyone ever tell you that you are duckfooted? That means you walk with your feet turned out, like a duck! (All the orphans laugh)

Miss Hannigan- Annie! Do you know what it feels like to have your face plunged into a bowl of hot mush?

Annie- No Miss Hannigan, how could I? As I said, we never have hot mush. We only have cold mush! You know that!

Miss Hannigan- Youll shut up if you know whats good for you. You want a paddling, dont you?

Annie- (Quickly) No, Miss Hannigan! I love you Miss Hannigan!

Miss Hannigan- Next!

Jenna- I love you Miss Hannigan!

Molly- I love y-

Miss Hannigan- Hey, wait a minute, you! Wheres them other two?

Jenna- (Innocently) What other two?

Miss Hannigan- The two being adopted. You know! The little bratty ones!

Molly- Oh, they aint hanging around here anymore! Theyre gone!

Duffy- Yeah, they left long ago! (sweetly) Say, didnt you notice?

Miss Hannigan- What! Theyre being adopted! Im getting paid for letting them go!

Annie- Well, Miss Hannigan, all I can say is. . . You sure let em go this time!

Pepper- Yep. They aint coming back, ya know! Well, tough luck!

Jenna- (Sidling toward window and looking out) Of course, its possible that you could go find them! Uh, they havent gone far. Ducks cant fly, you know.

Miss Hannigan- What? Ducks! Whats all this about ducks? What are you all talking about?

Duffy- Well, Miss Hannigan, that nice couple whos goin to adopt two of us. . . They think were darling little duckies!

Annie- (Walking slowly to join Jenna at the window) But, dont worry. They could be found! Well. . . Maybe. . .(Looks wistfully out the window and sighs.)

Miss Hannigan- Youre crazy! Out the window?! Call the cops! Police! Police! (She rushes out the door and into her office.)

Scene 6: (As she opens the door to go outside, she collides with her brother, Daniel Francis (Rooster) Hannigan, and his girlfriend.)

Miss Hannigan- Rooster! Is it really you? Im so glad to see you! (She sees Lily) Whats that? Another girlfriend, eh?

Rooster- Naw, this is the same one. Lily Saint Regional.

Miss Hannigan- You mean Saint Regis! Named after the hotel. (Lily nods at her, chewing her gum noisily, and sits on Miss Hannigans desk)

Rooster- Howd you know, sis?

Miss Hannigan- Obviously because youve brought her here and introduced her to me about four times in the past three years!

Rooster- I have not! Have I, Lily?

Lily- (To Rooster) Youd better believe it, sweetie! (She grins, and carefully pulls her gum out of her mouth in a long string and sticks it on some paper sitting on Miss Hannigans desk.)

Miss Hannigan- Hey lady! You cant go around stickin your gum on everything! Those are important papers there! Theyre the adoption papers I made out for. . . Oh my God! I forgot! Kate and Tessie are gone! (Miss Hannigan rushes out the door)

Rooster- Hey wait a sec, sis. Maybe we can help you with this. Now come back in and explain your problems. Five minutes of planning is worth fifteen minutes of searching!

Miss Hannigan- (Coming back in) Shut up. (Relenting) All right, first of all, this morning, a couple came by and asked to adopt two o them orphans. I brought them down to choose which, and the lady chose Tessie, and whats the other one? The one I never notice? Oh, yeah, Kate. So they said theyd come pick up the two of them later. And just now I went up to see how clean they were, so the lady would think this is a good place, and I found Kate and Tessie missing! I just dont know what to do! They went out the window, you see. On a couple of sheets.

Rooster- Dont get so worried, sis. Maybe Lil and I can help you. Now what would you say this couple looked like and what were their names?

Miss Hannigan- Oh, you know. Pretty typical young couple. The lady was short, thin, blonde. Tacky dress. The man was tall and dark. Black suit. He looked like he had just come from a funeral or something! Miss Pennet and Mr.- uh- Bathtowel. (Consults papers) No, it was Tallenall.

Rooster- Listen sis, did the orphans want to be adopted?

Miss Hannigan- Oh yeah, when I went up to see them, they were so happy they said they were dancing out of happiness for Kate and Tessie, the little brats!

Rooster- Good, so they would know this couple if they saw them?

Miss Hannigan- Oh, God yes! Theyd do anything for them!

Rooster- Thats perfect. Now listen to the plan: Lily and I dress up as this young couple. . .

Lily- Wait a minute! I aint going around like some blond! Black hair is much more-- intelligent! (Strokes her long black tresses.)

Rooster- Quiet, Lil. Of course you will. Only until we catch them, anyway. So, we dress up as them, and we go out on the streets looking for the orphans. The orphans like us, you say, so if they see us they will come right to us and well bring them back here so you can get the adoption money! Then, we give you the orphans, you hand them off to another couple, and take the adoption money!

Miss Hannigan- Aw Rooster, its perfect! Youre perfect!

Lily- He knows it, too!

Miss Hannigan- Okay, Im ready for this one!

Rooster- Wait, sis, what do we get for doing this enormous favor for you? Got any extra cash on hand?

Miss Hannigan- Ill give ya a fourth of what I get next paycheck.

Lily- Come on, Rooster. Nows your chance! Get half!

Miss Hannigan- Your only kidding yourself, lady. I wouldnt give up half of my paycheck for the world. Anyway, Im coming with you to find them.

Rooster- Aw Aggie, you cant come!

Miss Hannigan- Why cant I, for Gods sake!

Rooster- The orphans wouldnt come back if they saw you with us! They wouldnt believe that we were this couple.

Lily- Hes right, lady!

Miss Hannigan- True, true. Okay, so you go get a disguise and go searching for them and bring them back here!

Rooster- First, the money!

Miss Hannigan- How do I know youll really bring them back.

Rooster, Lily, Miss Hannigan- SONG- WELL FIND THEM

Miss Hannigan- Okay Rooster, you go, and when you have the two brats Ill pay up. A quarter of my paycheck.

Rooster- Im gone!

Lily- Correction. Were gone! Out the door!

Miss Hannigan- Aw, shut up!

Scene 7: A little ways down the street from the orphanage. Tessie is pacing up and down, Kate is sitting on a bench.

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, whatll we do if were caught!

Kate- Well have to go back, is all. And itll be duck soup! And maybe Miss Hannigan will give us a paddling, but thats all.

Tessie- Thats all? How can you say that, Kate? Her paddlings hurt like the Devil!

Kate- Oh, I know. And worse!

Tessie- Still, Im worried! Maybe shell toss us out onto the streets! Oh my goodness, that would be terrible! Wed be beggars, homeless people!

Kate- Thats better than having adopted parents, like we would otherwise. Anyway, as for throwing us out, she cant. The New York board of orphans wouldnt allow it! Besides, if she did, it would be just like it is now, wouldnt it? Were on the streets, arent we? Were cold and hungry, arent we? We have no place to go, havent we? It would be the same being thrown out of the orphanage as now, only Id be much more ashamed that it happened.

Tessie- Me too. Oh my goodness, would I be ashamed!

Kate- But, anyway, lets not worry about it. If it happens, it happens. Theres nothing we can do.


Tessie- Kate, be quiet! I hear someone coming! Here, lets get down between these bushes.

(Kate and Tessie hide in some bushes, every once in a while peeking their heads out to see what is going on. A tall, round man walks up to the orphanage door and knocks.)

Mr. Allen- (Talking in a singsong voice) Oh Miss Hannigan! Sweet lady! Guess what Ive brought you!

(Miss Hannigan appears at the door, and steps out.)

Miss Hannigan- Oh Mr. Allen, I couldnt possibly guess! Could it be- my paycheck?

Mr. Allen- You got it right on the nose, lady!

Miss Hannigan- (Sarcastically) Well, how could I have guessed? Amazing! Could it be because you always bring my paycheck on the fifth of the month, every month? Youre always three days late, so I will know when youre coming! Never off schedule, either! I always plan for you three days late, and you come, sweet man! Oh, arent you a dear!

Mr. Allen- Miss Hannigan, you sure are one heck of a woman! Now, how about that romantic evening out with just the two of us that you promised I could take you out on? Lets make it tonight! Please, Miss Hannigan. . .Aggie?

Miss Hannigan- Oh Mr. Allen, Id love to. But, I cant. Im tragically sorry! Can we make it tomorrow?

Mr. Allen- Aw, Agatha, you always say that! Lets stop all these tomorrows and make it today! Please, Aggie? Itd be just the two of us. . . some exotic restaurant, Cuban dancers. . .My treat?

Miss Hannigan- (Relenting) Well, Im busy tonight with some important business having to do with my dear, darling orphans, but right now I will be free for a couple of minutes. Why dont you come into my office? We can be alone there.

Mr. Allen- Why not right here? Theres nothing wrong with a doorstep. Why not announce our feelings to the public, right now! Make a statement, big and bold!

Miss Hannigan- Oh, Mr. Allen! You know its not definite yet!

(They embrace. At that moment, Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenal arrive at the orphanage
to pick up the two adopted orphans)

Mr. Tallenall- Oh my dear, the time has come. We will very soon have two little girls!

Miss Pennet- Of our very own. Oh my, Im so happy. Ive been looking forward to this moment for years! At last its come!

Mr. Tallenall- Oh, yes, I have been looking forward to this too! Our little Kate and our Tessie- Er, Kathryn and Teresa- Im so glad we changed their names- are waiting for us at that orphanage, right there. The orphanage with that lovely lady in charge. That darling womanly person with the lovely sense of humor! (It is obvious now that he is in love with Miss Hannigan) The wonderful Miss Hannigan is going to be willing to let us take some kids off her beautiful hands. (Miss Pennet gives him a sharp look) All we have to do is-

(He breaks off, seeing Miss Hannigan and Mr. Allen in a long embrace.)

Miss Pennet- (Delighted that Mr. Tallenall is noticing this) Uh, there she is. Not alone, I see. That man looks like a very close friend. Well, well just have to interrupt her cordial hello and pick up the orphans. Do you want to have the honor, or shall I?

Mr. Tallenall- Oh, we shouldnt do that! Interrupt her, I mean! Why dont we just go home and come back tomorrow. We can wait, cant we? Wait on the orphans and our enlarging family?

Miss Pennet- What! And not get our two wonderful children? No, dear, well go now and get the kids. Follow me, Ill lead the way, dear. (She marches up to Miss Hannigan and Mr. Allen, still embracing, and pulls them apart.)

Miss Pennet- Excuse me, Miss Hannigan! Please, a doorstep is not the proper place to conduct this kind of behavior.

Miss Hannigan- Oh, you again. Cant get a minutes worth of peace in this dump, can I? Well, Mr. Allen, darling. Youll have to leave! We have some important matters to be taken care of inside my office! This kind couple is taking two brats- uh kids- off my hands. Sweet of them, wouldnt you say?

Mr. Allen- Of course, Miss Hannigan, but still, I told you that you always-

Miss Hannigan- Never mind! These good people dont need to hear anything we were talking about in the past half hour, do they? Now get outta here! We can get together tonight, cant we?

Mr. Allen- (All of a sudden he is happy) We certainly can!

Miss Hannigan- Come for me at about seven, okay? On the dot. Ya know I aint got a car, so youll take us somewhere cozy and small in your car, right?

Mr. Allen- (Delighted) Right! Ive been hoping this would come up! (He bows) Now, ladies and gentleman, Ive got to leave. Got to brush up for tonight. All right, Aggie, Ill call for you around seven. Goodbye, all! Ill be back in a couple of hours! See you! Toodles! Au revoir! Arrivederci! Adios!

Miss Hannigan- Get going, or I wont meet you tonight! (She pushes him off the doorstep and turns to the couple. Mr. Allen exits.) Now, what can I do for you? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, theyre gone.

Miss Pennet- Oh, how nice! Theyre gone, you say? And- whos gone?

Miss Hannigan- The kids. The orphans. Kate and Tessie, the ones you were going to adopt.

Miss Pennet- (She is obviously trying to keep calm) I. . . see. The orphans that we
were going to adopt, Kate and Tessie, are gone. Two of the youngest orphans in this orphanage that we picked out just a few hours ago are gone. Just- disappeared? That doesnt make much sense, I admit, but- thats what you said, right?

