Brawl Battle Festival

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Brawl Battle Festival

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Teams of two will be pitted against each other in a single elimination tournament! Fast paced turn-based dice-rolls will determine the attacks while the action is played out on stage! (Pre-meeting is mandatory for participants)

• No physical contact with opposing players! Combat is THEATRICAL. No touching! Please maintain at least 2 feet from your opponent. Actual contact with opposing team may be considered grounds for disqualification from tournament.

• Weapons MUST be peace-bonded prior to stage combat. No un-bonded weapons will be allowed.

• No functional projectile weapons will be allowed.

• No actual blades of any kind will be allowed.

• Players MUST be in cosplay to participate. That's why it's battle cosplay!

• Characters do not have to be from a "fighting" type series to enter. It can be shoujo, shonen, seinen, video games, dating sims etc. Also, you do not have to be from the same Anime/Video game to be in a team. However, they must be from an actual anime, manga, video game, or other known fandom/series. No original characters, sorry!

• Since this is a "theatrical" event, please be prepared with creative attacks, blocks, misses, and deaths (or victory dances) to perform on stage.

Game Cards
• Changing the playing field at a moments notice is game cards! Sixteen in total, each game card has a different effect. Some heal, some enhance/reduce damage, and one even revives a teammate.

• Upon check-in at the event, each team is given a sealed game card to be used in-game.

• Each card can only be used once per event.

• Depending on the type of card, it may have restrictions:
-Damage modifiers are played before the dice are rolled.
-Revive is played after a character dies.
-Cards that affect your opponent are played before they roll.
-Healing cards, Re-roll, and Sudden Death can be played at anytime.

Signing up
• Because of time restraints, only SIXTEEN team slots are available! These will be given to the first SIXTEEN TEAMS OF TWO to sign up. Half of these (8 teams slots) will be given away ONLINE. The other half will be given away at the convention! Either way, you must show up to the mandatory meeting. If you do not have a partner, you will not be considered. If you have THREE, you will not be considered. Teams must be in pairs! (Exceptions CAN be made for "summons" or other creative elements, but those MUST be brought to my attention at the time of sign up.)

• Brawl Signups Friday evening at the convention is mandatory if you have not signed up online. Teams will be finalized at this meeting and rules will be outlined. If you signed up online, you should receive an PM with details regarding the mandatory meeting. If you miss this meeting, you are OUT. Your place will be given away to those on the waiting list! Exceptions will be made in cases of schedule conflicts.

• Mandatory meeting is October 20th, 12:30-1:30pm in Stratus 9. - This is required, whether you signed up online or are signing up on-site! Make sure to be there if you are planning to participate!

• The event itself is October 21st, 4-6pm in Status 8. - If you are competing, please be there at least 15 min before the event is scheduled!

John Saffell
Insanity's Brawl Coordinator

• ONLINE SIGNUPS ARE OPEN! Eight team slots will be available until all slots are filled. If you miss the cutoff, eight more team slots will be available at the Mandatory Meeting. The form can be found here.

Registered Teams
Team 1: Love and Bubbles
Team 2: Flower Power
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