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March 29th, 2008, 6:44 pm #11

Anthony is doing well. He started taking tap dance in October and absolutely loves it!
He's going to be busy in April...He'll be in a production of the local children's theater in our town. He'll also be singing at an Autism Awareness fund raiser. He was asked to return after charming the audience last year. (Proud mama moment!) He's excited because we're moving in June to be closer to my husbands job and my piano studio. All he talks about is taking piano lessons again. (That's what started our adventures in music!)

About the video....I would love to see if there is something like that where we're moving. Since autism has become such a part of our lives, I have seen how the arts have touched both my boys. My little one who's 5 wanted to take tap also. Well with baited breath, I warned the studio about him and signed him up. (Imagine Chevy Chase, the guy from SNL who used to fall off chairs, trying to be graceful.) He's the only boy with 5 little he's been working on social skills! He also has gotten a lot more coordinated. We're still working getting him to slow down when they do the bar. He keeps using it as a monkey bar...He may not make a career of dance (LOL) but he's enjoyng it while teaching the teachers a thing or two about autism...
Please don't hesitate to post if you put any other video of him on YouTube, that little boy is such a cutie!


March 30th, 2008, 1:35 am #12

I hope this is ok to post. I guess it relates to Annie in that my sons both love Annie. Both are also autistic...

Autism The Musical is a documentary focusing on 5 kids with varying degrees of autism and their involvement in putting on a musical. I haven't seen it yet (no HBO) but have heard great things about it and thought some might be interested.

This was broadcast on HBO last night and will be available for viewing online free until Sunday.
Here's the link...
That was so sweet!
My sister has a form of autism, but it's mixed with other disablities-she would never be able to do a musical!
I just sent this to my mom, she'll love it.