Miss Hannigan- Right! Them orphans escaped out the window. On the sheets. They went down the sheets to the outside. The kids tied them together- like a sailor! The sheets, that is. Not the kids. Right now, who knows where the lousy orphans could be?

Mr. Tallenall- (Just catching on) You mean, theyre gone? Oh, but that doesnt matter. What matters is that youre still here, not gone with them. Im very glad to see that, my dear Miss Hannigan, very glad. If you had gone too, I just dont know what Id do. Id certainly be as depressed as you must be right now at losing two of your little dears, thats for sure.

Miss Hannigan- Uh, yes. Greatly depressed. Extremely, you might even say!

Mr. Tallenall- Oh my dear Miss Hannigan, I feel terrible for you. If there is anything I can do to make you feel better. . .

Miss Pennet- You dont care about the dear little children, you care about her! Miss Hannigan! How selfish can you be, child hater?

Mr. Tallenall- Um, what I meant is, Im sad that the kids escaped. Yes, very sad. Depressed in the Depression. How typical.

Miss Pennet- Yes, thats better, dear. Im sad too. You must have your feelings confused because of this terrible disaster.

Mr. Tallenall- Oh yes, I do. I think. Oh, I dont know!

Miss Hannigan- (Confused by everything) Well, Id better go inside. I need to get something. Ill be back in a few minutes. Now dont disappear, or anything! Ill be right back! (She goes inside.)

Miss Pennet- Oh, this is terrible! What will we ever do! Our sweet ones are gone! Our two darlings! The love of my life! My grandmothers silver jewelry!

Mr. Tallenall- Now, isnt that going a bit too far? Theyre children!

Miss Pennet- But they arent here! They are gone and wont come back! I feel so guilty! Theyre missing from the window!

Mr. Tallenal- Yes. My sweet lady is in love with. . .uh, I mean the children- are gone forever! What will become of us!

Miss Pennet- Im ruined!

Mr. Tallenal- Im crushed!

Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall-SONG- IVE LOST MY DEAREST

(Kate and Tessie have been watching Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall from the bushes. Now they look out. Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall dont see them.)

Kate- (Quietly) How do we get away if theyre here?

Tessie- What do you mean, Kate?

Kate- We have to go! If they find us theyll adopt us. Theyre right there!

Tessie- But we cant leave. If we even just get out of these bushes, theyll see or at least hear us!

Kate- Lets just take a chance and wait. If were lucky, they wont hear us at all.

Tessie- Okay. When they leave- if we dont get caught- we can go find someplace to hide, for a while, anyway.

Kate- Right! Now duck!

(The orphans duck down behind the bushes at Kates command as Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall walk near the bushes.)

Mr. Tallenall- Well, what do we do now?

Miss Pennet- Go and search for the children, dummy! What else could we do in a situation like this?

Mr. Tallenall- Miss Hannigan said to wait. Shes coming back. She may have something important to say to us! We should stay here!

Miss Pennet- Oh, shes just a crazy old bat! No need to wait for her. She probably wont come back. Were going!

Mr. Tallenall- We could always just drop it, forget the whole thing. Be a sad, childless couple.

Miss Pennet- Are you mad? A sad childless couple? Id rather die! No, the best thing to do is search near the orphanage for the kids. They cant have gone far if they left after we came and went.

Mr. Tallenall- My dear lady, did it ever cross your mind that perhaps the children ran away from the orphanage because they didnt want to be adopted by us? That could easily be the case, you know.

Miss Pennet- You must be joking. The orphans would be happy to get away from that dump of an orphanage. Anybody would. Even I would be happy to have someone be my parents.

Mr. Tallenall- But, what if you were a young, thin, dirty orphan who believed that your parents were still alive and would someday come and take you away from that terrible place. Then what would you feel like, having some people you dont even know take you to their home like replacements!

Miss Pennet- (Flustered) Oh, just stop jabbering, okay? It doesnt need to be talked about. The thing that obviously needs to be done is us going searching through this part of the city, just around the orphanage. Unless they magically grew into cars, they cant have gone very far. Lets start the search! (They start walking across the stage when they come to July, their 13-year-old servant girl, walking across the stage from the other side.)

Miss Pennet- July! Where did you come from! Why are you on the streets instead of at the house cleaning up the dishes?

July- (Looking scared) Well, miss, you told me to go buy some bread and things for tomorrows meals and so I just thought you meant to go out now!

Miss Pennet- (Angrily) Now! You just thought? Next time, July, youll wait until youre told to do things or youll have a pretty good chance of being discharged!

July- Oh no, miss! I depend on my wages for my food. Id starve if I-

Miss Pennet- (sternly interrupting) July, go home now!

July- But miss, about the bread. . .

Miss Pennet- Go home! (July looks at her sadly, then walks off stage.)

Mr. Tallenall- (As they saunter off stage) Dear, really. Shes a child!

Miss Pennet- (Sweetly) George, lets not take this any further than its already going, all right?

Mr. Tallenall- Sure, honey. Whatever you say!

Miss Pennet- Now we are going to see if we can find those dear orphans to adopt.

Mr. Tallenall- Righty-oh!

(They are off stage. Miss Hannigan comes out the orphanage door looking at some papers.)

Miss Hannigan- Okay, people. This is what the adoption papers- (She notices that Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall are gone.)

Miss Hannigan- Now whered they go? I told them to wait. Well, what the hell. Thats two less to be worried about. Maybe they wont come back.

(She shuts the door. Kate and Tessie stand up from the bushes where they have been hiding through the rest of the scene.)

Tessie- I wonder who that girl was who was talking to Miss Pennet, and why she was asking about bread.

Kate- Of all the things to talk about. . .bread!

Tessie- And why did they leave before Miss Hannigan came back to them? She could have had something important to tell them!

Kate- But she didnt.

Tessie- But she couldve! How do Miss Pennet and Mr. Bathtowel know that girl?

Kate- How would I know?

Tessie- Maybe that girl works for them!

Kate- But I thought they werent rich! Only rich people have servants!

Tessie- Maybe theyre poor servants!

Kate- Well talk about it later. (Looking to side of stage) Right now, what we gotta do is get outta here!

Tessie- Oh my goodness! Youre right! That girl there looks like she is going to come back!

Kate- Youre right, Tessie. Lets go! Hurry!

(They exit off the same way Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall exited.)

(July comes back on stage. She stops, looks around, then walks back to center stage.)

July- (She appears to be talking to the audience, but is actually talking to herself. Each line is spoken after a pause) Oh well. They pay me, if thats all they do. Still, I cant expect things to work out for someone like me. Me, a poor servant girl with no family! Im lucky to be employed and get food at all! I do wish theyd be a little less hard on me. The attic can sure get cold with no furnace and just a small blanket. But, Im better off than some. I saw the saddest thing yesterday. A little boy, about five years, was sitting on the front stoop of the bakers shop. He looked real cold, and I wanted to do something for him because he was so skinny and vulnerable, but all I had on was this dress, and no money. It was the most sad thing Id ever seen in my life! And when I saw that little boy, I got to thinking. If you have a place to sleep, and a way to get even a little food, youre lucky. I hadnt realized how well off I am, not until I saw that sad little boy. That boy has really given me a new outlook on life. Ive learned that its not as bad as I thought, that everything will pull itself together in no time flat! (She sits down) So you see, Ive decided to live my life for that little boy, and everything I do, I do for him. I just love him!

July- SONG- Smelly Rags And Window Cleaner.

(July starts to walk off stage when Lily, hilariously disguised as Miss Pennet, runs into her as she and Rooster, disguised as Mr. Tallenall, enter the stage.)

July- Oh dear! Dear me! Im sorry, just so sorry, miss! But why have you come back this way? I meant to go straight home, but I got caught up. . .Its so hard to explain, miss. When I think of the little boy. . . (Lily is not listening)

Lily- Excuse me, sweetums, but have you seen a couple come by here?

July- A couple of what?

Lily- A guy with his girl!

July- Gee, I dont know! What did they look like?

Lily- Well, hon, the guy was tall and dark, in a black suit. I believe he looked like hed just come from a funeral or something. The lady was thin, and short, with blonde hair. Or was it blonde with short hair? Anyway, I was told she was also wearing a tacky dress. Have you seen anyone like that?

July- Is this some kind of a joke, miss? Because if it is, Ill go home now.

Rooster- Certainly not! Its very important. Have you seen anybody that fits that description?

July- Well, sir, I have.

Rooster- You have? Where? Speak up, girl!

July- Why, right now! You look exactly like the couple you described. Now can you please give up this joke and let me go home?

Lily- Nonsense, sweetie! What we mean is. . .(She thinks hard) Have you seen anybody who looked like us but wasnt us?

July- No, miss. Why would you be looking for someone who looked like you but wasnt you? I dont understand. Hasnt this joke gone far enough? Im going home.

Rooster- What?

July- I greatly apologize if Ive made you mad or been rude. Ill see you at home if its okay with you, sir, miss.

Lily- What? Uh. . .well . . .

Rooster- (In a high falsetto voice) Of course its okay, love! See ya there!

Lily- (Screaming and pointing off stage) Rooster! There they are! I see them! (They run off stage)

July- (As she walks off stage) Rooster? Whats wrong with them? That was funny. Oh well, its off to home I go. . .

Scene 8: Miss Hannigan is in her office, sitting in a tacky green rocking chair. She is holding one of the orphans cheap toys.

Miss Hannigan- Howd I ever get a lousy job like this: Taking care of rotten kiddies! My life is awful! Im wasted! Ill never be able to marry Mr. Allen. (Pause) Im going to kill those little twerps. . . or should I say ducklings? (Pause) God, what a dumb joke! What a dumb life! Theyve ruined my life!

Miss Hannigan-SONG- OH WHAT A LIFE

Scene 9: After the stage is cleared, on the street a big chase occurs. Kate and Tessie are running from everyone, Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall are chasing Kate and Tessie, Rooster and Lily are chasing Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall, and the street people are chasing everyone, telling them to leave the poor orphans alone.

ACT 2:

Scene 1: Rooster and Lily, still disguised as Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall, are standing in front of a store.

Lily- Rooster! Whyd you bring me here?

Rooster- Later, darling. Later.

Lily- Huh?

Rooster- You see that store? (He points, and Lily nods) Im going to duck inside the store and get myself a special treat.

Lily- You aint got any money. I know that!

Rooster- There are ways, Lil. Youll see!

Lily- (Doubtfully) Well, all right. What do I do?

Rooster- You stay here. Ill only be a second. (He dodges inside the store. The set is turned so we see the inside of the store.)

Store clerk- Hello, sir. What can I do for you?

Rooster- Huh? Oh, nothing. Just looking!

Store clerk- Looking? Well, in that case, Ill go back and check on an order. Call if you need me. Its hard times, what with the Depression and all. . .(He leaves the stage)

Rooster- Yeah, sure. (He wanders around for a while, then stops. He picks up a switchblade, fingers it, then puts it up his sleeve.

Store clerk- (From off stage) Now come on, sir! Youre hiding something. Aint I seen you around somewhere? Whaddaya got up your sleeve? Just tell me. You look so familiar!

Rooster- (Playing it cool) Whaddaya talking about? I havent got a clue. You havent seen me. Im. . .uh. . .new in town.

Store clerk- How long you been here?

Rooster- (As he walks out) Sorry, gotta go! Cant chat with you now! Talk to you later!

(The set is turned again so the audience sees the street outside the store again.)

Lily- Well, hon, whadja get?

Rooster- Not now! Come over here. (He leads her to the side of the stage, then takes out the switchblade) See?

Lily- What for?

Rooster- I told you before, we may need to get rid of some people before long. Not anybody in particular, but just in case. . .

Lily- Oh, Rooster! You took a switchblade so you can kill someone? It looks expensive! Were gonna get caught!

Rooster- We? No, Lil, I dont think so. Mr. Tallenall may get caught, if anybody, but we wont.

Lily- No? Why not? And whats this about Mr. Tallenall?

