Panel Feedback 2015

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Panel Feedback 2015

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19 Oct 2015, 05:52 #1

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Loved the madoka panelist guy that was cosplaying from avatar the last airbender. Rwby panel was basically speaking another language. Put up character pics and character names. Not all of us are hardcore fans.

And hope you guys enjoyed my yuri panel. I'll be more prepared next year.
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21 Oct 2015, 06:23 #2

One of the events that stood out to me the most this year was the Anime Banzai Quiz Show (partially because I won it LOL) that was held on Friday. It was very well ran with proper software and hardware to support it. In the past, I've seen Jeopardy-style game show panels that failed pretty badly, due to technical difficulties from lack of testing beforehand, to poor choices of questions, or simply to bad execution, and the like.
Beforehand, I was told that there was some sort of preliminary selection process for the contestants (or at least that's what I understood it as) that happened prior to the convention, itself. I didn't really ask for details, since I was able to participate as a contestant anyway due to some of the selected ones not showing up, but I'm still curious about that. If one of the people that ran it sees this, I would like the details on this. It would be great to see the same people run another panel like this one next year, and if it happens, I would definitely want to be a part of it again if possible.
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