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Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens

October 9th, 2008, 5:48 pm #1

Seeking Stressed Out Parents For SUPERNANNY!

Check out the SUPERNANNY site for open casting call info now!

Had enough of the constant battle to get your kids to eat, sleep and
behave? Are you exhausted? You need ABC's SUPERNANNY!

We are looking for ALL TYPES of families with children to take part in
ABC's hit show SUPERNANNY. Whether you're a single mom or dad, a
blended family with step children, in a joint custody situation or are
grandparents, adoptive parents or non-traditional caregivers raising
kids, Jo Frost wants to help you.

(emailed photo preferred).

To apply, copy and paste the application into the body of an email and
email it to:

Or, print and fill out this form, then fax it to: (323)904-4681

You can also call 1-877-NANNY-TIME (877-626-6984), toll-free.

Thank you.


Greatest Holiday Home Videos Watch your holiday home video moments on NBC!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year, NBC is
counting down the most hilarious and entertaining holiday moments from families across the country. We're looking for everything from classic Christmas chaos to Chanukah mishaps to memorable New Year's moments for a new NBC special airing this December. We'll choose from
thousands of home video submissions then rank the best America has to offer! So if you think your memorable holiday moment will "light up" our countdown, please send us your home videos NOW in order to be considered for this festive holiday special!

What we're looking for:
Amusing and/or heart warming moments from the holidays such as
accidents involving a Christmas tree, wild or funny moments with the local "Mall Santa," sledding mishaps, holiday cooking/dinner table disasters, and any other event the camera caught that might make
America smile, laugh, cry, or cringe!

How to submit:
If your video meets the guidelines listed above, simply download and
complete the Holiday Home Videos Submission Form and then send the completed Submission Form and a copy of your home video to us using the following information.

What kind of tapes we accept:
The higher the resolution the better, but anything above cell phone
camera video is acceptable, including VHS, Hi8, MiniDV, etc. We do not accept film submissions, however. High resolution DVD is preferred.

Where to send the tapes:
Please send tapes - ALONG WITH A COMPLETED SUBMISSION FORM – to: ... ntdown.pdf

Holiday Specials
Juma Entertainment
3800 Barham Blvd. Suite 409
Los Angeles, CA 90068

All submissions must be received by October 10th!

Please note: application materials will not be returned.

Feel free to email any other questions to Gina at