Rooster- Lily, look at yourself! Youre Miss Pennet. Im Mr. Tallenall! Dont you see? We cant get caught. If anybody does, its them!

Lily- Oh, youre a dear. And so smart! Whod want to live life without someone like you?

Rooster- Nobody, Lil. Nobody. (He opens the blade of his switchblade and examines it as they leave the stage.)

Scene 2: The orphans are sitting around in the orphanage bedroom wondering what to do.

Annie- I hate to say this after everything worked so well, but Im worried.

Jenna- Me too. I mean, Miss Hannigan has the police out, by now. Shes gonna find
them, and it wont be fun.

Pepper- For them or us!

Molly- I have an idea! Why dont we go looking for them!

Duffy- You mean, climb down ourselves and try to find Kate and Tessie?

Molly- Yeah! They could be in trouble. Theyre only little kids!

Pepper- Look whos talking!

Annie- Molly may be a little kid too, but shes right. We need to help Kate and Tessie.

Duffy- But how can we get out? We dont know for sure whether or not Miss Hannigan is still here, so we cant risk going out the door to her office!

Jenna- Well go down the same way they did! On the sheets! Pepper wont have to worry about using them because we wont need them back here!

Pepper- It wont work. We need to take the sheets with us. We might be gone overnight and get cold.

Annie- Thats true. Besides, it would look too suspicious to see three sheets hanging out this window for no reason.

Duffy- I know! Well go out one by one, with the person behind us holding our legs! That way, nobody will know were gone until they come up and look for us! Its only one story, and theres the drainpipe to hold on to.

Molly- Thats a great idea! Lets go now before theres too much chance of getting caught.

Duffy- All right, Ill go first! Pepper, I trust you to hold my legs! If you drop
me, you dont want to know what will happen to you. . .

Pepper- Dont worry! And Annie, youd better hold my legs. Molly and Jenna arent strong enough!

Molly- I am too!

Jenna- Dont worry about it, Molly.

Annie- Okay, Ill go after Pepper. Jennas got to hold my legs.

Jenna- Yeah, Ill hold Annies legs! Molly, dont worry! Youll hold my legs.

(Duffy leans out the window, Pepper grabs her legs. She calls to them from outside the window where nobody can see her)

Duffy- Oh, this is easy! Just hold on to the drainpipe with your hands as you go down so you dont slip! Im almost there! Carefully now, Pepper! Slowly, slowly! Okay, Im down!

Pepper- (Calling out the window) Everything okay down there? Im next! Stay out of the way, Duffy! Annie, be careful!!

(Annie carefully lowers Pepper out the same way Pepper led Duffy down. There is a pause while all the orphans quietly hold their breath)

Pepper- (From a distance) Im down! Next? And hurry up! Its cold! Whos next?

Annie- That would be me. Okay, be careful! Jenna, dont let me fall!

Jenna- You have my word of honor.

(Annie is let down through the window.)

Jenna- (Looking out) Okay Molly, shes down! Now its my turn! Be very careful, its hard!

Molly- (Annoyed) I can do it!

(Molly lets Jenna through the window, grunting and straining as she lowers Jenna down. Now the set is turned so we see the orphans on the stage and Molly through the window.)

Jenna- (From the bottom) Im all in one piece! Now Molly!

Annie- Wait a minute! We forgot Molly! How is she going to get down?

Duffy- Oh no! Theres no one to hold her legs! Why didnt we think of this?

Pepper- I knew something would go wrong! I just knew it!

Annie- If you knew it, Pepper, why didnt you mention this while we were all up there so we could figure out what to do?

Pepper- Well, I. . .uh. . .I mean. . .

Annie- Never mind. Molly, are you okay?

Molly- (From the window) Yes, Annie! Of course Im all right! But now what? How do I get down?

Jenna- Molly, I hate to say this, but you are either going to have to jump. . .

Molly- No way!

Jenna- . . .or stay there until we get back.

Molly- Ill stay! Dont worry about me! Ill be fine!

Annie- Are you sure?

Molly- No. But go on anyway! Theres not much we can do about anything now!

Duffy- Im sorry, Molly! Well see you when we get back!

(The orphans leave the stage as Molly watches them from the orphanage window.)

Molly- SONG- ITS UP TO US (reprise) (The song is sung through the window. After the song is over, the stage is turned so that the audience sees the orphanage bedroom again.)

(Molly is sitting on the open window with her knees pulled up to her chest. After a few seconds, Miss Hannigan enters with a letter in her hand to check on the orphans.)

Miss Hannigan- (Reading the letter and muttering to herself) Those lousy orphans dont even deserve the cold mush I give them. Im the one who has to starve while they get to pig out because theyre rotten little orphans. (Yelling to the orphans) Okay, dinner, you rotten brats! Line up for inspection! (Molly lines up for inspection holding her hands out, looking as if nothing is wrong.)

Molly- I love you, Miss Hannigan.

Miss Hannigan- (She is looking at the letter and doesnt notice the orphans are gone.) Okay, you can go eat Molly. Now Kate. No, she and Tessie are gone, dammit. Jennas next. Okay, hurry up and go, Annie. Youre after Jenna! (She looks up to see only Molly) Annie! Where are you? (She suddenly realizes that the other orphans are gone.) Pepper! Jenna? Duffy! (She turns to Molly) Molly, if you dont tell me now where the orphans are, Ill wring your little neck. . .

Molly- (Stupidly) Where are who?

Miss Hannigan- The other brats! Where are they?

Molly-What other brats? I thought I was the only one!

Miss Hannigan- No! Wheres Duffy and- and Annie and Jenna and Pepper!

Molly- What silly names! Especially Pepper! Pepper makes me sneeze! And Duffy! who would want to have a name that sounds like an animal?

Ms. Hannigan- A duck?

Molly- Yeah! A duff!

Ms Hannigan- No! Theres no such thing as a duff! You mean a duck! (emphasizes the ck) Stupid orphans!

Molly- Oh! A duck! (Emphasizes the ck, and spits in Miss Hannigans face accidentally. Miss Hannigan takes a hanky out of her pocket, blows her nose, then rubs the spit off her face.)

Miss Hannigan- (Becoming mad, she picks Molly up by the collar of her dress and holds her in the air) Never do that again! You hear me!

Molly- (Innocently) Yes, Miss Hannigan. I hear you. Ill never spit in your face again while Im saying duck! (Emphasizes the ck again and only spits a little bit)

Miss Hannigan- Now, Molly! Where are the rats?

Molly- Whats a rat?

Miss Hannigan-You!

Molly- Oooooh! Im not one of those ugly little animals that climb all over our faces at nights! Their feets are so cold!

Miss Hannigan- Quit fooling around! Tell me where the others are!

Molly- (Simplistically) Under their beds!

Miss Hannigan- And why are they under their beds?

Molly- Theyre rubbing the floor to make it look like the top of a big building.

(Miss Hannigan drops Molly and unwillingly gets down on the floor, groaning, to look under the beds.)

Miss Hannigan- (standing up) They arent under there, Molly!

Molly- Then they must have gone to the bathroom.

Miss Hannigan- All of them?

Molly- (Imitating Miss Hannigan) Dont start pushing things, Agatha! Im losing my

Miss Hannigan- Molly, dont you ever, ever call me that again! You understand?

Molly- Yes, Agatha- I mean Miss Hannigan.

Miss Hannigan- Now, one last time: Where are the orphans?

Molly- You mean the brats?

Miss Hannigan- Call em what you like. Just tell me- Where are they?

Molly- Well, lets see. They couldnt have gone shopping because they have no money, so they must be here! (She smiles at Miss Hannigan) Mustnt they?

Miss Hannigan- Molly, here is what Im going to do. Im going to look in the closet and in my office. If they arent in there, youre going to be in big trouble!

Molly- Okay!

(As Miss Hannigan checks the places she mentioned, Molly quickly slips under a bed to hide. Miss Hannigan slowly turns back to Molly.)

Miss Hannigan- Molly, they arent- (She notices Molly is gone) Molly, if you dont come back this minute, Ill feed your dinner to the squirrels! (No sign of Molly) Molly? (In a sweet voice) Ill help you find your orphan friends if you come out! (Angrily) Molly! Come out this minute or youll regret you ever hid!

(Molly sheepishly crawls out from under the bed and stands at attention.)

Molly- Yes, sir! (She salutes Miss Hannigan)

Miss Hannigan- Now, your punishment is to go without dinner! Youll come with me now while I go search for those damn orphans!

Molly- Oh please, no, Miss Hannigan! I just couldnt bear coming with you! Please let me stay here!

Miss Hannigan- Youve got to be joking!

Molly- Miss Hannigan, what if the other orphans watch to see if you leave this place, then sneak back in? Someone has to stay behind and watch for the others!

Miss Hannigan- Youre too smart for your age. Now shut up! All youll ever be is a lousy orphan, and youre coming with me! If the New York board of orphans happened to stop by and check things out, theyd see that I left you. Id be fired! No, I insist that you come! Well go pay a visit to lovely Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall. Maybe if theyve found Kate and Tessie, itll lead us to the others.

Molly- (Starting to throw a fit) No! I dont wanna go! I wanna stay here and wait! I told the others I would! (She realizes she has made a mistake)

Miss Hannigan- You told the others what?

Molly- (Screaming) Nothing! Its none of your business! I didnt tell anyone anything! Im staying here! (She starts crying) Please let me stay!

Miss Hannigan- NO! (She picks Molly up and carries her out under her arm while Molly kicks and screams.)

Scene 3: Miss Hannigan and tearful Molly are walking across the stage. Mr. Allen enters from the back of the stage as they walk by.)

Mr. Allen- Well, look whos here! Its my old friend!

Miss Hannigan- You again! Its a record!

Mr. Allen- Well, what are you up to, honey?

Molly- (To Mr. Allen) Are you her boyfriend?

Miss Hannigan- Molly, shut up! (Sweetly) Molly and I were just going for a little. . . uh. . .stroll to a friends house.

Molly- Thats not true! Were going to find the orphans who ran away!

Mr. Allen- (Not knowing who to believe) Uh. . .I see. Well, I think Ill walk with you two lovely ladies!

Miss Hannigan- Oh Mr. Allen, its quite all right! Im sure we can get there ourselves. And Ill see you at our dinner together, wont I?

Mr. Allen- Agatha dear, of course you will. (He gives her a quick kiss) But I want to be with you even more! Like right now!

Miss Hannigan- (Flustered) Well, all right! You can come along.

Mr. Allen- Of course I can!

(They walk off stage together to find the orphans)

Scene 4: The orphans are walking on the street.

Pepper- This is stupid! We cant do anything for those brats just wandering around
here! We dont have a clue to even where we are! Lets go back. (Pepper quickly turns around and bumps into July, who is on her way home.)

July- Oh! Im so sorry, miss! Please excuse me!

Annie- Oh, thats all right! Who are you?

July- My name is July. July Bradley.

Annie- Well hi, July. Im Annie.

July- Pleased to meet you!

Pepper- Oh, its a little snooty with perfect manners!

Duffy- Cut it out, Pepper.

Pepper- Shut up!. . . (As an afterthought) . . . Ducky!

Duffy- Dont tell me to shut up!

Pepper- I can tell you whatever I want!

(July notices that the orphans are uninterested in her, so she starts to leave the stage, still very interested in the orphans. Duffy and Pepper continue fighting in the background until Peppers first line.)

July- (She stops and turns around) Say, arent you orphans?

Jenna- Yeah. Whats it to you? Are you a rich girl or something?

July- No. Its nothing. Never mind. Im sorry. (She starts to leave again.)

Annie- Hey, wherere ya going?

July- (Turning around again) Huh?

Annie- (Nicely) I asked you where you were going.

July- Going? Im going back to my masters house.

Jenna- Master?

July- (Sighing) Yes. I know its kinda dumb, but thats what she insists on me calling her. Im a servant girl, miss.

Annie- (Not wanting to pry any further) Oh. I see. You dont have to keep calling me
Miss, July.

Pepper- (Still in argument with Duffy) Duffy, youre so stupid! Orphans can only be duckies if their name sounds like ducky!

