Allison Smith SPY GAME episode online


November 16th, 2008, 9:05 pm #1

Someone has done the world the great favor of posting a complete episode of Allison Smith's 1997 ABC series SPY GAME on YouTube. (I hope posting the link here doesn't violate any rules.)

I'm very glad to see this, because...

(a) This episode, the one with Dana Delany as guest star, is the only American-aired episode of the series I don't have in my collection; and

(b) SPY GAME is the show in which I developed my massive crush on Allison, so it's a real sentimental favorite for me.

It was a really fun series that never got the chance it deserved. The opening clip runs three minutes, but the poster ("spygame1997fan") has posted 6 segments from the show on his "channel" page.

P.S. Did anyone see Allison's episode of COLD CASE a few weeks ago? Sorry I missed that one - I hope it re-airs soon.