August 20th, 2008, 12:37 am #31

Hi K the O-

Did you really find her book "self-congratulating"? I didn't pick that up when I read it. Just curious what you meant or how you were picking that up.
wow, i just want to say that i find the comments about shelley's book to be really sad, and somewhat mean. i read her book for the first time when i was a kid myself, and i had been through a lot myself. i found her book to be more than inspiring and honest. i think it's amazing how shelley was able to write about her ordeal, give others hope, and at the same time show how she did it by holding on to what used to be at the heart of her life, which was "annie". also, the comments about julie... i think they were mean spirited too. everyone has a unique situation, and unless you were right there, you have no idea what happened. i've been in so many situations in my own life that are unbelievable, and many can mock at...but they hold true, and mean a lot to me. - anyhow, i really wanted to cry when i read this. in fact i am going through something now with illness, and reread shelley's book for some hope. it gave me the extra strangth i needed just in that moment. - i hope that these comments didn't effect shelley or julie. they are strong women, so they probably didn't... but they are both human too.