Jenna- Shut up, Pepper!

Pepper- Oh, so now you get to tell me to shut up?

Annie- Youre such a baby, Pepper!

Pepper- Im a baby? (Noticing July) Hey! Isnt that the girl who ran into me?

Jenna- Pepper, you ran into her. She didnt run into you! You didnt even apologize!

Pepper- (Grudgingly) Sorry.

July- Its perfectly all right, miss. I mean. . .um. . .never mind.

Jenna- July, who is your master?

July- My master? Youve probly never heard of her!

Pepper- If its Miss Hannigan, weve heard of her. Shes the only master we know!

July- Miss Hannigan? Isnt she the lady who runs that orphanage?

Duffy- Youve heard of us?

July- You are orphans! Yes, Ive heard of two of you. Kathryn and Teresa.

Pepper- What funny names! I think theyre ugly!

July- Then you dont know Kathryn and Teresa?

Jenna- Who are they?

Annie- Wait a minute! Do you mean Kate and Tessie?

July- Who are Kate and Tessie?

Annie- July, who do you work for?

July- A lady named Miss Pennet. Why?

Annie- (To the other orphans) Is she the lady who came to adopt Kate and Tessie?

Pepper- I dont know. I only remember Mr. Bathtowel.

Duffy- You mean the stupid fool who started the ducky thing?

July- I dont know of any bathtowels. Could you possibly mean Tallenall?

Jenna- Yes, I think thats it!

July- Mr. Tallenall is Miss Pennets manfriend, as she calls him.

Jenna- Yes. They were supposed to adopt Kate and Tessie. Kate and Tessie didnt want
to be adopted, though. They wanted to find their real parents, like Annie will

Pepper- (Teasing) She was born on October 28, 1922.

Jenna- (Ignoring Pepper) So, the orphans ran away.

July- Oh no! So thats what Miss Pennet was talking about! But what are you doing

Annie- We got worried that someone would catch them, to tell the truth, so we came out to find them.

July- My masters are out looking for them now. And, knowing Miss Pennet, if she wants them, shell get them!

Duffy- What do you suggest we do?

July- I think it might be a good idea to wait back at the house with me. Im on my way there now, after I run a few errands. Youll like it there. The other servants are very nice, and its a pretty big place. Cheap, but big. So, how about going there?

Annie- (To the other orphans) Well guys, whaddaya say? Do you say yes? I say yes!

Duffy- Annie, were a team! Of course we say yes!

July- Great! Then, off you go! Okay, heres how to get there. After I run my errands, Ill join you. (She says the next few lines very rapidly, all in one breath.) You see that street there? You walk down this way until you get to that street. Then turn left. Walk down two blocks, then turn right and go through the big park. Its really ugly. After you get across the park, cross the street, and turn right again. Three houses down is the house. Its a little isolated, cause its on a hill. Youll be sure to see it.

Jenna- Um, July? I didnt quite catch that. Can you repeat it?

July- (Slowly) Walk down to that street there. Turn left. Walk two blocks, then turn right. Walk through the park. Then cross the street, and turn right again. The house is three houses down, on a hill. Got that?

Annie- Okay, I think so. One of us will be sure to remember. So we just knock on the door and explain why we came?

July- Right. Theyll let you in.

Jenna- Okay! Bye, July! See ya there!

Pepper- (Softly) Bye.

(July walks off stage.)

Annie- Gee, I wonder what it will be like?

Jenna- I dont know. From what I gathered, they arent rich, but have quite a few starving servants.

Pepper- Speaking of starving, whens lunch?

Duffy- We cant eat now. Maybe theyll give us something when we get there.

Pepper- (Sarcastically) Ill bet.

Annie- You guys, what do you think it will be like. Ive never been out of the orphanage before, except on those disgusting walks Miss Hannigan has to take us on. . .

Pepper- . . .as if we were dogs!

Duffy- I think it will be a castle, with spires and cement posts, and guards, and everything!

Jenna- Duffy, I sure hope youre kidding, cause I dont want to spoil your dream. One thing I know is, it definitely wont be a castle.

Duffy- Just a joke! I was trying to lighten things up. . .

Pepper- Well, I think its a shack.

Annie- (Horrified) What?

Pepper- I do! And. . .

Pepper, Annie, July, Duffy- SONG- Do You Suppose

(The orphans walk off stage. July enters from the other side.)

July- Boy, that was really strange! Meeting the people who were looking for the same kids my masters are looking for! Im real glad I helped. Now I just got to get that bread! Oh, wait a minute. Miss Pennet said dont get bread! Oh no! I might lose my job for being so late! But no. Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall are looking for Kathr- Kate and Tessie, and the servants are so nice, they wont mind if Im a bit late. Oh, those names are atrocious! Whatever that means. . . Im glad that Kathryn and Teresa arent their real names. Oh, Im so excited! Ill have kids in the house, to talk to! I wont be the only one. Im real glad I told the orphans what to do. They actually depended on me!

July- SONG- I Stole The Show!

Scene 5: The orphans are standing in front of Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenalls house.

Duffy- Wow! Its so nice!

Jenna- Thats for sure. July gets to work here?

Pepper- Gets to? Id say she has to!

Annie- Whaddaya mean, Pepper?

Pepper- (Kindly) She doesnt have friends like you guys to keep her company.

Duffy- I cant believe Pepper would actually say something like that!

Jenna- Lay off, Duffy. She was trying to be nice!

Annie- Thats a really sweet thing to say, Pepper!

Pepper- (Embarrassed) Its nothing.

Jenna- (Changing the subject) Well, if this is Miss Pennets house, shouldnt we go in?

Annie- Sure! You lead the way, Jenna.

Jenna- No way! Im not going in there first. Duffys older. She can go.

Annie- Well, Duffy? Are you going?

Duffy- You guys, this is dumb. Why should one of us go first? We can all go at the
same time.

Pepper- Lets not go at all.

Jenna- Come on, you guys! Lets all go up together and Ill pull the brass knocker.

Annie- Okay. Come on!

(They slowly walk up to the door of the house, July pulls on the brass knocker. A butler in an old, worn suit opens the door. At Miss Pennets house, all the butlers and servants are dressed in nice clothes, nothing fancy.)

Butler- (Gruffly) Hello, ladies. What can I do for you?

Duffy- Do you know July?

Butler- (His face relaxes a little when July is mentioned) Oh yes, of course.

Jenna- (In a rush of words) Were here because two of us was gonna be adopted, but they didnt want to, so we came out the window but couldnt find them, so July said come here, so we did!

Butler- (Politely) Pardon?

Annie- The reason were here is: Our friends in the orphanage were going to be adopted. They didnt want to be adopted, they wanted to stay with us together, so they ran away. We got worried, and came after them, but couldnt find them. We found July on the street and she told us it might be good to come here! So we did. Does that make sense?

Butler- Excuse me for asking, but what does all this have to do with me?

Duffy- Well, the orphans that were going to be adopted. . .uh. . .were going to be adopted by Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall!

Butler- (Obvious disgust comes onto his face when the name of his master is mentioned) Oh, them.

Annie- You work for them, dont you?

Butler- (Sighing) Unfortunately, yes.

Pepper- Can we go inside like July said to?

Jenna- Pepper! Be polite!

Butler- Never mind that. Of course you can come in. Sit right down. . .(Under his breath) . . .if you can find a place to sit!

Annie- What did you say?

Butler- Me? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.

Pepper- Then we can go in?

Duffy- (Indignantly) Pepper!

Butler- Oh, its quite all right. Go ahead. (He ushers them in to a very clean but rather bare room. The orphans try to make conversation.)

Annie- So, whats it like working here, Mr. . .uh . . .Mr?

Butler- Call me Smith.

Annie- Okay!. . .Mr. Smith.

Butler- As to your question, its not very nice. I shouldnt say that, of course.
How about another topic?

Jenna- What about July? How long have you known her?

Butler- Oh, July. Shes very sweet! Shes been employed since she was 8. . . about five years. Rumor has it that she was brought up by a wealthy family, but. . .(he realizes what hes saying) I shouldnt be saying this!

Pepper- What were you saying? I didnt hear.

Butler- Oh, I cant talk about it!

Annie- Were your friends, and Julys too. Cant you please tell us?

Butler- Oh, all right. July came here when she was eight. She had impeccable manners-

Pepper- Whats impekle?

Butler- Impeccable. Perfect. She had perfect manners and was very sweet. People talked about her a lot! They said that she was brought up in a well bred family, but her parents died, leaving her with nothing. Nobody knows if they really died, but they arent around any more. Shes a very sweet girl!

Annie- Oh, we know that! Weve met her! She called us Miss until we told her she didnt have to.

Butler- Oh yes. All the servants are required to call everyone they see either Miss, or Sir. I think its awful!

Duffy- Why is it awful?

Butler- Let me get this clear: Miss Pennet is not rich. She isnt poor, either. She bought this house because it looked so beautiful sitting on top of the hill. Thats what she said. She didnt have enough money left after fixing up the inside, so instead of employing trained servants and butlers, she employed me, the only butler, six servants, and a child servant.

Duffy- July is the child servant!

Butler- Yes. The servants were all taken in off the street, and July was too. She is the only child in the house.

Annie- (Encouragingly) Go on.

Butler- Miss Pennet didnt have much money left for proper suits and garments for the servants, so she dressed us in whatever she could find, and only feeds us when she can.

Jenna- Thats awful!

Pepper- Well, its the same for orphans. . .

Jenna- (To Pepper) Shh!

Butler- And, that is why Im here.

Annie- But no! Thats not why youre here. You havent told us anything about you! You keep talking about how the other servants were brought in from the streets, but what about you?

Butler- Me? Well, thats another story. In the meantime, how about meeting the servants?

Pepper- Aw, come on! We need to find Tessie and Kate!

Duffy- (Quietly) Its okay, Pepper. Tessie and Kate will probly turn up here. We
have to wait. And be polite!

Butler- Okay, I dont think we need to go through names, so Ill bring them out to say hello. (He goes into another room.)

Jenna- Whats this all about? I still cant quite figure out why were here!

Annie- Its because we- (She looks around) Shh! Here they come!

(The butler comes back into the room with six female servants behind him.)
Butler- This is the help.

Servants- (Nodding to each orphan, one by one) Hello miss. Hello miss. Hello miss. Hello miss.

Orphans- (Laughing) Hello miss!

Butler- (To orphans) Would you like to stay and chat with them, or shall I take them back?

Duffy- (Quietly to Annie) He treats them almost like animals!

Annie- (nodding) We could find out why!

Pepper- (To the butler) Leave them here. And you stay too! We want to get to know you!

Butler- All right, if that is your request. . .

(The servants and butler stand stiffly in a line.)

Jenna- Oh please, dont stand all lined up like that! You look like youre waiting for the firing squad!

Butler- (Chuckling) How do you know what a firing squad is?

Jenna- Miss Hannigan tells us that when we line up for inspection we look like that. She thinks its great. We dont know what one is, though.

Butler- Well, that doesnt matter.

Annie- I just thought of something. We know who you are, but you dont know who we are!

Butler- All right, well have some introductions now. Please come forward when you introduce yourself so we know who you are.

Annie- Ill start. (She walks over to the butler and shakes his hand) Im Annie.

Butler- Hello, Annie!

Servants- Hello, miss.

Duffy, Jenna, Pepper- (Laughing) Hello miss!

Duffy- (Walking over to butler as Annie walks away) Hi, Smith. My name is Duffy! But some people call me Ducky!

Butler- I see. And, why is that?

Duffy- A man- you know him- Mr. Tallenall!- came to the orphanage, and when he left, he said to us, Tata, duckies! (She shakes his hand.)

Pepper- (Walking over to Duffy and the butler) So now the orphans have this dumb ongoing joke about how were all Ducks, but mostly Duffy because her name sounds like it. (She walks away)

Butler- Wait a minute! Whats your name?

Pepper- (Walking back, talking seriously) Im Amelia Hepzibah Contrara. (She shakes his hand.)

Butler- Amelia? Really? Its funny, I couldve sworn I heard the other orphans call you Pepper?

