Security Volunteers

Information that deals with the volunteers and security who work at the convention.

Security Volunteers

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20 Jun 2015, 22:08 #1

Security is looking for volunteers
Basic duties would include:

Checking badges. I will post you in revolving shifts around the con to various panels/contests/events and you will need to make sure that everyone is wearing their badge.

Your basic peace keeping. This includes making sure everyone with a weapon reports to security room to get their weapon checked and peace bonded

Keeping an eye on various events and/or the viewing rooms

If the need arises, various gopher duties for security or other Staff members
There will probably be other things, but that's the majority of the basic duties
If you are interested and over 16 send an email to with 'Anime Banzai Security Volunteer' in the Subject line and let me know who you are, how best to contact you, how many hours you are willing to put forth and what, if any, events you feel you absolutely must attend so we can work around that, and if you are under 16 and would like to volunteer contact