Pepper- Oh yes. My nickname! (She walks down the line of servants, shaking their hand and nodding to each as she greets them) Hello miss, hello miss, hello miss, hello miss, hello miss, hello miss.

Servants- Hello miss!

Jenna- (Joining the butler) Im Jenna. Hi.

Butler- What an sweet name. Jenna. . .I used to know a sweet girl named Jenna. Ages and ages ago. . .

Jenna- What? Who?

Butler- No, nothing. Just mumbling to myself again.

Jenna- Oh. (She doesnt understand) I see. (To the butler) Hello, miss.

Butler- (Laughing) Hello, sir!

Jenna- (Realizing what she said) Oh! Excuse me! Hello sir!

Butler- Its quite all right.

Annie- So, now what?

Butler- Welcome in!

Butler, Servants- SONG- Welcome In.

(After song ends)

Jenna- Hey!!!

Annie- What is it, Jenna?

Jenna- Oh no! I cant believe this is happening!

Duffy- What?

Jenna- (Close to tears) Well, remember a long time ago, when that rich girl came up to us and gave each of us a present?

Pepper- She sure was nice!

Jenna- Well, I didnt tell you guys because I thought youd be mad, but after you went
away, the girl took me aside and gave me a beautiful necklace with a green stone in it. I saved it in my pocket, and I check to make sure its there every once in a while, and I just did and its not!

Pepper- Big deal. Why did that girl give you a special necklace, when all she gave us was some biscuits?

Duffy- All? We were starving!

Pepper- Arent we always?

Annie- Forget it. We have to find Jennas necklace. It sure must be special to her!

Jenna- (Starting to cry) Oh it is, it is!

Duffy- Well, how about we all go backtrack where we came from, and look for it?

Pepper- We just got here!

Annie- Jenna, what do you think we should do?

Jenna- I dont want to make you guys leave just because its my fault!

Duffy- Its okay. We dont mind.

Jenna- Pepper does.

Pepper- (Confused) All I meant was-

Jenna- No, it doesnt matter. Ill go myself to where we were, and Ill look for the
necklace from there to here, the way we came.

Annie- Are you sure you can find your way back?

Jenna- I can try! What could happen to a kid on the streets of New York, anyway?
Ill be okay.

Butler- Are you sure you dont want us to drive you out in a car?

Jenna- (Embarrassed) No, its okay. Ill be fine.

Duffy- If youre sure. . .?

Jenna- Yes. Ill go now. Goodbye! (She walks out the door.)

Annie- Gee, I hope shes okay! Shes only eight!

Pepper- Jennas really smart. I think shell make it.

Duffy- Yeah, me too.


Scene 6: Jenna is walking along the street, searching the ground for her necklace.

Jenna- Now where is it? Ive got to find this! (Fiercely) I just got to!
(Jenna sees something, and quickly kneels down to pick it up. It is a small chain.)
A chain! Is this part of- No, its not. Mine was gold. This is silver. Oh no!

(She walks along the street)

Now, I should be at the place where we met July now! But Im not. There was a park a little ways down the block, and I dont see a park anywhere near here!

(She walks some more)

I shouldnt get panicky. Nothings gonna happen to me. Ill be okay. I just have to keep walking, and Ill find where I am.

(She stops)

This doesnt look familiar at all.

(A man walks by)

Excuse me, do you know what street this is?

Man- Its First Avenue. Why do you ask?

Jenna- First avenue? Oh no!

Man- Is something wrong?

Jenna- (Trying to appear calm) Oh, its nothing.

Man- Are you sure?

Jenna- Sure!

Man- Well then. . . (He exits)

Jenna- (Looking after him) Oh, that was really stupid. Why did I have to say that. I couldve told him I was lost! Maybe I can catch up to him. Theres no one else around. (She runs toward the direction the man exited.)
Mr. . .Man? Man!! Im lost! Its the little girl! Im on First avenue but I dont know where Im sposed to be! Somebody? Anybody? (She is screaming) Help! I need help! Somebody come! Does anybody know where the girls municipal orphanage is? Im from there. Oh please, somebody find me! Im lost! (Wailing) Oh noooooooooo. . .


Scene 7: On the street Kate and Tessie are strolling along. Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall sneak up behind them.

Tessie- (Softly) Oh my goodness!

Kate- What? What is it, Tessie?

Tessie- Look behind you! Oh my goodness!

(Kate slowly turns around and looks behind her. She sees Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall.)

Kate- Oh no. Now what do we do?

Tessie- I dont know! Oh my goodness!

(Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall realize they have been seen, and come up beside the orphans.)

Miss Pennet- Hello, kiddies! Weve come to take you home!

Kate- (Warily) And where might that be?

Mr. Tallenall- To our little palace! Its a couple blocks from here.

Tessie- Palace? (Looking dreamy) Oh my goodness. . .

Miss Pennet- (To Mr. Tallenall) You see? I told you wed find them! And you wanted to give up!

Mr. Tallenall- (Annoyed) I give up!

Miss Pennet- (Putting an arm around Kate and Tessie) Youre coming with us now, sweeties. Well walk to my home and then find Miss Hannigan to sign the adoption papers!

Tessie- Miss Hannigan! No! Not Miss Hannigan! Oh my goodness. . .

Kate- What are you going to do to us?

Miss Pennet- Why, nothing, dear. Just take you to live with us, thats all!

Mr. Tallenall- All?

Miss Pennet- Yes. Now come along.

(They walk off stage)

Scene 8: Miss Pennets house is at one side of the stage. Miss Pennet, Mr. Tallenall, Kate, and Tessie enter from the other side. During the next dialogue, they are strolling very slowly to the house.

Miss Pennet- See? Thats my house. But now, its not only mine. Its ours! (She smiles sweetly at the others.)

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Its not a palace after all! You said it was! Its just a house. Oh my goodness!

Kate- (Annoyed) Will you shut up and stop complaining?

Miss Pennet- Now Kathryn, dont talk to your sister like that!

Kate- My names Kate. And Tessie isnt Teresa. Cant you use our real names?

Miss Pennet- Certainly not. They are common names, and unfitting for well cultured girls.

Tessie- But were not well cultured girls! Oh my goodness!

Miss Pennet- You will be, after living with me. So, I shall keep calling you by your proper names. Kathryn and Teresa. Now, as I was saying, Kathryn, dont talk to your sister rudely.

Kate- (Grumbling) Shes not my sister.

Miss Pennet- She will be. Just the same, dont talk to her like that. I dont like to hear it!

Mr. Tallenall- Yes, its rude and inconsiderate. (Aside) I think. . .

(They are now in front of the house)

Miss Pennet- Okay, now were here, and well just let you stay overnight. Tomorrow morning, first thing, well go over to Miss Hannigans at the orphanage and sign your adoption papers. Youre going to be so happy living with us!

Mr. Tallenall- (Enthusiastically) We get to visit Miss Hannigan tomorrow, dont we!

Miss Pennet- Yes. I mean, no! Were not visiting, were just buying!

Kate- Youre not buying us! Were real human beings! Buying us is like buying the
sky, or air!

Miss Pennet- I mean, signing papers! So that you two will be able to live with us forever. Isnt that right, George?

Mr. Tallenall- Yes! Miss Hannigan will really enjoy our coming to see her tomorrow. And Ill enjoy it even more! I know shell understand how I feel, and everyone will live happily ever after!

Miss Pennet- (Horrified) What!??

Tessie- Oh my goodness!

Kate- Well, since weve been standing here, why dont we go in. Do I ring the bell, or can we let ourselves in?

Miss Pennet- Ring the bell. The butler and servants will answer the door, so you can meet them.

(Kate steps up and rings doorbell.)

Duffy- (From inside) Coming!

Miss Pennet- Dear me, it seems that there are people in the house! Oh well, if the butler let them in, it must be okay.

Tessie- Thats Duffy! Shes one of our friends at the orphanage!

(Duffy opens the door)

Duffy- Well, well, well. What have we here?

Tessie- (Cheerfully) Hi, Duffy!

Duffy- Hello, Duckies!

Kate- Quit it, Duffy!

Miss Pennet- (To Duffy) Little girl. . .

Duffy- Im not a little girl!

Miss Pennet- All right, all right. Anyway, will you please tell me what you are doing here? This is my house, in case you didnt know that. . .

Mr. Tallenall- Yes, yes. Do tell, please! And also, will you tell us where Miss Hannigan is, too? Its very important, and I suspect you know, since she is your

Duffy- Shes not! She just runs the orphanage. Thats all.

Mr. Tallenall- Okay, I see. But do you know where she might be now? I need to talk to her! Soon!

Miss Pennet- (Angrily) Quiet!

(Annie appears behind Duffy and pretends to be Miss Hannigan)

Annie- Why Duffy! Its our little angels, come home! Thank you for finding them! Now, Ill just take them. . .Im sure you dont want them anymore! (Extending her arms to Kate and Tessie) Come here, darlings. Mommy will take care of you! (Tries to take the orphans)

Miss Pennet- I still want to adopt them, if you please! Do you know if Miss Hannigan is still at the orphanage, so we can go sign the adoption papers?

Annie- (Slyly) Wait a minute! I believe that, at the moment, she is in the other room! Just wait a minute.

Mr. Tallenall- Ill go with you. I want to see Miss Hannigan!

Miss Pennet- George! Stop this instant! (To Annie) Ill go with you, and my George
will stay here with these three darling ducklings. Though I cant understand why Miss Hannigan would be here. . .(Goes inside the house with Annie)

Duffy- (To the other orphans) Yeah, you little ducky- (To Miss Pennet inside the house) Did you just call me a duckling?

Kate- Youre one of the three kids here, arent you?

Duffy- Im not a kid!

Kate- Youre right, youre not a kid. Youre a ducky! (Laughs)

Duffy- Im not a ducky, duckling, or kid. Im a young adult, unlike you!

Kate- I am too a young adult, the same as you! Anyway, youre the one with the name that sounds like Ducky!

(The last scene was played in the doorway and on the porch. Now the set is turned around to reveal the inside of the house. Miss Pennet walks in to the room with Annie, looking disgusted. Kate and Duffys argument goes on softly, ad lib, as the others talk.)

Miss Pennet- There was no one in there! You knew Miss Hannigan wasnt here! Why did you say she was?

Annie- (Sweetly) Why, I thought she was in there! She must have escaped!

Miss Pennet- Stop talking nonsense! Escaped? Why would she do that? Shes not a child! What would she be escaping from?

Mr. Tallenall- If Miss Hannigan escaped, what will I do? This is awful! Where did she go?

Miss Pennet- Stop talking about Miss Hannigan! Shes engaged!

Mr. Tallenall- Is she? That cant be true! Are you serious?

Miss Pennet- No. Stop worrying about her, and worry about me for a change.

Mr. Tallenall- But I care for her!

Miss Pennet- Personally, I cant see the attraction.

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, theyre fighting. Miss Pennets mad at Mr. Tallenall, Duffy is mad at Kate, and what will happen to me? Oh my goodness!

Mr. Tallenall- (Calming himself down) Now girls, stop quarreling! If you do this all the time at the orphanage, you surely must be giving Miss Hannigan a headache!

Miss Pennet- (Getting hysterical) SHUT UP! (Everyone is dead silent) Youre always worrying about Miss Hannigan! All I ever hear is Miss Hannigan this, Miss Hannigan that. What about my needs?! You love me! Only me! Youre marrying me!

Mr. Tallenall- I am? God forbid!

Miss Pennet- I quit! This is too much for me, and I just cant take it anymore. Im going into my room. Dont come in. (She exits to another room.)

Mr. Tallenall- (Angrily shouting after her) Well, thats fine with me! I quit too!

(At that moment, there is a knock on the front door.)

Duffy- Coming! (She walks to the door and opens it. Molly and Miss Hannigan are standing outside.)

Kate- Molly! Where were you? Why werent you with the rest of them?

Molly- (Sadly) Its a long story. Ill tell you about it. Some other time.

(Tessie runs up and hugs her)

Mr. Tallenall- (Overjoyed) Why Miss Hannigan! How wonderful to see you! (He stops as he sees Mr. Allen coming up behind Miss Hannigan) Uh, well, I mean. . .oh hell. (Cheerfully to Mr. Allen) Hello!

(Molly, Miss Hannigan, and Mr. Allen come inside the house.)

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) Oh, Mr. Allen, Im so glad you caught up. Finally got your shoes tied, I see. Then again, I wouldnt want to lose you, after we came this whole way! You sweetheart! (She kisses him)

Mr. Tallenall- Uh, Miss Hannigan. . .I was going to ask. . . I mean. . . Never mind!

(He walks into another room, exiting the stage. Miss Hannigan ignores him completely.)

Mr. Allen- Miss Hannigan!

Miss Hannigan- I love you!

Mr. Allen- So do I!

Miss Hannigan- You wouldnt happen to want a little duckling of your very own, would you?

Tessie- (Quietly) Oh my god!

Mr. Allen- (Confused) A little what?

Miss Hannigan- A little duckling. Thats what Mr. Bathtowel calls my dear, darling brats.

Mr. Allen- Mr. Bathtowel? Or do you mean Tallenall? The man who was here and just went in to another room?

Miss Hannigan- (Absently) Was that him? Hmmm, I didnt notice. I guess it was him. Whatever!

Mr. Allen- Oh, Miss Hannigan, when can we get married?

Miss Hannigan- Why, any time we can rent a hotel room for our honeymoon.

Mr. Allen- I thought wed agreed on a Hawaii cruise and lots of bubble baths and beaches!

Miss Hannigan- Yes, that would be great, but Ive been thinking that it would be better to be somewhere more private, where we can be alone, together, and express our true feelings to each other!

(By this point, Pepper has appeared from a different room and all the orphans are gathered around Miss Hannigan and Mr. Allen, who are acting very lovey-dovey.)

Duffy- Uh, excuse me, Miss Hannigan, Mr. Allen. I dont think you should use such behavior around-

Kate- (Finishing the sentence) -Us duckies!

Molly- Are they talking naughty?

Jenna- Yep. They are, Molly. (Covering Mollys ears) Its not something your young ears should hear.

Molly- (Pulling her hands away) Stop that! My ears are as old as anybodys!

Pepper- Molly, you shouldnt be seeing this! Theyre acting nasty, too.

Duffy- Well, Pepper, youve had experience with that!

Pepper- Shut up. (To Miss Hannigan) Miss Hannigan, why dont you leave the room so our sensitive eyes and ears can be at rest!

Miss Hannigan- PEPPER!

(Miss Pennet hears the noise and comes out of her room, entering and walking to the little group)

Miss Pennet- (Tearfully) Whats all this noise! I was trying to get some rest!

Miss Hannigan- Excuse me. (Sweetly) Do you have a closet handy?

Miss Pennet- (Flustered) A closet? A closet. . .closet. . . Yes, I do. (She leads Miss Hannigan over to a broom closet.) Right here. But why would you be needing one of my closets?

Miss Hannigan- (Motioning to orphans) For them! (To orphans) Youre staying in that closet with no supper! (The orphans groan) Youll clean that closet until theres nothing left to clean!

Tessie- But Im so hungry!

Miss Hannigan- (Imitating her) But Im so hungry! (Her own voice) Too bad! No food until tomorrow! Now clean! Get to work now! (She drags them to the closet and shoves them in.) And if you come out, or dont have that place sparkling, youll have no food tomorrow, either!

Miss Pennet- (Worried) Uh, Miss Hannigan. Thats my closet, and its clean. It doesnt need to be cleaner. And are you planning to keep the orphans here and stay overnight?

Mr. Allen- Honey, explain to this kind lady, please. . .

Miss Hannigan- Oh. Didnt I make that clear? Well, anyway, why else would I come here. Living in luxury for one night is fine with me.

Mr. Allen- Me too. Oh yes, me too.

Miss Pennet- Well, what will you do if I say no?

Miss Hannigan- Oh, thats an easy one, sister. Ill take the adoption papers and rip them to shreds. Thats all!

Mr. Allen- Smart thinking, honey pie!

Miss Pennet- Oh no! Of course you can stay here, Miss Hannigan! With Mr. Allen. And the orphans can too. But do we have to keep them in that closet?

Miss Hannigan- Remember my threat, Miss Dammit. (Miss Pennet gasps) I mean Miss Pennet. A slip of the tongue, you see. And now, if youll just show Mr. Allen and I our room, we will be very grateful.

Mr. Allen- We certainly will, eh, Miss Hannigan?

Miss Pennet- One room, I presume. Uh, yes, its right this way, please. (They exit off. The set is moved off.)

Scene 9: The inside of the broom closet. The orphans are huddled inside.

Annie- Now look at the mess youve got us in to, Pepper!

Pepper- Me? It wasnt me! Duffy started it!

Annie- Well, even if she did, you were the one Miss Hannigan got mad at. You were blamed.

Miss Hannigan- (From offstage) Quit talking and get to work, lousy brats!

Molly- Annie, are we gonna get a beating when we get out of here?

Annie- I dont think so, Molly. As long as we clean the place.

Tessie- Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I dont want a beating!

Pepper- Shut up! Annie just said that we wont, not that we will. Get to work!

Duffy- Shut up yourself, Pepper.

Pepper- You know you started this whole mess!

Kate- It doesnt matter. Why do you even argue about it? Its so stupid!

Annie- Just everyone shut up and get to work!

Kate- But Pepper said that if Duffy-

Annie- Kate, stop. Youre arguing as bad as the rest of us.

Tessie- Oh my good-

Duffy- (Interrupting) And you, Tessie, are whining more than anyone!

Tessie- Oh my goodness!

Kate- Dont bug her. Start cleaning. (She hands Pepper a scrub brush) Here, take

Pepper- (Sarcastically) Oh, just great! I have to clean while you stand around watching?

Molly- Pepper, shes getting to everyone. Give her a chance!

Duffy- Yeah!

Pepper- Im not cleaning until you all do.

Kate- (Handing out mops, brooms, and scrub brushes) Here you guys. Well sweep first, then mop, then scrub.

Pepper- (Sarcastically) Wonderful. Youve got it all figured out, havent you, Kate? Well, forget it. Im not cleaning. Ill sit here and watch you guys. Im tired of being bossed around.

Molly- (Incredulously) Youre tired of being bossed around? How do you think it feels to be the youngest? Im the one who gets bossed around.

Annie- Yeah, Pepper. Youre one of the oldest of us!

Duffy- Shut up. We know how old we are. This is so dumb!

Annie- Hey, I didnt do anything!

Duffy- Wanna bet on it, Annie?

Annie- Sure! Ill fight you anytime, Duffy. You may be bigger than me, but Im a better fighter, and tougher, too!

Duffy- No, lets not fight. Its not worth it. I dont even remember what we were fighting about!

Molly- Me neither!

Kate- Yeah, quit fighting. Isnt it nice to finally be back together? I was so worried that wed never see you again.

Tessie- Me too.

Pepper- Dont get your hopes up. Miss Pennet still wants to adopt you guys.

Molly- Even after all thats happened? Even after they ran away?

Duffy- Yep, its true.

Tessie- Oh no! Now what!

Pepper- (Meanly) You could always run away again, like before. (Sarcastically) That sure seemed to help things!

Annie- Dont tease them. It was everyones idea, not just Kate and Tessies.

Duffy- Lets not worry about it now. Were all together again, and thats what counts. By the way, Molly, what happened with you?

Molly- Ill tell you it in bed tomorrow night.

Kate- But Tessie and I want to hear it too. We might not be with you tomorrow night. We might be here! (She starts sniffling)

Annie- (Going over to Kate) Its okay, Kate. Dont worry. Just think about tonight, how were all together and happy.

Pepper- Happy?

Annie- I am. I dont care about where we are, Im still happy. Were together, and weve got each other. What more could we want?

Pepper- Hmm, lets think. We could want our real parents, a warm bed, good food, more friends, less work, real homes, new clothes, different-

Annie- (Interrupting) Okay, okay. I get your point. But arent you glad we came out of this mess together, even without all the other things?

Pepper- Well. . .I guess so. . .

Annie- You see? Were a team. We dont break up!

Orphans- SONG- We Stick Together!

Scene 10: The kitchen and living room of Miss Pennets house, early morning.

Miss Pennet- (Entering the living room with newspaper. She looks like she just woke up
and is still very tired.) I need a cup of coffee. Oh Lord! I need a cup of coffee. Ill die without a cup of coffee! Of course, at this moment, that doesnt seem to matter much, considering how rotten I feel. And look at all the bad news in the papers! God! (She starts to walk slowly to the kitchen.)

Mr. Allen- (Coming out of the kitchen.) Boy, is this coffee terrible! If I take just one more sip of this awful stuff, I think I might just collapse!

(Miss Pennet and Mr. Tallenall dont see each other, and collide with each other.)

Miss Pennet- (Without looking up) Excuse me.

Mr. Allen- No, no. My fault.

(Miss Pennet goes on reading the paper, Mr. Allen continues sipping his coffee. After a while, Miss Pennet finally realizes what just happened and notices Mr. Allen.)

Miss Pennet- Who are you?

Mr. Allen- Huh?

Miss Pennet- I said, who are you? Am I out of my mind, or is there someone in my house? Who are you?!

Mr. Allen- Oh, well, Im Mr. Allen. You know me!

Miss Pennet- I do? What are you doing here? (Becoming hysterical) Are you a criminal? Some dangerous robber? Police, police! Somebody get the police!

Mr. Allen- (Calmly) Im not a robber!

Miss Pennet- Oh yes you are! I could tell the minute I saw you!

Mr. Allen- (Still calm) No you couldnt. Im Mr. Allen, as I said. Agathas. . .uh. . .man.

Miss Pennet- Agatha? Is that some conspirator? Are you plotting to kill me and all of my ancestors?

Mr. Allen- No, of course not. Agatha is Miss Hannigan, to you.

Miss Pennet- Is Miss Hannigan here?

Mr. Allen- Certainly!

Miss Pennet- (Still hysterical) I didnt know she was a criminal!

Mr. Allen- Were not criminals.

Miss Pennet- (Screaming) Yes you are! Youre going to- (Quietly) Oh. Youre not
criminals. What are you?

Mr. Allen- Aggie and I work for the New York Board of Orphans. Thats how we met.

Miss Pennet- (Shouting again) But what are you doing here?

Mr. Allen- You told us we could stay overnight!

Miss Pennet- Did I? (Realizing she did) Oh. I guess I did, didnt I?

Mr. Allen- Yes!

(By now all the servants, the butler, Miss Hannigan, Mr. Tallenall, July, and the orphans are up, doing things around the kitchen and dining room, all dressed in nightclothes. The next lines should very slightly overlap. They are different conversations going on all at once.)

Butler- (To Miss Pennet) Whats wrong? I heard shouting!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Tallenall) Hi, handsome!

Miss Pennet- (To butler) It was a false alarm. Robbers, I thought!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan) Miss Hannigan!

Butler- (To Miss Pennet)Well, dont let it happen again, please.

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Tallenall) You look like youre the lady killer!

Molly- (To Miss Pennet) Yeah! You woked us all up!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan) Well, I dont mean to boast, but Ive met a few
great women in my lifetime, if I do say so myself!

Miss Pennet- (To Molly and Butler) Dont you ever talk to me like that again!

Miss Hannigan- (To Miss Pennet) I wasnt talking to you! I was talking to. . .(Looking at Mr. Tallenall) him! The bathtowel!

Butler- (To Miss Pennet) Yes, maam!

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) What do you mean, sweet one?

Miss Pennet- (To butler, servants, July) Now you go upstairs, and be ready to work in five minutes! Get on your uniforms!

(The butler, servants, and July head slowly upstairs.)

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) To keep it simple, its this. I dont love you anymore. I love him!

Kate- (To Tessie) Boy, I hope we dont have to live with her!

Tessie- Miss Pennet? Me too! Oh my goodness!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan, looking dreamy) Does that mean youre really going to marry me?

Miss Pennet- (To butler, servants, July) Go! Move! You have five minutes flat!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Tallenall) Yes!

Molly- (To Miss Pennet) Why are you so mean? Youre as mean as Miss Hannigan!

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) Whats going to happen to us? Our relationship? Our whole life plan?

Miss Pennet- (To Molly, threatening) What did you say?

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) Nothing will happen to us. Ill have a wonderful life!
You, I dont know about. Thats all.

Molly- (To Miss Pennet) I said-

Duffy- (To Miss Pennet, putting her hand over Mollys mouth) She asked, Do we have to clean?

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) What do you mean, Thats all?

Molly- (To Duffy) That isnt what I said to her, Duffy!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) I mean that Im leaving you for Mr. Tallenall. George.

Molly- (To everyone) I asked why she was so mean!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) Its just because I love him. As I said, thats all.

Pepper- (To Molly) Molly, shut your trap! Were gonna get in trouble!

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) But I love you! You know that!

Molly- (To Pepper, Duffy) You both wanted to know yesterday why she was so mean! (Miss
Pennet gasps as Duffy puts her hand over Mollys mouth.)

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan) You still want to marry me, right?

Pepper- (To Molly) I told you to shut your trap! Now were all gonna be punished!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Tallenall) Yes of course! Plans havent changed yet, you know!

Miss Pennet- (To orphans) You certainly have to clean if your manners are as rotten as
all that! Make it immaculate! Now! Go find July. That brat will tell you what to do! (The orphans start to leave)

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) I love you, Agatha! You know that! We planned our life together! Were right for each other! Im right for you! (Motioning to Mr. Tallenall) Hes not!

Annie- (To orphans, as they exit) Now look at the mess weve gotten ourselves into!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen and Mr. Tallenall) You must be joking! How could you love me, when I love him!

Pepper- (To Annie, as they slowly leave) Oh, and I suppose that youre going to blame it all on me. . .

Miss Pennet- Whats going on?

Pepper- (Continuing) . . .when it was all Mollys fault!

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) Aggie! You cant be doing this!

Duffy- (To orphans, as they leave) Yeah, Molly had to go open her big mouth!

Mr. Tallenall- I love Miss Hannigan, and she loves me!. . .or so it seems. . .

Annie- (To orphans) Leave her alone! Shes little! (Molly bursts into tears)

Miss Pennet- (To orphans) You??!! I told you to go clean! Now find July and obey!!!

(The orphans still leave slowly)

Tessie- Oh my goodness!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan) You really do love me, dont you? Its not just a

Kate- (To Tessie) Shh, quiet, Tessie.

Miss Hannigan- Why would I make a scene?

Miss Pennet- I want my George back! George! You dont love that crazy lady, you love me!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Hannigan) To make Mr. Allen jealous? (To Miss Pennet) You dont care whether I live or die!

Pepper- Oh no. . . I just thought of something. Something bad!

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) You dont really love me!

Annie- (To Pepper) What is it, Pepper?

Miss Pennet- (To Mr. Tallenall) George, you know I always loved you! We were going to
adopt a child together. Remember?

Molly- (To Pepper) Tell us!

Mr. Tallenall- (To Miss Pennet) Vaguely. I seem to be remembering some crude remark you made about your grandmothers silver jewelry. . .

Mr. Allen- (To Miss Hannigan) What is it you were saying, Aggie?

Duffy- (To orphans) What could be worse than whats happening now. Miss Hannigan? I guess she could be worse. . .

Miss Hannigan- (To Mr. Allen) You actually dont love me. Ive known it all along. The true love of your life is Miss Pennet.

(Miss Pennet hears her name mentioned and turns to look at Mr. Allen the same moment Mr. Allen turns to look at her. Everyones conversation immediately stops. It is love at first sight.)

Miss Pennet- Mr. Allen. . . I dont know how to say this. . .

Mr. Allen- I had somehow thought I loved Miss Hannigan. Mixed up, I guess.

Miss Pennet- Oh, Mr. Allen!

Mr. Allen- Jimmy. Call me Jimmy, please.

Miss Pennet- And you call me Daisy.

Mr. Allen- Of course, Daisy. My Daisy. . .

Miss Pennet- Yes . . . Jimmy.

Mr. Allen- I know this seems kind of quick, after everythings happening, but. . .

Miss Pennet- Of course Ill marry you! Soon!

Molly- (To audience, interrupting the love scene loudly) See how nicely it all fits

Duffy- (To Molly) Shhh!

Miss Pennet- (Overcome with love, noticing orphans) Girls? Come down here at once. We have wedding plans to draw out, bridesmaids to find. Our future is in store! (The orphans walk back to the middle of the stage, looking uncomfortable. At the same time, July, the butler, and servants appear in day clothes, and stand uncomfortably next to the orphans)

Mr. Tallenall- (Starting to feel slightly jealous) Daisy, dont you think this is kind of sudden? Shouldnt you consider (he coughs pointedly) older relationships before you launch into something like this?

Miss Pennet- Nonsense, George. Weve simply decided rather. . . quickly. . . that we want to spend our lives together.

Mr. Tallenall- Well, Miss Hannigan, what about our marriage?

Miss Hannigan- (Dreamily) Anytime you say, sweetheart!

Miss Pennet- (Flustered) Well, it wouldnt be right to be married at the same time! Well marry first, and give you some time to think about your marriage, and when were used to it, you can marry!

Mr. Tallenall- We can marry anytime we please! We dont need help from. . .people like you!

Butler- (Trying to stop argument) Well, well, well! Two weddings at once is something to think about, Im sure, but all will go well.

Tessie- (Loudly, cutting off all other noises) Wait! Everyone shut up! Pepper has something important to say!

Miss Pennet- Yeah? What is it?

Pepper- Well, Ive been realizing that were missing someone.

Duffy- We are? Who?

Pepper- A certain little eight- year- old girl with a smart mind and a lost necklace!

Annie- Jenna!!!

Miss Pennet- Who?

Molly- Oh no! Weve lost Jenna!

Miss Hannigan- Who? Huh? What? How?

Duffy- Jenna was with us. She found that she had lost a very special necklace on the way here. She went back to look for it!

Mr. Tallenall- Well why in heavens name didnt you go with her? (To butler) Or, take her in a car?

Butler- Well, sir, she said she didnt want to inconvenience us. She chose to go alone.

Miss Pennet- Thats no excuse! You should have insisted!

Kate- Its not his fault! Its everyones! And that doesnt matter, anyway. What matters is that Jenna is gone, probably lost, and weve got to find her!

Molly- Maybe shes been stolen!

Pepper- You mean kidnapped, dummy. Anyway, who would kidnap her?

Annie- (Loyally) Lots of people!

Miss Hannigan- Can somebody go search for Jenna? Ill be in big trouble if shes gone. When the New York Board of Orphans finds out about this, I could lose my pay. I could get fired for not properly taking care of them! Somebody do something!

Mr. Allen- Dont worry, dear, Im on the board. I can convince them that what happened wasnt at all your fault!

Miss Hannigan- Stop calling me dear! Were not married! I dont love you!

Miss Pennet- Ill-

Butler- Ill go take out a car and look for the sweet thing. (Mumbling) Just like my own poor Jenna. Its happening all over! (He exits quickly.)

Annie- (To July) His own Jenna? What was that all about?

July- (Softly) Oh, nobody knows. I guess its memories. Meeting another Jenna must have brought it all back. Hes very mysterious.

Tessie- (Loudly) Now what?

Miss Hannigan- Back to the subject of marriage!

Mr. Tallenall- Not that again. . .

Miss Hannigan- Why, dont you want to get married?

Mr. Tallenall- Yes, but. . .

Miss Pennet- Oh, Jimmy. I dont know what Im getting into!

Mr. Allen- Were still in love, right??

Miss Pennet- Well. . .

(The next two lines are spoken at the same time. Miss Pennet is speaking to Mr. Allen, Mr. Tallenall is speaking to Miss Hannigan.)

Miss Pennet- Weve so many memories. Its just so hard to cut everything off so soon. And yet. . .

Mr. Tallenall- I dont want to forget other people in my life. I cant imagine being tied down. But still. . .

Miss Pennet, Mr. Tallenall- SONG- I Thought It Was You Dear.

(After the song there is a knock at the door)

Molly- Its the butler, with Jenna! (Everyone stands still, hoping.)

Miss Hannigan- Well? Somebody open the door! I will. (She walks to door and opens it
to see a round policeman standing there with Rooster and Lily, as themselves.)

Pepper- Dont get your hopes up so soon, Molly.

Miss Hannigan- Rooster? Again? No cash for you, you didnt find the bratty kids!

Lily- (Looking past Miss Hannigan into the room) But you did! So, why not give us the money anyway? Youve got the kids!

(Rooster and Lily push there way inside with the policeman)

Rooster- (Clearing his throat) Ive got an important announcement to make. Rather sad, too. . .

Tessie- (Quietly) No! Not Jenna!

Rooster- It seems that we have a thief in our midst!

Miss Pennet- Oh? Who?

Policeman- Hello, everyone. Im Officer Granger, of the N.Y.P.D. Precinct 31.

Mr. Allen- Yes? Well, out with the news!

Policeman- Im sorry to inform you that this man here. . .(He goes and takes Mr. Tallenalls arm) . . .is a first class thief!

Miss Hannigan- What? Hes my fiancee!

Mr. Tallenall- Im not a thief! Im innocent! What did I do?

Policeman- You stole from Clarksons supply store.

Mr. Tallenall- I see. And, may I ask, what did I steal?

Policeman- You know as well as I do. You stole a marble- inlaid silver switchblade. (Meanly) Worth much more than you could probably ever afford!

Mr. Tallenall- What? What do I need with a switchblade? Im not into that kind of thing. Im a hardworking man, with references! Im honest!

Pepper- (Screaming) He is, I tell you! Nobody else is going to stand up for him, so I will! He is honest! We all know him! He wouldnt steal! In fact, he was going to adopt two of us orphans! Hes not a criminal, and you have no right to speak to him like that!

Annie- Pepper, its okay. That was a pretty great speech you made! (To policeman) Yeah! I agree with Pepper! We all agree! That man wouldnt do anything against the law!

Policeman- (Chuckling) Oh yeah? Look again! (He puts handcuffs on Mr. Tallenall and starts to lead him out.)

Molly- Dont you take him away! You have no right!

Duffy- Yeah! Show us proof that he stole something! You didnt even say why you have the feeling he did it!

Policeman- Well, thats a group of feisty kids if I ever saw one! (To Miss Pennet) They yours?

Miss Pennet- No. Theyre orphans. And we agree with them entirely about that man.

(She points to Mr. Tallenall.)

Policeman- So, you think hes innocent, too? Typical. Whos taking care of those kids?

Tessie- Dont you try to change the subject! Show us your proof!

Kate- I dont believe you even have any!

Orphans- Yeah!

Policeman- Okay, you want proof: youll get proof. First of all, two witness.
(Indicating Rooster and Lily) This kind couple saw the man take the item. They were outside the store!

Pepper- Did you see them there?

Policeman- Well, no, but anyone can tell by perfect common sense that-

Molly- (Interrupting) Why are you believing two people you dont even know when the rest of us agree on one thing!

Kate- Hes innocent!

Policeman- Also, the man in the store found the stolen object gone the minute this man left the store! And this nice couple here say they saw him running and knew his address. Which seems to be here!

Tessie- You still dont have proof that it was him. (Pointing at Rooster and Lily) How do you know they arent lying?

Policeman- Now, you children have taken this much too far. I will take the man away now.

July- No, dont!

Miss Hannigan- Im marrying him! Were getting married in a few weeks!

Policeman- This man will be in jail for the next few years. Find someone else to marry.

Mr. Tallenall- I cant believe this is happening! It was going so well, Agatha. Come visit me in jail, unless I somehow get out of it!

Policeman- Weve wasted enough time already. Come out. (The policeman drags Mr. Tallenall out the door. A minute later, the butler walks in.)

Butler- No luck. The poor thing wasnt anywhere. I only hope she had the sense to find some help.

Annie- (Quietly) Jennas real smart. But shes gone now. And so is Mr. Tallenall.

Butler- I know. I saw them coming out. (To Miss Pennet) Im- Im sorry, Miss.

Mr. Allen- (Trying to cheer everyone up) Well, its been quite a day! I think we could all use a little more rest! Whaddaya say we all go back to bed and get up again when we feel better?

Miss Hannigan- You mean just try to forget it all, start anew, pretend it never happened?

Mr. Allen- No. Just rest. It might help. . .some.

Tessie- But our bed is the broom closet! Oh my goodness!

Miss Pennet- I agree. We could all use some rest. Everyone go to bed and think everything over. The orphans can sleep in the room at the end of the hall.

Kate- Oh, Ill never get to sleep. Not after this has happened!

Duffy- Me neither.

Mr. Allen- Rest. Just rest.

Miss Pennet- Okay, Miss Hannigan can take the room she slept in last night, Mr. Allen-
Jimmy- will sleep in the room across the hall, and Ill sleep in my room.

Mr. Allen- Thats very kind of you. Okay everybody. Back to bed.

Everyone- (Solemnly) Goodnight.

(They all exit to their rooms.)

Scene 11: The living room of Miss Pennets house.

(Molly enters downstage left from her room. She looks tired.)

Molly- Gee! It sure is quiet! And I actually did sleep, when I didnt think I would at all! (She goes over to the couch and sits down, looking like she is waiting for someone.)

Molly- You guys, hurry up and come out here! Im getting lonely! (At her command, July walks downstairs, looking awake.)

July- I sure didnt sleep one bit! Im so worried about Jenna, and even old Mr. Tallenall!

Molly- Old? Hes not old!

July- Well, you know what I mean. Oh, Ive been meaning to ask you. Were you with the orphans when I met them on the street? I told them to come here.

Molly- No, I wasnt. I could tell that the orphans knew who you are. Who are you? I dont think Kate and Tessie know you either!

July- They dont, but I know who they are!

Molly- How? Oh, of course. Miss Pennet was going to adopt them!

July-Yes! Thats right! You still havent told me your name.

Molly-Im Molly. Who are you?

July- Im July.

Molly- (sticking her hand out) I m pleased to meet you, July.

July- Hi, Molly!

Molly- Are anyone else awake?

July- I dont think so.

Molly-Lets wake them up!

July- I dont think that would be very smart.

Molly- Why not?

July- What do you think would happen if you woke everyone up?

Molly- I dont think Miss Hannagin would be very happy. Shed be very mad!

July- Miss Pennet wouldnt very happy either

Molly- I suppose so.

July-Would you like me to make you a little something to eat? Maybe a drink?


(They both go off center right to the kitchen.)

Pepper- (From upstage left) Kate! Quit rolling over on me!

Kate- (From upstage left) Its not my fault!

Tessie- (From upstage left) Oh my goodness!

Annie- (From upstage left) Take the fight somewhere else, if you must..

Kate- (Coming on upstage left) I wasnt the one who wanted to sleep in the same bed as

Pepper- (Following Kate on) Neither was I!

Kate- Pepper, Im too tired to fight.

Pepper - Im not!

Kate-Shut up!

Pepper- Dont tell me to shut up!

Kate- And why not?

Pepper- Because Im older and biggern you. So, that means I can easily beat you up!

Kate-You wanna bet!

Tessie- (From upstage left) Theyre about to fight in whats-her-names house!

Annie- (coming on stage) Youve already woken up all of us! Dont wake up the rest of the house with your fighting!

Butler - (appearing on the stairs) Too late. Youve already woken up Miss Pennet.

Kate- Sorry. Did we wake you up?

Butler- No. I woke up when July got out of bed-

Kate- Oh.

Butler- I came down here to see what she was up to. Do you know where she is?

Annie- I havent seen her. (To the orphans) Have any of you guys seen her?

Tessie, Pepper, Kate- No...

Molly- (from center right) Ow!

July- (from center right) Is it too hot? Im sorry.

Butler- She must be in the kitchen!

Annie- With Molly!

July- (From center right) Do you want me to make another, cooler cup?

Molly-(From center right) No, thats okay. (coming on stage from where she was
talking.) Thanks for the hot cup though.

July- (Following Molly and laughing) Your welcome!

Annie- Oh, so there you are!

Pepper- We knew you were there!

Molly- So? We werent hiding, or anything. You had every right to know where we were.

Pepper- Well, you could have let us know when you got up that-

Duffy- (Entering onstage, going to sit on the couch) Pepper sure has problems when
there isnt an argument going on.

Pepper- I have problems?

Annie- Sure! Dont we all?

Miss Pennet- (Entering center stage) Well, that sure was an interesting dream I had!

Mr. Allen- (Entering behind her) What did you dream, Daisy?

Miss Pennet- It was quite horrifying! I dreamed that Jenna, one of those orphans, got lost, and then a policeman came in and arrested George-

Mr. Allen- George?

Miss Pennet- Mr. Tallenall. A policeman came and arrested Mr. Tallenall for stealing something he didnt steal! Then you told us all to get back to bed!

Mr. Allen- I must be dreaming! I dreamed the very same thing!

Miss Pennet- Really? How- inspirational!

Butler- No, you two have got it wrong. You didnt dream it, unless we all did. It actually happened.

Miss Pennet- That cant be! My George was taken away!

Mr. Allen- Youre George? Hes not, not anymore. We settled this already! Im
youre Jimmy.

Miss Pennet- Oh yes, Id quite forgotten. Now I remember. (They embrace.)

Miss Hannigan- (entering stage) Whats all this lovey-dovey stuff? Were all still asleep!

July- Were not, Miss Hannigan. But were still sorry about Mr. Tallenall, and what you must be feeling at a time like this!

Miss Hannigan- Aw, forget it! Im over that now.

Tessie- You are? Oh my goodness, that was fast! (She goes to sit on the couch with Duffy.)

Miss Hannigan- Well, I never really expect a man to stay with me, so I try not to worry about- now what am I doing telling a bunch of lousy orphans all this?

July- Theyre not lousy!

Miss Hannigan- They are! And how would you know? You dont have to live with them!

July- I can tell they arent lousy, because I dont know them!

Miss Pennet- Stop fighting with Miss Hannigan, or else Ill fire you!

July- So? If youre marring Mr. Allen, then why would you need me? You could probly
find some better, adult servant?

Miss Pennet-Youre quite correct! And anyway, Mr. Allen and I wont be needing servants anymore. We can buy a better, smaller house to take care of together, because my Jimmy has a bit more money than me, dont you, sweetheart?

Mr. Allen- I think I do.

Molly- Its not polite to be talking about money!

Butler- You shouldnt talk that way to Miss Pennet. Shell get mad.

Miss Pennet- Damn right I will! I mean, I would be very upset. As I was saying, I dont want July anymore. Mr. Allen, what should I do with her?

Mr. Allen- I dont know.

Miss Hannigan- Turn her out on the streets. Youll still be happy!

Mr. Allen- No. Not that.

Molly- Hey! I know what! She can come live with us! At the orphanage!

Pepper- No! Who wants another orphan! It would just mean less space for us, and one us would have to share a bed!

Kate- Why dont you share your bed!

July- I dont want to impose on you!

Duffy- No, you wont be!

Miss Hannigan- Im not taking her in! The last thing I want is another lousy orphan, and if shes off the streets, Id probly not get any money for her!

Mr. Allen- Miss Hannigan, this child needs a home. And when you agreed to take your job, you also agreed to take in any orphans that needed taking in. Remember?

Miss Hannigan- I guess youre right.

Miss Pennet- Oh! This is working out so nicely!

Mr. Allen- Yes it is, dear.

Miss Hannigan- Well Jim, youd better call the Board of Orphans to set it up. I aint gonna do it!

Mr. Allen- Fine. Fine. You take the orphans back to the orphanage, and take July with you so she can get settled in. Oh, and Miss Hannigan, my name is now Mr. Allen to you.

Miss. Hannagin- Yeah. Sure. (She gathers together the orphans) July, go get your stuff.

July- Yes Maam.

Miss Pennet- And when July and the butlers and servants leave, Jimmy and I will have a nice, small, happy family together.

Tessie- Does that mean you arent going to adopt me and Kate after all?

Miss Pennet- Why, I dont need you children anymore. I have Mr. Allen! Well have our own children!

Kate- Oh good!

Pepper- So theyre coming back?

Annie- Of course! Oh, Im so glad! Arent you?

Pepper- No.

Duffy- I am.

Molly- Som I! We dont have to worry about being separated anymore!

Mr. Allen- But, Aggie-

Miss Hannigan- Miss Hannigan.

Mr. Allen- Miss Hannigan, you have to take the kids back. Soon.

Miss Hannigan- Okay, okay. Itll happen. Dont worry.

Duffy- This is great! July, youll become another of us! We can be like sisters! Im thirteen, like you!

Tessie- And Kate and I can get to know you better.

July- Im really glad you guys all want me, but. . .

Pepper- So you think youll just come in and replace Jenna, huh?

July- No! I never thought about that at all!

Pepper- Sure.

Annie- Pepper, dont start anything now. She of course isnt trying to replace anyone. We all feel sad about Jenna, but theres nothing we can do. The butler searched the area this morning. He didnt find her anywhere!

Kate- Yeah. July will just feel bad if we tell her shes replacing someone, cuz shes not. Shes just joining us.

Tessie- Itll be like a new friend!

Miss Pennet- Im glad everyone is so- favorable to this idea. Itll happen as soon as possible, so Jim and I can marry! Youll all be invited to the wedding reception, certainly.

Pepper- Only the reception?

Molly- Whats a reception!

Miss Pennet- The gathering after the wedding.

Tessie- Oh goody!

July- Im so excited!

Mr. Allen- Well, Daisy, where are your servants? We need to give them leave, dismiss them.

Molly- Theyre still upstairs. Should I get them?

Miss Pennet- Yes, do that. (Molly runs upstairs, offstage.)

Butler- But Miss, if you dismiss us, what will we do? Wee have no money, no place to go!

Miss Pennet- Ill give everyone of you a one month advance on your pay to tide you over. All except July, that is.

July- Hey!

Butler- Miss, thats very kind of you to offer, but we dont have a pay. Remember?

Mr. Allen- Thats okay. Ill give you each a bit of money to keep you going.

Miss Hannagin- July, have you gotten youre stuff?

July- No! Im sorry. Ill go get everything!! (She runs up the stairs) It wont
take too long, I dont have much!

(Molly comes downstairs with the six servants.)

Molly- Here they are! I got them!

Miss Pennet- Good.

Servants- Hello, Miss.

Orphans- (Laughing) Hello, Miss!

Miss Pennet- Okay, now listen carefully. Jimmy and I have decided to marry, as you
probably know. We are going to move out to a smaller house, so we wont need you servants anymore. July is going to live at the orphanage, and the rest of you will receive some money from Jim to keep you going until you find another job. Id like you all to have your things packed up by bedtime tonight, and be gone by then. Stop by Jimmy before you go, hell pay you.

Servants- Yes, miss.

Jenna- (appearing on the stairs holding a canvas sack) Im ready to leave.

Miss Hannigan- Good. Now we can all go. (She goes to the doors and the orphans follow.)

Butler- Wait! You havent given us time to say goodbye!

Miss Hannigan- Yeah, yeah. Make it quick. (July and the orphans turn around and go back.)

Butler- Ill miss you all. And you, July. I hope you have a good life at the orphanage.

Pepper- She wont. We know. Weve experienced it before.

Annie- Shell be with us, and thatll be great! But well still miss you all!

Tessie- Maybe we can visit you sometime-

Butler- Or Ill visit the orphanage! Anyway, I know well be seeing each other!

July- But not soon enough for me!

Everyone- SONG- Things Are Looking Up!

Miss Hannigan- Time to go!

Orphans, July- Goodbye! Goodbye, everyone! Well see you at the wedding, Miss Pennet, and you too, Mr. Allen! Goodbye!

Miss Hannigan- Come on. Out. (They exit through the door, waving. Blackout.)